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At deviantART, we obsess about two things all day, every day: llamas (we're addicts), and how to make your deviantART experience the best it can be. We know every pixel counts when it comes to exhibiting your work, and we take great pride in knowing that you've chosen deviantART to share your art. With the launch of deviantART v7 and our new Super Browse feature, we're solidifying our place as the best way to exhibit your art on the Internet.

The thin navigation in v7 was designed specifically to minimize visual overload, streamline navigation, and help our community's amazing artwork take center stage. It's thinner, and as a result you see more artwork.

On profile, groups, and deviation pages, the new format puts more focus on avatars and artwork. It's designed to work better on more devices and promote greater feedback. We also added a slick comment reminder when people +fav your deviations!

The new navigation paddles on the sides of deviation pages — also accessible by hitting left and right arrow keys on your keyboard — are designed to give deviation pages a cleaner navigation to cycle through more artwork faster. The new thumbstrip supports the quick viewing of multiple deviations so you can get to the artwork you enjoy.

It's easy for us to toot our own horns, so see what these industry experts have to say about the new deviantART experience:

Ric Holland
Global Evangelist – Wacom

...The 'Super Browse' feature is a really powerful new way to explore deviantART so you can appreciate very quickly the passion and creativity that exists there. DeviantART has truly empowered a rich and diverse global community of 21st century mark makers…

Mike Herf
CTO/Founder – Picasa
Engineering Manager – Google
Creator – f.lux

Love it...nice use of cursors (zoom!) and details. I really respect when teams distill a cleaner UI after a product has been shipping for a while. It's very easy to add buttons and menus, and very hard to pick what's important and do it better.

Mark Brooks
Artist/Creator - Marvel Comics
Known for Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men

I am truly digging the new version of deviantART! The new scroll feature in the gallery makes it easier to look through artwork and expand for easier viewing. Incorporating this into the journals and Message Center is just icing on the cake. And the new drop down menus and simpler page header is a great addition to making our pages easier to navigate and maintain. Keep it up dA, you have a loyal patron for life!

Chris Sanders
Writer/Director – "How to Train Your Dragon" and "Lilo & Stitch"

DeviantART is my first and last stop on the web because I find inspiration here. Version 7 makes it easier than ever to travel through artists' studios on a world-wide scale.  I'll travel further than ever in the same amount of time.  Well done, guys!

Garrett Camp
Co-Founder/CEO – StumbleUpon

DeviantART is one of our most stumbled sites, and the new version is slick!

Overall, we've saved a whopping 148px in height on the browse pages. That's an extra row of thumbs displayed above the fold at our default page size.

We've simplified the layout, removing 50% of the horizontal and vertical separations on the browse page. V6 has ten divided visual sections, while v7 has just five — appearing approximately 30% larger than before.

Profile and group pages are now 60px further up the page. Avatars and names now take ownership of the top of the page like never before.

The v7 header is now the same height as the deviantART iPhone/Mobile site's header. This makes it possible for a similar experience on any platform (desktop, iPad, iPhone).

Site-wide, we've gained 36px in horizontal room — that means an extra column of thumbnails on some screens.

The browse page now has just two background colors instead of v6's seven colors. We will also have a unified background color across all pages.

Finally, if you want to completely blow your mind, look at v7 in Firefox's new Full Screen Mode.

Version 7 was a long time in the making, and a true labor of love for a few members of deviantART's Devious Technology team. Much inspiration for v7 was derived from our Portfolio platform released last year. So, many props to $liquisoft, $mhalpert, and $makepictures for their stellar work on Portfolio.

As the project manager on v7, I felt it my duty to absorb as much as possible from uber-genius $mccann (our Chief Technology Officer) and to apply my insider knowledge of the technology realm -- incorporating then-future releases of the iPad and numerous other tablets and browsing applications -- to give v7 an interface that would look amazing on any device and seamlessly propel deviantART into the future.

I had some basic rules:

  • Art 100% visible on load
  • Beautiful publishing (even MOAR on this aspect coming up in the near future)
  • Group and artist brands RISE UP (more here too)
  • Big Buttons for your fingers or mouse
  • A browsing experience we could all be proud of -- one that can scale up and down from PCs to tablets to mobile devices

Every project has a heartbeat. Simon Murray (aka $pachunka) is one of the main arteries that feeds the heart of deviantART.  His contributions to this community are countless.  He's helped lead most deviantART version releases since v4 and this time he's outdone himself.  As the engineering lead and project lead for deviantART v7 he's put in an effort that, in my view, goes beyond even my already-high expectations.  We're all incredibly proud of you, Captain Fast!

