The 2005 deviantART Summit

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Photograph Copyright © 2005 Chris Weeks (cweeks)

:pointr: WHERE?

The Barker Hangar, Santa Monica Airport in Santa Monica, California

:pointr: WHEN?

June 17th & 18th

:pointr: Holy, WHAT?!

Check the deviantART summit website!

That's right, deviantART is throwing a massive deviantMEET for thousands of deviants in a JET HANGAR! The emphasis of the event is to help educate aspiring artists on how to break in to the big time with their art.

From ANIME to LITERATURE, DIGITAL ART to GRAFFITI, PHOTOGRAPHY to PIXEL ART and everything in between we're going to recreate what takes place on every single day of the year, in a massive gathering of the truly devious!

Imagine a 40,000 square foot jet hangar. Add in thousands of your favorite deviants, top executives from the gaming, film, and publishing industries sharing their expertise, the companies that make the software, add-ons and platforms that you use to create art every day, and the deviantART staff. PLUS a classroom with some of the most talented artists on earth teaching you how to master your craft and you've got every artist's dream brought to life in one location! And that's what deviantART is here for.

REGISTER TODAY -- SPACE IS LIMITED! There are 30,000+ deviants in the Los Angeles area alone! Travel discounts are available.
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Hello,Im from the future,and in the next 11 years will keep being the Largest online ar gallery!!
sluggo02's avatar
wish i could go to but not enough funds at this time ]]
Brock-KE's avatar
Metamorphosis-Cat's avatar
take pictures for us btw :D ...the people who CANT go
Metamorphosis-Cat's avatar
Amazing it's in the same place where the verdict was just read that Michael Jackson's not guilty! XD I would come except Im underage and I live VERY far away. -.- And by those days, I'll be going to Asia for about 2 months. :( Sorry. T_T
i don't think it's true. I do think it's true.
Why the hell does it have to be in CA....?

Man I live in Missouri..crap you all....
harakirio's avatar
y cant it be on the east coast :'-(
Oh my that's sad!
Oh my that's sad!
TayMon's avatar

:D cant wait :D
CarlaKaroline's avatar
Well, i live in Brazil
hum.. Sucks
Deja-Entendu's avatar
there should be one in iowa lol
mcnealgirl's avatar
Darn it! I live in Florida! No way am I gonna be allowed to fly across the country to go somewhere like that! But I wanna go so bad! The next one better be in Florida! *sniff*
SorrowIsInfinite's avatar
wahhhhh :sniff: now that i cant go....cos i live in india .....can anyone pleaseeeee tell me what happened there after the summit is over :-) thank you in advance
Darkangel-Robin's avatar
Well I all ready know that I can't go cuz there is no way my parents are going to fly or drive all the way to California for this. *sighs* Though, I wish I could go since it sounds like it could be fun.
lilrocsychic's avatar
well, for all who can't go i hope you well on getting your way there... i don't wish to go... so anyone hopeing to take my place i'd be happy to give it up, lol. i'll be in ohio, i already had plans...
I live in pa, cali would be way to far out of the way. I'm not that upset... it's a good oprotunity for those of you who can...
but for those in the east coast and travel is a problem, i'll suggest something similar.. not quite as art related, but there is a mess load of anime... there is magic and rpgs, and gah, ORIGINS! it's in the beginning of july... so... it's a small suggestion to those of you closer to ohio and can't make it to cali
kendrake's avatar
i wish i live in any summit to held in the philippines?
WhiteRabbit69's avatar
moo moo milk hee hee white fluffy bunnies rule and myboyfriend matts the hottest guy in th world hee hee lol
yaoi-fanfreak's avatar
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