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Angelo Sotira (aka spyed
Co-Founder & CEO of deviantART

I'm closing in on 11 years of running deviantART and if there's one thing I know for sure it's that when you guys are right, you're right. And that at dA, ego and our own sense of self worth comes second to how much we care about deviantART and our collective love of what we represent together. Prepare for me to be humiliated. 

Before we get started, here's to fulfilling my promise to publishing the deviations made by akreon and vesner to the entire community for all to see, no matter what they were, after we invited them to get an inside look in to deviantART HQ and our operations. :beer: and maybe another :beer: cuz they're kinda scathing!

Some of you are wondering what the heck I'm talking about. So let's skip to the punch line and then talk about how we got here:

deviantART loves you IV by akreon

This is the latest of four Comics coming from akreon and vesner, who originally published this first scathing comic in December as a deviation, and captured my team's ($) attention:

After the community launched this first comic to deviantART's front page with 17,500 favourites, we took a moment to consider it internally and we decided to invite these two deviants to HQ to get an insider's look. All the while we were fully confident we could either show them the brilliant reasons for things, OR we could listen and make things better immediately or soon.

And that's what happened. We bought akreon AND vesner plane tickets, arranged a stay at a hotel near HQ, and last month they came to Hollywood, California from Poland to hang out with us and talk shop on behalf of the community.

Their second comic tells this story much better:  

deviantART loves you II by akreon 

But their third, intended for Mature Audiences, sparks the beginning of the humiliation...

Meanwhile, back at hq, we listened and posted the following blogs, each inspired by the deviations and journals written by akreon, vesner and the comment responses to their deviations and journals.

(April 5th, 2011)

(April 20th, 2011)

(May 6th, 2011)

And now we've arrived to the big comic above that was posted earlier today (or yesterday by the time you read this), where after all our time together, it would seem that these girls completely took advantage of the fact that I promised to post whatever comic they made in response to their trip, to the whole community! And they used that knowledge to completely humiliate me! When I saw the thing, my blood boiled, my heart rate went up and I started getting really upset!! Take a look: 




Listen man, I like llamas as much as the next guy, but to be called a LLAMA EMPEROR in front of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, or else be accused of not keeping my promises is HUMILIATING! You hear me akreon!, vesner?! HUMILIATING! Below the belt! Outrageous! 

Especially after the fact that we are listening, we've already implemented many of the changes you've represented to us as important as per the links above. And we're working diligently on major releases, some of which we showed you and some we still have concealed.

Now, I don't buy that things are as bad as you make them sound in these comics. I think deviantART and our members represent the finest community on the Internet of any kind. I find a common bond and dedication among us that out-shines any negative thing anyone could possibly say. But I agree, we could be even better and we will be even better.

So I hereby accept your challenge. With all my heart I accept your challenge, on behalf of myself and mccann and the "amazing team" (your words) behind us.

I'll even take it a step further and accept your humiliation, and commemorate it with these emoticons added to the official emoticon library:

:empllama: :ninja: :emplllama: 

A sign you can use to zap my emoticon or those of our staff when we aren't doing the right thing, when we aren't serving you well, and when we need to listen closely. Use it wisely. :meditate:

Meanwhile, I believe that the journal of vesner addresses these matters in greater depth. And while some of the feature representations aren't exactly accurate, I'm going to point the entire community to your Journal as a first hand account of what you witnessed, so long as everybody understands that these are not official announcements and everything will most certainly be addressed so that there isn't any confusion prior to, or during releases. However, our team is not yet ready to address these releases. So please wait for official announcements about these features before addressing the Help Desk or our other teams. ;) 

:empllama: :omg: :emplllama: 

I humbly hand over my dignity to this post with this :empllama: situation, but even so, I want to thank vesner and akreon for the excellent example of HOW to communicate with our team ($) well. This series of comics isn't necessarily balanced or completely in tune with the whole community, but its delivery was powerful and hopefully inspiring to other members of dA.

