Being Genuine is the right way to win
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Published: April 6, 2020

If you think about all of the photos, drawings, videos and posts that have ever gone viral, the vast majority all have something very simple in common; their sentiment is deeply genuine.

From kookslams to (the classic) chocolate rain, fisheye placebo, pepper and so on... countless are the examples of massive viral success. What we love about them isn't just the substance of their comedy, drama and/or beauty, it is also their genuine humanity.

The best art allows us to see and ourselves.

By contrast, I can't think of any success on the Internet that came about from auto-responding scripts, cut-paste responses, and phony "Thanks for the fav!" posts.

This kind of thing might increase counters, and get peoples attention for a few minutes because it upsets them. But it doesn't create any lasting value. For anyone trying to build a real audience, remember that your audience is smart. If something feels off with your behavior then you lose all of your efforts in being genuine with just one instance of perceived cheating.

I see a lot of quality accounts using spammy scripts to auto-respond to Llama sends, +Favs, and even direct comments. "Thanks!" "Thanks for the Llama, check out my XXX" - Let alone the many overt attacks that happen.

What a wasted opportunity. Every time you're given a chance to connect with another person, you're a participant in your community and you're creating the environment around you. If you rush through that with an automation and a cheat, you're failing twice. 1st you aren't going to get what you're after, and 2nd you hurt your community causing people to like you (and that community) a little bit less.

If you want other people to see you, to give you feedback, to enjoy your work (literary, visual, or even conversational), then try being that person you want to see out there.

Do you use scripts?

Do you copy-paste responses?

Let's talk about it in the comments. Answer these questions:

What value does this bring you?

Why do you do it?

Do you receive copy-pasted looking posts?

How does it make you feel?


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BloodyWingHobbyist Digital Artist

I used a script that did difi requests on the old version to get more information about a deviation during the approval process in groups. I simply checked for a tag or Text in a description if it contained something about "Krita". Manually opening a Deviation would simply slow down my browser too much and I always had to wait for all the website elements to load.

Most recently we from the CR team did an egghunt on DeviantArt where users had to find comment and leave their comment on it. Users who did find one of those hidden comments were added to a list and we later counted the Deviants who found the hidden easteregg. Doing this only by hand was incredible daunting, so I wrote a script that was able to create a list of commenters on a Userprofile or Deviation.

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StrawberryGigglesStudent Writer

I don't copy-paste responses here as I feel, like you, they're less genuine. The feeling of community I had when I joined dA back in 2010 has gone entirely (and seems to have evaporated come Eclipse, although I don't think it is solely Eclipse's fault) - thanking or greeting people sincerely is the only way I can see to grab sense of that community again, a chance to make friends. I love looking at my comment page and see it full of conversation; not that it is full of conversation these days but go back to 2013 and I was thriving, damn it. Equally, though, I understand why other deviants do it and wouldn't necessarily discourage anybody from copy/pasting on my page - why stifle it when doing so would close me off from the opportunity to talk to people?

On AO3, where I am most active and there is no DM function, I get up to fifty comments in my inbox to respond to. Responding to every comment with a paragraph, chat about a particular idea or sentence becomes impossible and takes hours - as well as wicking away my joy for it. So it becomes easier to simply copy-paste a thank you and move on.

I do find it quite ironic that talk of 'being genuine' comes now, as Eclipse has been rolled out to everybody, though. The implementation of it has taken most of my close friends elsewhere, and is so sleek and professional looking that - while I can appreciate entirely the 20year old deviantart needed updating - it doesn't feel 'genuine' in the slightest, it feels as though its intentions are to push amateur artists (who no doubt helped to create this sense of community) away in favour of professionals.

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Eclipse GENUINEly should be undone and replaced with the old site.

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Anisa-MazakiProfessional Digital Artist
Star Bow  Do you copy-paste responses? (Why do you use them and How does it benefit you/others.)

> ANS:  YES, but not in the way you think/ stated in your journal (cuz I do most of it manually. I don't use bots or scripts etc.)

