DeviantArt and Wix: With a Kindred Spirit

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Og-preview by marioluevanosEarlier today, announced its acquisition of DeviantArt, and I want you to know how incredibly positive this development is for our community, for the platform, and for all artists who haven’t yet become deviants!

Earlier today,—a leading cloud-based web development platform—announced its acquisition of DeviantArt, and I want you to know how incredibly positive this development is for our community, for the platform, and for all artists who haven’t yet become deviants!

We need to talk about the elephant in the room. You know, the one that’s been sitting on us for the past couple years. Since we’re all about the art, maybe the elephant was made out of origami and it was nice and colorful, but it was huge and tough to work around. For these few years, we've lacked the resources to tackle the issues that mattered most on DeviantArt, to launch the features we really wanted to bring to the community, and to deliver the full power of online presence and branding to artists in the way only DeviantArt has succeeded in doing.

I am excited to say the elephant has left the room.

This is where art starts and where art grows. With the addition of the resources, skill, innovation, and energy of Wix, our community can and will explode even faster than it has in the past, and we will become more inspired, magnetic, and audacious than ever before.

The collective, universal understanding of what DeviantArt is and how it operates won’t be lost. We'll just be able to do it a lot more efficiently, with the resources, staff, and data-driven know-how to best serve each and every member of our community like never before. All of the DeviantArt staff will stay, plus more will join us.  Very soon, you’ll begin to see the kinds of changes we have all talked about and exciting ones you never expected.

The first time we met with Wix, months and months ago, it was just to talk about an advertising deal. I was surprised that the top management of Wix were there, and within a few minutes, they started talking about what a huge influence DeviantArt had been on them and on what they do, how deeply they love and respect our community, and how excited they were to geek about DeviantArt. It became obvious that we had found a real partner—real friends for the mission ahead.

Later this year, DeviantArt will celebrate 17 years on the Internet.

17 years of creation, kindred spirits, and inspiration brought to life by our rich community of art and artists. 17 years skating along the bleeding edge of feature innovation and all the controversy it brings. And whether you're a longtime member or you've found us via search engines or links in artist bios all across the web, there's a magnetic pull that keeps our community vibrant with life.

UPDATE: There's been some confusion around wording used in TechCrunch's reporting of the DeviantArt and Wix story.

Their article includes: "...Wix will open up DeviantArt’s repository of art and creative community to the Wix platform, giving Wix’s users access to that work to use in their own site building."

Please know that the DeviantArt Submission Policy, Terms of Service and Copyright Policy all remain the same.  Deviants continue to own their own works.  In the future, there's a possibility Wix might provide opportunities for you to license your work -- only if you want to -- to more people around the world.  And, there will be opportunities for Wix users to join DeviantArt and make the community stronger.

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Please make a better app for DA :(

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You're losing the majority of the deviantArt community because of the
corporate atrocity that is the new Eclipse design layout.
$36 Million. You could have bought another site.
Yet, you chose deviantArt. Like a parasite, you've now 
forcefully gained control of the website to host your 
shallow business practices onto us. 

Bullet; Red Raising the price of Core Memberships
Bullet; Red Shutting down dAhub
Bullet; Red Redesigning the site to the point where it's no longer recognizable

I hope you're happy, Wix.
Because this coming May, you won't be getting my business, or my money.

Shrek 2 - Mad Shrek Icon 
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Dahub is one of the greatest things I've met in Internet. And those assholes killed it.
I hate WIX for ruining the best site in my life. Loved Deviantart since 2007...
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Well done for the Wix! To the community, it will definitely bring more devianarters. <a href="">Meet artist templates</a> the new article that I read. Looking for the inspiration to create a Wix website.

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The elephant is still in the room, albeit it now with a cloaking device.
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It's a curious metaphor that the tiger up there has most of his teeth missing.... and he has no ears at all.... and the bird is flying away, as so many old-time deviants have. Sad. Not flashy and fancy. Just sad.
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I do not mean to sound overly insistent, but two years later, are there any concrete answers to which positive developments have occurred since?