A word from $pachunka:

Thank you to the many people who helped make v7 a reality! $zilla774 spent a great deal of time putting together almost a million different mock-ups, until we found and settled on the one would that actually become deviantART v7. The top bar became a whole lot slicker and $liquisoft's logo revamp would finally have the home it couldn't find in v6. $starvingartist then designed our ridiculously cool looking v7 deviation pages, #artbit helped refine the last important touches, and almost half of #dt put together the new larger-image display in time for v7's launch. Major kudos to all!

Last, but not least, thank you to the over 2,000 official Beta Testers who provided 5,000 forum replies. We couldn't have done it without you, as your input helped iron out many, many details.

DeviantART Loves You!

© 2010 - 2020 spyed
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Ini-Inayah's avatar
Ini-InayahHobbyist General Artist

I miss this version. The new version is so slow and buggy. I have to keep refreshing the page I am on because it keeps freezing. I had no such issues with the older version.

FreezeKonyflux's avatar
FreezeKonyfluxHobbyist General Artist

I mean, this version wasn't sloooooooooooooow and unoptimized. Favoriting was actually comfortable. Learing to use it was way easier as well. Definetly the writing section was better.

MysticD's avatar

But it still got alot of hate for it on its launch day either in this comment section, or in journal posts/people attacking them in their shoutbox/etc. I remember it as I was there when they did it.

FreezeKonyflux's avatar
FreezeKonyfluxHobbyist General Artist

Yes, every version from every site gets hate. I know that.

The main difference I feel is that other sites do it way better. They remove things that some people liked but add new ones while making it feel balanced. And they actually finish the update before releasing it. Or just change things slowly to let people get used to it.

Here on Deviantart there are issues that keep stacking up. The previous version was already easy to somehow break, and this just bugs from scrollling, at least that one isn't too bad.

I thought I would like Eclipse when I first saw it, I didn't mind the new design, after all a change to make things fresh is always good. But then I had to use it, it was mostly a dissapointment. Yeah, add good things here and there (muting tags is great), but that doesn't just fix everything.

I almost feel like the feedback actually just gets lost.

COREDarkLightDX's avatar
COREDarkLightDXHobbyist Digital Artist

The only DeviantArt version where I grew up with. (Sorta of, but still I know how to use this)

Namine24's avatar
Namine24Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I never had a problem with that site

Brant-Bi's avatar
Brant-BiHobbyist Digital Artist

But clearly other people did and made a whole scene about it same as now lol

Namine24's avatar
Namine24Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I see

SnowyPlover7's avatar
SnowyPlover7Hobbyist Traditional Artist

wow this looks so different! I'm one of those people who likes to load up emulators of old OS and things like that, so it's pretty cool to see how it looked so different before I joined (one week ago...)

Aphicrys's avatar
God I miss this. The best version by far.
spyed's avatar
spyedHobbyist General Artist

Meanwhile, it's funny to scroll all the way back on these comments to the ones written during launch of v7 in 2010 (right here, below us) and read what people were saying about the v7 release.

It's literally identical to what people said about v6 and v5 and v4 and v3 and now Eclipse.

In each of these releases, we listened carefully and made the modifications that the community really needed either before full release, or soon after. And this kind of listening is ultimately what makes the difference.

People will ultimately love the new version, it just takes time to adjust to it.

Ultranova53's avatar
Ultranova53Hobbyist Writer

If you had actually listened You'd know that we hate this change like a burning sun.

MysticD's avatar

people said the same thing about v7.

arvalis's avatar
arvalisProfessional Digital Artist

lmao okay

Aphicrys's avatar

We aren't all world-renowned concept illustrators @arvalis :)

Most people who use(d) this site, fucking hate this.

I can't believe I just logged in to say this. Gross.

arvalis's avatar
arvalisProfessional Digital Artist

There are some pretty cool features to look at now that you're here

Aphicrys's avatar

Admittedly so, but features aren't everything.

