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I am very excited to announce a strategic partnership between deviantART and Madefire, the leading Motion Book application in Apple’s App Store.  (iPhone & iPad)

Together with Madefire, we are releasing the Madefire Web Reader on deviantART in a new category on our front-page called "Motion Books.” You will immediately find a dozen Madefire Motion Books there, with more books released each Wednesday.

Browse Motion BooksTM

deviantART & Madefire are undertaking an epic journey

In the coming months, you will see many more Madefire Motion Books on deviantART as deviants gain access to Madefire's Motion Book Tool. When Madefire integration on deviantART is fully complete, deviants will be able to make, read, sell, and buy books and comics, and transfer them to mobile devices -- all within the deviantART experience.

We have every imaginable comic and book format on deviantART and the most advanced community of comic book artists, writers and storytellers. One of the Madefire founders, LiamRSharp, has been a deviant for six years and represents both an artist in need of this solution and one of the driving forces behind its creation.

Madefire's Motion Book Tool

The Story So Far...

For years we have been searching for the right way for deviantART to enable deviants to tell their stories. We have such incredible stories here on deviantART, and few true story telling tools to aid our Literature community and our Graphical community to come together in unity and develop stories together. We've been asked with great passion by our members to bring such a capability to deviantART for a long time.

Many solutions we reviewed are backward focused on print strategy, where formats for publishing stories mirror the needs of paper printing. One of our challenges is that deviantART is a global, digital community that thirsts for great tools that enable digital story telling first. Digital-first means that a book is created for the purposes of being distributed digitally. Yet all digital-first tools didn't seem to take full advantage of new platforms.

We were immediately enamored with Madefire and its digital-first approach. It just looks so fantastic, exploding cells off the ‘page’ with the pop vibrancy that the comics style had always suggested, but never achieved until now.

Madefire's Motion Book Tool is Web-based, which inherently provides collaboration capability. DeviantART is obviously Web-based, and our new cloud storage solution already features Muro and Writer which will now be joined by Madefire's Motion Book Tool. Using, all of your files are easily accessible to you and (soon) your collaborators as you build Motion Books. You can easily use the deviantART Premium Content Platform to sell the books, and the stories you will create can be truly brilliant, limited only by your imagination!

Let Me ExplainHow It Will All Roll Out

  • The Motion Books category is live now on the front-page of deviantART.
  • The Madefire Web Reader is available now, with the Premium Content Platform integrated.
  • Various books available inside of the Madefire iPhone & iPad App are released on deviantART now, with more books each Wednesday.
  • The Madefire iOS apps including iPad and iPhone are available for download.
  • Very limited access is available for the Madefire's Motion Book Tool which is just not ready for full release to an audience as expansive as deviantART. We will allow more and more creators in as the creation software becomes ready for the big time!

  • In two (2) months time an initial larger group of members (hundreds) will be given access to the tool for testing. These members will be selected randomly.
  • Based on feedback we will roll out the tool to thousands and then millions of deviantART members.
  • To gain access to the Motion Book Tool, simply +watch the MotionBookTool group and hang tight! Work on your comics and books as you have been, we will be reaching out especially to deviants who are posting their stories on deviantART already!

Ultimately, Madefire software will be available to all members for FREE and will permit you to convert existing static comics or books into Motion Books or create fresh new books using the tools! All books can be formatted for Web (deviantART), iPad and iPhone with support for other devices coming in the future. Unfortunately, Android is not currently supported. We decided to do "Web" first!

You will be able to make your Motion Books available for FREE or you will be able to use the Premium Content Platform to set a price and make money though the deviantART My Earnings interface.  With the same free software, you will be able to simply convert your static books to the Madefire Reader. And soon, following the roll out plan the full Madefire's Motion Book Tool will be available to members, again for free, through so you will be able to build Motion Books from scratch.

You will then have the option of publishing Motion Books both on the web through deviantART and on mobile for the iPad and iPhone through Madefire.

I am really proud that deviantART is once again at the lead edge in giving artists the tools they need for extending their creative and financial career possibilities in the arts, while liberating their artistic independence through the ultimate collaboration with other artists.

The walls of traditional commerce that limited the practical distribution of your work and imagination are burning down. Now you can join with other artists and writers to build fantastically illustrated worlds, populated with the coolest characters engaged in the most exciting story narratives, coming to life with incredible sound and fury, and make your storytelling career a reality – without the benefit of massive personal financing or winding your way through the maze of the traditional publishing world.