I have only been active during the Wix era, and as far as can be seen the developments have only been to the detriment of the community, while a lot of existent issues have either been left unattended or gotten worse. The Eclipse UI has only reduced the incentive for verbal communication, the design is clunky with lots of needless extra clicks and puts more emphasis on displaying approval (watchers / views) than community involvement, and the lack of neutral colour not only makes the site straining to use but is a loss of brand colours. What is worst, the discontinuation of freeform HTML support looks posed to destroy millions of working hours invested in a worthwhile craft by a large part of the community, as well as a source of income for many, in favour of a limited site-specific system.

Meanwhile the problems with presentation persist. Must unfortunately say that despite best efforts of the staff, the visible moderation is very poor. The Newest page is constantly filled with porn, spam, and third-party advertising - sometimes advertising illegal products and services openly. The algorithms create a self-sustaining cycle that gives the Popular page very little variation. Meanwhile the Daily Deviations - a system already in place that is curated, promotes community involvement, and guarantees variety - are pushed to the back.

So what has happened?
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It interesting to hear your perspective as someone who came to dA during the Wix era and to find that you're as unimpressed with Eclipse as everyone else I've talked to about it. I tried Eclipse a few times but each time I switched right back to the original site again so I haven't seen the Newest page in Eclipse but it sounds dreadful with all of that crap on it. Now I want to avoid it even more!
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Wow, even here everything is already SO huge that I'm needing to take a distance from my screen @.@
Seriously, letters of 2-3 cm on my laptop screen are really, really overkill.
I'm on internet, I'm not reading a newspaper.
Neither am I far-sighted. No need to blow the letters and images up in my face like this.
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These long image addresses makes HTML CODES A BEAR TO WORK WITH.  The site NO LONGER HOST JPG IMAGES.  I cant wait for the day this website will be broken with no return.

This site used to be my everything, but the changes that have been pushed through are just terrible. Sorry about my little rant but i had to let it out.
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I know what you mean about these long names for the jpgs. I just updated one of my journals and each image I wanted to use for the background was taking up about six lines of code. I used bitly to shorten the urls but it's a pain having to do that for every single image.

Also I agree with you. This progression towards the homogenized streamlined Eclipse is pretty much the opposite of the origins of deviantArt where the founders got together because they were making skins and deviating their home pages to look different and unique.
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I've had to start using my own web server to host my images on DeviantArt, I shouldn't need to do this?!
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That's daft! It defeats the whole purpose of deviantArt if you have to host your own images.  :facepalm:
Alethila's avatar is broken, so I had no choice :(
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I used Wix before, and it is not a positive development. 
their own side runs like crap, is very slow and laggy.  the interface could be better, and overall it leaves much to be desired. 
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Terrific... I use as a host for images I post in forums... Now the Wix links are so long the post embedding becomes broken... I see this as a negative development as now I need to find another site after 8 years of being happy with DA...
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That's it. I'm deactivating my account and praying this site shuts down and the upcoming artrise site replaces it in terms of popularity
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R.I.P. - Old dA
You will be missed. 

I could have given SheezyArt a try before it was put on indefinite hiatus. 
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This is horrible. I cant even use my stash anymore and that's something I RELY on. Its how I get my art to the Commisioner and ask for changes/ add ons that would be needed. I now cannot use my stash at all. Its broken and nothing works, it rarely even lets me click to open my folders! Wix is the worst image hoster I've ever dealt with. And I think they are scumbags. If they truly cared about deviantart. Then they wouldn't try to ruin it. Its just corporate takeover.

I hereby do not allow Wix or its affiliates to use my work in any way.
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spyed Is this why some PNG images are now looking like jpegs and files (like comic pages) that are long are shrunken to the point where you can't read them? If so, I really hope you guys can fix it because it's an annoying problem.
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URLs are hashed as shit and there seems to be more compression than ever. How that good for artists?
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spyed Effective as of November 9th, 2018, at 0910PST, I hereby publicly notify the staff and founding team of DeviantART and its corporate entity that I, SnowblindOtter(also known as KawausoArts) henceforth do not license, authorize, or permit unless otherwise noted in written form by way of a contractual agreement to monetary compensation for perceived and/or theoretical threats, liabilities, and/or damages to myself or my artwork in any form, the use or hosting of my artwork by Wix or any of its file-hosting services.
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