DA Prints: The Future of Online Art is Here!
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Published: June 26, 2002
We are proud to announce the successful launch of the DA Prints service. For the first time ever, artists have the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of people with their art through deviantART.com. With the DA Prints service, deviants everywhere are now able to sell photo quality prints of their art through their online gallery and on <a href=www.daprints.com/>DAPrints.com.

In just under two years of operation, deviantART has become the largest online art community in the world. With over 2,800 submissions of art per day and a rapidly expanding artist base, the DA Prints service is a natural fit to deviantART.com’s offerings.

“These are remarkable times for artists who embrace the tools sites like deviantART.com provide. With the DA Prints service the first stage of our plan for deviantART is complete. Moving forward we intend to bring many more empowering innovations and exciting opportunities to our deviants. We look forward to the challenges of leading the online art space so that it may reach its fullest potential.” Said Angelo Sotira, CEO of deviantART.

Scott Jarkoff, President & Co-Founder had this to say: “DA Prints brings the power of printing to any artist that desires to have their work available for sale.  This is a revolutionary and exciting time that the community has never before tread.  Now more than ever before, artists have the ability to earn revenue from that hard work that was put in to their beloved art.  On top of all this, the best part of DA Prints is the ability to hang art from your favorite deviants on your walls at home or at the office, in the garage or above the toilet, on the hood of your car or on the front of your school binders.  Enough of the chit-chat, time to go order some prints!”

Artists: If you would like to participate in the print program, please visit the sign-up page so you can attain a printing account and get started selling your deviations! Along with your printing account, you receive a FREE three (3) month subscription to deviantART and you are able to buy your own prints at base price. Note: deviants who participated in the BETA Print program have been automatically given a three (3) month extension on their subscriptions.

Please read the Customer FAQ and Printing FAQ before asking questions!
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Rhyn-Art General Artist
awesome! good move :la:
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xatin Writer
There's some prints I'd like to get =]
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ammegand Interface Designer
WOW, I suggested that a year ago and you all thought i was nuts.
dannic's avatar
I can't wait!! I need some art in my house...The hardest thing will be choosing which ones to buy
djkufo's avatar
Can I get a print size extra extra extra small for my pet hamster "Herman"?
soj's avatar
Seems to be pretty cool :) (Smile)
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warfishHobbyist General Artist
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kalabalikProfessional Interface Designer

it doesnt work....
"Invalid Product."

whats wrong?!

i wanna sign up...i think.....if i have pieces good enough to sell....
;) (Wink)

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mrnibbles Digital Artist
w00t!!! 10,0000000000th post! :D (Big Grin)
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its a good idea but i just went to deviantart .com to check out some of the newest deviations so i can find new artisits i will enjoy and the prints page poped up and when i tried to check out one of the deviations so i could comment on how i liked it i couldnt all i got was 'u wanna by this , u know u wanna by the print kinda stuff' i think it should be a seprate page or else it will be difficult to find new artists my two cents *drops pennies it DA meter*

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timHobbyist Traditional Artist
It should be interesting to see how this unfolds. I think it should work well for da. :) (Smile)
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sixstring Photographer
Comment: Why are the devart people suggesting 1:1.5 ratio for these images in the FAQ? I have done 8 prints at this ratio and submitted all of them before I figgered out that you can't go to yer local Walmart and by frames for them at those sizes. The 1:1.5 ratio is NOT a standard frame size. I think it's foolish to try to sell prints where custom framing would be a requirement for whoever purchased them....
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You guys are absolutely amazing! Expect to see something of mine up there sooner or later.. :) (Smile)
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We're gettin more DA merchandise, that's good cuz it will help to the grouth of our beloved community ... i think
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mattnagyProfessional Interface Designer
Yeah! If I had PayPal and art that was worth buying, I'd definitely join.. :) (Smile) Make some money.. :) (Smile)
slave's avatar

i just got back from across the country(us) and so much has happened without me!

i need to find a way to swipe my parnets credit card now so i can sign up.
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plexx Photographer
nice nice!
fat-asstronaut's avatar
hell ya, to bad none of my stuff sells, like tzen said it would. just messin.
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DontBuyMyShitProfessional General Artist
Very cool, I signed up the second I heard about it. :D (Big Grin) I LOVE YOU DEVIANTART!!!!!!!!
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