Koceta's avatar
KocetaHobbyist General Artist

I can't scroll all the way back because it makes my browser crash. If I could view comments by pages, I wouldn't have that problem, but you took this option away from me.

Emerald-Wolf13's avatar
Emerald-Wolf13Student General Artist

Adjust to it =/= Have one iota of fondness for it.

Don't be fooled, you screwed up and don't have the money to fix it. I can understand the need for a new code base, but you guys completely failed on the design and management of the project.

Please quite patronizing us, and btw if we had the pagination in the old site, we could actually go back and see without turning the thread upside down.

4-Chap's avatar
4-ChapHobbyist General Artist


I highly doubt that many people will ultimately love Eclipse. And I most certainly will not like it at all.

People may have complained about changes that have occurred to the old version before but those changes were at least consistent and the site still felt like home.

Which is why they settled down after a while with those previous changes.

This is a change that is impossible to adjust to because it has come with too big a price and has taken away a lot of luxuries and qualities of the old version and those people.

Because what you have done is taken all of us who are like creatures or plants evolved for a certain environment and moved them into an environment that we're not evolved for. Like placing a tropical tree in a cold environment like an alpine forest or a tundra or the polar ice-caps.

Or trying to make a herbivorous creature who's diet consists of fruit, vegetables, plants, etc change to eating meat.

It will be impossible to adjust let alone get used to a change like that and that is what is basically happening with the people who don't like Eclipse you have got to listen to the community properly and see what's really going on.

Evolution dose occur but there are evolutionary dead-ends and Eclipse is one of them.

There's a good way to change and there's a bad way to change. You have clearly gone down the bad road. And you are doing nothing to help but only make it worse and more stressful for all who are involved and the community.

And a lot of the community is getting very annoyed with you and the rest of the staff brushing it off and thinking that people will learn to like it or are just afraid of change when they clearly have valid reasons on why they don't like this change and will most likely never adjust let alone get used to it.

Even if you do improve Eclipse in the future it still won't stop the chaos.

Please trust the community in this. The only way to stop this chaos and put us at peace is to roll back to the Pre-Eclipse version of Devintart and make Eclipse a separate stand alone website which will enable it to be more of a success because it won't be interfering with what was an otherwise okay as it was website.

In the end it's better to have something that functions and works better rather than something that "looks" better.

Aphicrys's avatar
People have no choice at that point.
spyed's avatar
spyedHobbyist General Artist

That's true :)

Xein000's avatar

I really do hope you people fix this site that feels broken for me, it's really annoying to have to refresh the page when looking to see new submissions, journals, polls, status.

Also why isn't it all in a single page no more?

And why are comments auto-deleted that I want to reply to? Right now I must use a 2nd account just to keep the comments in my inbox where I read replies from other people.

I'm also really missing all my old saved/stored comments that are now gone so I can never read them again.

And Stash writer is gone too that I liked to use, I heard we could still edit what we already have saved from long ago, but I hope you give this back to us.

You forced us to use something that wasn't done and I can't fully look at this site and see DA anymore, I know it's Eclipse and it's not DA.

The old site may have had problems maybe but it never really annoyed me this much. Looking at submissions is a pain, at some I must zoom out just to see them, never had to do this as much as I do now. I must do a lot of work now and I don't enjoy to look around. Even +fav is more work now when it was quick and simple before, and the message that pops up is an annoying one. While I get that it is suppose to be a good thing each time I see it I click the "X" to get it away as I'm tired of seeing it, and it won't easily vanish like in the past when clicking anywhere on the screen. I haven't felt to sort my favs at all since I'm sure it will be a ton of work now.

Also will we even be able to +fav Folders, or is that gone now, are all the old +faved folders gone from my favs never to be seen ever again?

All I can do is wait, suffer, get annoyed at all the times I must refresh pages, zoom out at need, use 2nd account to reply with, and hope that you somehow manages to fix all that must be fixed so that even older users might stay.


Also please let us see what times comments were posted and the old original comments like we could do before to easily see what had been changed/updated with edited comments.

And please return the Folder images that you have removed from peoples gallery's.

Edit 2:

Can you do something about "Load more"? I'm starting to miss pages a lot because of this.

Zaydawadallah's avatar
ZaydawadallahHobbyist General Artist
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