When someone leaves me a "Thanks for the the fav" or just in general a "Thanks" via DA, I generally respond with this Emoji Pattern below:
Star! Heart Love Star! Ribbon 01 Star!  You're Welcome  Star! Ribbon 01 Star! Heart Love

(You can find similar other ones via my account)
Despite taking an hour or two originally to find the right emojis to put together to make a pattern, I copy-paste within DA cuz,

A) Im bored of responding back to people in plain Text, for simple phrases. Like it's just not fun or appealing to me to stare at a wall of plain text after a while/ yrs later for stuff like "Thanks", "Hi" etc.
Additionally I don't see the point of being on an Art Site, (or me even being an Artist), and not using emojis in a fun way - especially if you have the opportunity to brighten someone's day/ make a positive impression, (cuz you never know what is going on with the person on the other side of your screen tbh.)

B) Originally on DA, I was gonna create Art that said stuff like "Thanks for the Fav" or "Thanks for the Watch" etc, and use that to reply to people, but then I ran into unsavory Users here, who were always like "Oh, you're spamming me your Art? You only want attention/ begging for watches/ favs and trying to trick me to view your work." - (when that was NEVER the intention at all.) Some people even take it as far as to attack commenters, or people for returning llamas or even saying "thank you", or will try to make Call out threads in an attempt to shame people (all becasue they saw an img and "got triggered.")
So because of that negativity and the sigma that (stupid) people put on anybody who posts an img in replies/ comments, I chose to use Emoji's and PLZ Patterns instead. It doesn't eradicate all the drama, but it significantly reduces it. (I do however block people who do respond negatively to the emoji's etc. Like it makes no sense that Im being nice, and the person wants to be bitter or make assumptions cuz "they got issues." I don't have time for that.)

C) Messages get piled up when Im not online/not active, (or when my depression + anxiety is on and I don't feel like replying), so when I do get the chance, I have to binge reply later.

D) Generally, I just don't have the time, energy or patience anymore to make a new emoji pattern per reply.
I get at least 10 messages a day and if Im really active, about 20 or more (on just DA alone) <.< And tbh, Im alittle too lazy to make them and store them onto PLZ pages and then have to switch between just to post a reply...
Plus on DA etc I do other things, like greet people for their Birthdays and Welcome Newbies to DA - which both also uses another 2 different sets of emojis patterns and then I also do llama trading, fav trading, watch for watch (cuz it's fun), so in the end, the copy paste emojis come in handy when I really need it for specific things.

On other platforms (such as a Live Streaming App that I am on - where I am a bouncer in alot of people's streams), I made a secondary account called Mazaki's Studio, to cater for some Top Streamers and their audience (for my Art Service, when we collab - cuz they found out that I was an Artist outside the app.) Despite having a Bio and a post explaining what the account is for etc, I still got guys (looking for dates or "bed room stuff" etc, DMing it and I already know what they want (cuz it's not my first time on such a platform), so I copy/paste a decor message to inform them that "Mazaki's Studio is Art Account catered for Live Streamers and their fans who want free art. If you are not here for that service, then please desist from further communication." And I have to post this reply, to every "thirsty guy" in my DMs who contacts me on that platform - Manually - as most guys (particularly from Trinidad, dislike reading bios, anytime an account online lists itself as "Female."
The account gets atleast 10 to 20 messages A day :(....and I don't understand why dudes dont freaking read first before contacting (cuz the bio is only 250 characters or less long.)

E) Most people like them anyway, so I never felt the need to change them. And some people remember you better, because you were positive to them in that way. Everyone has their style of interacting with people nicely, but the emoji pattern bombing is just my way.
On the Live Streaming app that I'm on, the emoji bombing makes most people feel better and it helps keep their stream active (cuz now I can design people's names and stuff in them and post them in the chats during the Live that Im in as a Bouncer/Staff and people like that stuff too.) And for me it's a plus as well, cuz there are days my depression and axienty get really bad so sometimes I don't feel like taking, or sometimes I run out of things to talk about, but I still want to interact, so the emoji bombing comes in handy.

> Do you receive copy-pasted looking posts? How does it make you feel?

Yes, but most of the time I generally don't get offended at them if they look generic and  I don't judge people for them either, cuz we all know how messages can pile up on this platform when one is busy etc.  I's just a message...

