Stargate Atlantis visit, and v6 Screenshots!

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(Hot off the Presses: CHECK OUT v6 SLEEK SCREEN SHOTS)

So my awesome girlfriend JaninaZ booked a guest star role on Stargate Atlantis where she kicks ass and chews bubble gum. Now I know what you're thinking about being out of gum, and while she quite effectively kills a bajillion creatures with her P90 machine gun, she somehow manages not to run out and continues blowing rock star bubbles.


Anyway on Tuesday, pachunka mccann and I went down to hang out on set. Here are some photos from the shoot.

Stargate - Captain Fast by spyed Stargate - Spyed by spyed Stargate - McCann by spyed Stargate - McCann, pach, spyed by spyed

I have to say, WOW! What a fantastic group of people.... just everybody on set, behind cameras or running the joint just were absolutely wonderful. Full of generosity and sincere hospitality ... I've spent a lot of time on movie sets, tv show sets, etc. throughout the years living in Hollywood and this cast of characters (real life and scripted) were about as charming as it can possibly get. Maybe it's because we were in Vancouver. :P

:thumb84590929: Stargate Atlantis - Clapper by spyed Stargate Atlantis - Nicole by spyed

Anyway, many thanks to Joseph Mallozzi who is the Exec Producer and a wonderful guy for taking care of Janina while shooting and allowing mccann pachunka and I to come down and annoy everyone on set; and especially for managing what seems to me like such a solid ship over at Stargate Atlantis. Mad props! Can't wait to see the episode!!  (You can go over to Joseph's blog for even more photos, videos of Janina shooting a P90, etc.)


A couple shots of the set:

Stargate Atlantis - Set by spyed Stargate Atlantis - The Set by spyed

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soooo very jealous,
look forward to seeing the episode