Regarding SOPA and deviantART (update)

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Our view at deviantART regarding SOPA is that it's probably a bad idea. There should be better ways to deal with mass infringement on the Internet than this. This bill in our view can be seen as a threat to the open Internet itself and this is very hard to digest or support. 

I personally have found information at the EFF and at Public Knowledge to be very helpful in understanding what is at stake.


UPDATE: Thanks for the link, Google. 

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I think you need your meds mate. Although very funny to read your comment made me think you had tourettes or something :)

This Bill will probably take away most of my favourite websites and web communitys. I understand that there's a massive amount of copyright infringments online but this is'nt the way to deal with it. No matter what new laws or changes they make people will always find a way around it. First there was Netpumper, Then Bittorrent then Rapidshare. People will find another way. I noticed today that "Filesonic" has implemented a
"You can Only Download It If You Uploaded It" Policy which although is a way of attempting to stop casual filesharing could also mark the beginning of Internet Censoring and takedowns. You and I
(The U.K and The U.S.A) live in a democratic society. We are Not China and we are not Communists.