The only time I'll have a problem with it though, is when it's used negatively with hateful intentions to cause harm/ drama etc, such as when a troll cusses you out and tells you to "die you whore" or "your art is shit" etc. (Those I do get offended for)
Also these I have a problem with > DeviantUser Scams
(mostly cuz for whatever reason, I've become their usual target to harrass)
My solution however to the DM Scammers, is to spam my art on their page and use their comment section as free advertising XD, cuz it makes no sense for me to get outraged at blatant stupidity tbh. Someone eles came up with the idea and I was like "that's f**king genius!". So yeah, just cuz someone's a moron, doesn't mean you can't turn the situation around in a positive way. I would even encourage people to spam their art on Scammer Pages (instead of cussing them out or attacking them etc.) Use their attempt to waste your time, against them. They hate that shit.

On other platforms - One or too, cuz they're being nice and we know each other and we're just joking around, but other than that, no - cuz the majority of random people (particularly dudes), arent that creative (or smart) tbh.


Red Cross Bow  Do you use Scripts? (Why do you use them and How does it benefit you/others.)

> ANS:

 While this is not an "auto responding script", I used "DA Ignore" between the yrs 2014 to 2017.

When the old version of DA (Pre- Eclipse), had limited their block Function to 200 Users (and later to 500 Users - with the excuse that "500 is alot of people to block, so remove old ones, if you need to block someone else", while at the same time sporting the idea that "if someone is bothering you, block them instead of submitting a report"), I used the Block System to keep trolls, haters and spammers out (which was btw, insufficient due to DA's idea that creating new accounts were "unlimited" at the time) and then used the DA Ignore Script to filter out content and users that I just wasn't interested in, (such as Nsfw Content Creators/ Nudists- Exhibitionists pretending to be "Anatomy Ref Photographers" / Porn/ Extreme Fetish Content etc.) Using DA Ignore, made it easy for me to view clean content - which is one of the ways I attained 86K Favorites in my Collection.
I stopped using it after 2017, cuz my laptop and script starting slowing down my browser - especially since DA changed it's access format to HTML or something (it's so long I can't remember tbh.)

With Eclipse, the script is now, kinda obselete, cuz Eclipse has a fliter system (where you can block tags and bad words now. YAY!)

How did it help others?
Due to the fact that many Users used to complain alot about the excess of NSFW content being on DA and it always been displayed more frequent to them in some way/shape or form (and they had given up on the Suggestion Forum) - I (and others), informed Users, that they could use DA Ignore too. Some said that you could use Ad Blocker, but I found that was just too much coding to deal with, and felt that DA Ignore was the better option. Since then, I don't see much complains (or rioting) about Nsfw content anymore. One or two in the forums, but not like before (where it was a mob movement.)

"One Click Llama" is  however, an auto script and it was originally introduced to me by your own fellow Staff Members and participants (who used to run the Chat Service of DA in the old days), as well as taught me how to install another script inorder to be able to chat within that section of DA back then.
(Doh mind I got made fun of eventually for some of my views and I had to block some of them later, cuz I felt threatened and thought they would come on my page to harrass me later, but still, they did something positive in terms of Scripts.)

I use One Click Llama to help me to keep track whom I already gave llamas to, who's still in line and well as whom is blocked (either from my account or theirs.)

Additionally, I use the llamas as "Requests to View People's Galleries", so I could fav what I like from people and (If I really like their work, I'd watch them. This is also how I accumulated 86K Favs. to my Collection and found new people to watch etc faster.)
After reviweing a person's Gallery, I give them back their llama and post Bullet Blue Bullet Blue Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine Bullet Blue Bullet Blue Ultrablue Orb Bullet Bluelight cherry blossoms aLLAMA RETURNEDlight cherry blossoms b  Bullet Blue Ultrablue Orb Bullet Blue Bullet Blue Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine  Bullet Blue Bullet Blue  - or something similar, as an indication that I just checked their work etc.
I also do Llama Tradings from time to time, with the same concept (particularly in Llama for Llama groups, where having a repuation to giving Llamas out more than recieving - aka "Good Llama Credit", is key to be able to participate.)

