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DeviantART announced a month ago that through a new organization, Dadotart we applied to manage a new Top Level Domain (TLD) called “.ART.” We are committed to having the .ART TLD — the Internet addresses that could end in .ART — organized and distributed with the full participation of the global art community.

We need your help!

We need your help to show public support for the Dadotart application. The application process to manage a TLD is long, arduous, and intricate. Help us gather as a true art-centric community. And please spread the word to everyone who loves the arts or is part of the arts because we aim to have .ART be home to everyone in every one of the arts.

Every voice counts!

There are a number of ways for you to support the Dadotart campaign.

1. Write a Comment

Write a comment about your support of Dadotart’s application in this journal and we will pass your comment on to ICANN. Tell them how a .ART TLD might serve you as an artist or art lover.

2. Spread the Word

Tell others! Help us spread the word by posting a Journal, updating your Facebook status, tweeting, or using any other means of social media to get others to join in. People who are not members of deviantART can e-mail messages of  support to:

3. Go Above and Beyond

We also urge you to post a message of support to ICANN’s “Submit an Application Comment” page. This process isn’t for the faint of heart and takes a few minutes longer as it requires you to create an account and verify an e-mail address. Still, if you do this, you are assuring ICANN that you are an impassioned and vocal supporter of the arts community and of Dadotart’s application.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to post a message to ICANN.

Well-formulated, respectful, and intelligent comments will be the best approach to showing ICANN and the world why Dadotart, Inc. will be the best manager of the .ART TLD.

Thank You!

A landslide starts with a single pebble. This is a worldwide effort at every level — from a single artist to a small group of craftspeople to an international association of museum directors. The support of one is the support of all. But hurry! This is a time-sensitive effort. All comments must be submitted by August 13th, 2012 to be eligible. Help us gather as a true art-centric community. And please spread the word to everyone who loves the arts or is part of the arts because
we aim to have .ART be home to everyone in every one of the arts.

Please note this doesn't mean that would change to (or The .ART TLD would service all of the arts, including art forms that deviantART doesn't handle -- like the theater, music, dance, and so on -- and would allow people to have individual identities associated with the arts without going through a community like deviantART or YouTube.

For the reader:

  1. How would you use a .art address?

  2. If all the arts had a special address like .art, how would it improve your use of the Web?

  3. Do you think it's important for the voices of a community to come up with the guidelines for the use of a .art address?

Let ICANN know in your comments and support Dadotart!

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IndraMJha's avatar
what happened? 
javiertaboasmakesart's avatar
This was a joke, right?
Soloeus's avatar
BFG-9KRC's avatar
I know I'm asking this at a time where the company's survival matters more than just a TLD, but...

Are you still considering to bring this up again in the future?
BlueOpenSky's avatar
"Nope, just another scrapped idea." :XD:
BFG-9KRC's avatar
Scrapped or not, that still would be awesome :lol:
BlueOpenSky's avatar
I think we should focus to more important issues, like this website becoming a porn haven.
BFG-9KRC's avatar
BlueOpenSky's avatar
It's painful to check new "deviations" with mature filter on. I know that people have sexual urges, but come on! Do you really want a screen full of dicks and vaginas?
BFG-9KRC's avatar
Truth be told, this is not my greatest concern, as I elected to set my own profile page as a 1st gateway to the devious world :)

Besides, upon further reading, I kinda found out why people were so up in arms against this:…

Basically, it all boiled down to the fact tha the .ART TLD would have been under e-flux's management, and several concerns have been raised by their terms of use over the neutrality of the service...
XenAshwood's avatar
A .art TLD would be amazing to designate parts of the internet for the sharing of art all forms of artistry , but I fear only dA will get to use it.
RavynneNevyrmore's avatar
I'm all for an .art TLD, but can someone explain to me why DA should be the entity in charge of it?
DottiFox's avatar
That would be rad, but priority should be given to the art theft and also server issues.
Dreathe's avatar
What's a dado-tart?  It sounds kinky.
Enucleator's avatar
Are you kidding? You cannot even manage this site.... You should be commited to make DA a better place for serious artists.
I think that all the artists supporting this are genuinely unaware of all the shit going on here....
Robopony's avatar
Maybe if you grow some common sense and deal with all the non-art that plagues 99% of dA, I might consider it.

When was dA suddenly run by irresponsible manchildren?
Scramblus's avatar
it always was.
FicticiousAnimation's avatar
You probably would have gotten the .ART tld if you enforced the rules. "Sorry, but only the original author can report stolen art. Please tell your friend to submit a report." That's bullshit.
asbestos-kid's avatar

About 95% of dA isn't art.
DaisyWolfLove's avatar
Other way around, dude
Hoch-Spannung's avatar
 Honestly, just see the front page now and then and you'd get that he's right. Nowadays Deviantart is more like a mere image hosting site with social networking functionality. A work must meet some standards (the higher - the better) to qualify as art. In theory the fact that dA allows posting everything disregarding the quality is good as it allows people to receive critiques and learn. In practice, however, such works often end up on the front page for no sane reason. You expect to see something original, skillful but instead you get some lineart and, to say politely, very questionable fanart. When a person opens an art site they have full right to expect the front page to showcase the best of it and they absolutely positively shouldn't end up seeing scribbles on the lined paper. And that's not to mention the search option which may lead an unsuspecting person to such lovecraftian horrors that no living being should ever cast their sight at.
DaisyWolfLove's avatar
Yeah I agree. But I think everything is art unless you put something like 5 scribbles on a piece of paper and sell is for over 1M dollars.
That's not art at all. 
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