After you’ve had a chance to sample Madefire Motion Books come back here and let us know what you would do with this medium or share with everyone who you would most like to see tell a story with a Motion Book. I have a few favorites of my own that I’ll drop into the discussion once its gets started. For now, enjoy a great read.

Browse Motion BooksTM

© 2013 - 2021 spyed
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mmpratt99's avatar

Do you need a Core membership to access the motion book link?

LadySeshiiria's avatar

We are trying to find this out as well, I have core and so do a few friends and there is no access. It appears it may be like the manage deviations where we might/may be able to access it if someone on the site still has a link to open said app.

mmpratt99's avatar

So don't bother then?

LadySeshiiria's avatar
Thanks for the the help.......

I already figured it out anyway and found a solution.
mmpratt99's avatar

Welcome. So it's fixed now?

LadySeshiiria's avatar

Not really, but we found it in you can still use it if you have access to

mmpratt99's avatar

Oh, okay. Thank you.

portisHeart's avatar

out of curiosity, i had a peek at the motion book site linked from the submit menu - first thing was to ask me to activate flash. i love flash. but sadly (at least on google chrome but probably in the whole web), flash will get dumped/annihilated next year 2020, i read somewhere. so, is the motion book per say a flash app? does this mean that as soon as flash goes extinct, motion books won't work? did those who worked on eclipse integrate a soon defunct app in their menu? i'm not gonna waste time learning/creating on something that's gonna be dead in a few months..

djinn666's avatar
Hi, I've successfully uploaded a parallax layer. I've done everything the guide says. I seem to be unable upload it to my I'm at a loss. I've told the project to automatically upload to deviantart. But it just doesn't do it. Can you help out with my little problem?
Aellostriker2's avatar
Hi! About publishing our works; can we as the creators/story-tellers control which websites do we want our creations to be seen? or it is set by default to be viewed almost anywhere? What if we only want a selected few to view our works? What if we only want our creations to be viewed here in DA & not anywhere else? 

Is Madefire sort-of like Comixology? Do all of our published/finished works saved/stored instantly at the Madefire website?
Griffonmender's avatar
When I clicked on the option to make a motionbook, it says that the app will know my username and email, access and manage my stash, and submit deviations on my behalf.

Knowing those two things isn't that weird, but accessing my .stash is a bit odd,(especially when you're supposed to be able to control who accesses your stash,) and I draw the line at anyone submitting my stuff for me.
Maybe you guys can change that?

It sounds nice and all, but I will not use Motion Book Tool so long as activating it requires me to give control of my art to someone else.
The only one who has any business submitting my art is ME.
CocoNuttyTaipiki's avatar
Oooo brilliant can wait to try it out! <3
BenWolstenholme's avatar
Hope you will - it is under the SUBMIT button - then go to Create a Motion Book ! :D simple 
nyan-pony-adoptz9978's avatar
so with this we can make animations? without being a fancy-schmancy animator?! i like this idea!
BenWolstenholme's avatar
Yes hope you'll give it a go !
Go to the Submit Button on dA and then Create a Motion Book!
iceybae's avatar
Get rid of it. It's ugly and the icon clashes with the dA color scheme. A useless addition.
shibblesgiggles01's avatar
booo!! such a negative comment, this person did a good job on this post, dont go around bashing other peoples posts if you dont like it.
iceybae's avatar
I really don't want to invest time in telling you how wrong you are. Go away. uvu
LucianTheDemon's avatar
But, you're hating on it for the icons. ???

Why not actually study it, try it, and determine if you like it then.

You won't know if it's useless just because of the icons.

Noticed no-ones written on here for a while is this still coming out?
BenWolstenholme's avatar
It is out and under the SUBMIT button - Create a Motion Book :D 
sgreco1970's avatar
When are we getting this? I have a huge project ready to go!
BenWolstenholme's avatar
A super late reply but i hope you've found the Motion Book tool here on dA - it is under the SUBMIT button - Create a Motion Book :) good luck and hope you have fun!!
BMT2126StudiosMK's avatar
With this i can make my Full Metal Weapon animated graphic novels.
But first in 2016-18 i have to make billions of comics,then make them in cartoons and videogames and i'll be super millionaire with lots of fame of geeks,a few FMW series will be by each single year(some 2,3 or 4 years)i'll do billions of projects of my series and better make my career clear in 2017(late)and 2018 ANTES QUE NADIE!!!
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