We encourage you to use DEVIATIONS and garner support through our FAVOURITES system to get your issues heard if you can. It's not the only way, but it sure is effective.. 


Thanks for your support everyone, I'm going back to hq to kick some butt and build some awesome with the finest folks I've ever had the pleasure to work with. 

And apparently I can now herd llamas with my newly found super power, known as "blue zappies," which is how I described the lightning hands to starvingartist so he could make the new emotes… 

BTW, the code for them is : empllama : and : emplllama : lol



p.s. yes. much sarcasm.

spyed sense:

i really need to change my signature.
it's been simmering in lame for way too long.

Ninja image created by AndyFairhurst
© 2011 - 2021 spyed
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I like how no one sympathizes with you...
canttel's avatar
i can smell the butthurt all the way from france pal
rayedragon's avatar
 I think the first comic was very funny and had some truth in it, but then it starting getting rude and even a bit cruel.  But I love : empllama 
DracoGuerrero's avatar
Fix the report system or hire more people!
SnazzyDoodle's avatar
Ohmygosh I didn't know the scraped knee hurt that bad do you need TWO bandaids???
DecayingSky's avatar
well this journal shows how butt hurt you are 
ScorpianAkio's avatar
The sarcasm is stronger than a radioactive mutant bull with a wtf-pack and kawaii desu desu eyes dancing manfully while being backed by an angsty backstory while flashbacks of his dead friends and family fade into the background as he partakes in a dance war between a rival faction.
What the hell did I just type.
terrorisnear's avatar
stop being a butthurt turd. -.-
You guys basically are lazy, and the billions of people getting bullied mean NOTHING to you! :la:
Because the report system does NOOOTHIIING
BootiePup's avatar
I found da when I was in high school. Five years ago. I was busy I admit so I deactivated my first account. However, in all my years of being on da. The only things that I have seen changed on da, don't actually help. I mean yes, share buttons are cool, da muro is fun, but do we actually need most of the new stuff given to da? Like seriously? Isn't this a art community for artists, and literature artists? Doesn't that mean helping other's get their artwork known? However, little it may be? I mean I am happy with whatever deviant art hq can give us but most of the stuff is just irrelevant to what we really need. I am going to have to agree with akreon and tanathe on their comics.
AlexIsMehNme's avatar
 Srsly guys. We need to at least be happy with what dA DOES give us, and leave the staff to focus on the bad things that they need to work on.
I take no side in this whatsoever. I agree there are bad things, but there are also good things. Why is there so much fight going on on a site where the main purpose of it is to show your art to other people. -_-

On a lighter note:
With the amount of hate/love defense/offense-ish comments goin around, there should be like a dA Hunger Games xD with the sole objective of either side to prove their point. Hahah

"May the arts be ever in your favour"
Ask-Elly-Brown's avatar
tbh you saw it coming, though
xDaveStriderx's avatar
fuck you! still in 2013 you never help.
Bettermadz's avatar
YOU GUYS SHOULD like add a favouriting option on comments as well. I think that would be useful for the public too
Ekc6's avatar
OMG oooooh that was sarcasm....god I am so sorry...
Ekc6's avatar
I don't get sarcasm I really shouldn't type before I take meds either
Ekc6's avatar
Ekc6's avatar
You are such a big baby Spyed fix the damn problems and make the sure better! And those comics should if got your attention CAUSE THEIR TRUE and you are being such a child
LugiaLuvr13's avatar
:empllama: :iconspyed: :emplllama: FIX THE SPAM!! ;n;
Capukat's avatar
The most pleasing part of this was learning that the dA staff have a sense of humor

and also that really neat emote.. :empllama: :emplllama:
LeQuaz's avatar
Ah, the mystery of the emperor llama revealed. I am now at peace.
Freyad-Dryden's avatar
And now I know why there is an Emperor Llama emote.
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