Other people, use it to llama bomb mass amounts of people (which is totally fine too.) or to return mass amounts of llamas they recieved from people,  quickly (cuz man I've tried returning Llamas I got via my account, the old school way and my damn fingers nearly bled, so Im real greatful that people told me about OCL.)

And finally - while he (and yes it's a He), isn't a Script, he did program a Bot called Alice who was once responsible for the account - DA Hub.
I used to use DA Hub every once in a while to also find more people to watch, fav etc. Most people over the yrs have tried to replicate Hub, but often times, they eventually got silent (mostly cuz they couldnt keep up with demand/ replies etc or they didn't have the capital to invest to keep up with requests.)
For most people he provided ways that both amatuer and professional content creators (some of whom I know very well and all of whom have a budget), could grow their audience quickly within DA, and have their work seen and faved by hundreds to thousands of people - (cuz lets be realistic -  not everybody is Yummei, or Artgerm or Sakimichan and not everybody wants to be like them or even go in the same direction of success that they took, tbh.)
Now the only time I see the bot or him, is in certain super groups he started, for llama for llama trading and fav for fav, where all you have to do is type in a command in the comments section of that group and it will give you a list of people to llama or fav. In future, your name will be given to the next person who wants to trade - and so it goes. It's pretty fun, if you have the time to use it.
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Anisa-MazakiProfessional Digital Artist
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AgnosticDragonHobbyist Writer
Scripts: I do not know how to make my own. However, I use One Click Llama Button by Kishan-Bagaria which I feel like I should mention got a Daily Deviation, so at least at one point this was in favor with DeviantArt. I have also used which was introduced by DeviantArt in 2010, though for some reason its days seem to be numbered.

Copy-pasting: I copy paste happy birthday and "thank you for watching me." A lot of people do this, and some of the obvious ones are kind of fancy.
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You’re not genuine you are forcing eclipse on people who don’t even like using it as the app 
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Here's something genuine: ECLIPSE FUCKING SUCKS! If you force it on us, you WILL LOSE 90% of your userbase. We WILL leave.
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hws65fd4hdfNew Deviant

Eclipse is still a better redesign than the recent redesigns of sites like Amino, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. I mean people will always complain about redesigns though, even when they're better redesigns like with Neopets' site design change from 2007.

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That doesn't make it good. Eclipse is still shit and it's even worse than "New Reddit".
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hws65fd4hdfNew Deviant

You're right to point out my fallacy, but with the green theme (which should be the default for the site since looking at logged off pages or web archives with the dark theme is horrible) I think it's quite nice for desktop. The mobile experience was horrible but I think it'll get better with time.

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Most people, including us, disagree. It's still too clunky and it lags horribly.
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Where did you get that 90% number?
Because at this site… only 13.000 people signed it. Out of 35 million users that's, what, 0.00003% ? Where's the rest?
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Are you seriously using ONLY that petition for your "statistics"? You obviously haven't seen all the many comments, polls, journals, and deviations against Eclipse.
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I have seen the polls, groups and deviations, but that petiton is more collected. I just asked where you got your 90%. Show me your statistics 
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That's for Tumblr...:facepalm:

This is for Deviantart:

Devart Stats by Alietje
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People don’t want eclipse
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Of course they don't, Eclipse is change and change is scary. If people want to leave they can, thousands sign up every day to fill their places. Yes, it has bugs, yes it is designed by someone who clearly doesn't understand the concept of web-spacing, but Deviantart isn't the Sonic Movie where the internet bullied an entire studio to change the character. Eclipse is coming.
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Our statistics are based on everything put together, not just that petition (which is only the largest of several petitions). They are obviously an estimate, and not exact, hence the lack of decimals. Either way, the majority of this site hates Eclipse.
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Well, nothing anyone can do about it now, if Deviantart says Eclips is coming, then Eclips is coming
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And the majority of the site will leave. Enjoy being on a wasteland run by a shitty corporation that doesn't give a shit about what its customers think. Wix will reap what they've sown.
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retroolkaProfessional Digital Artist
I agree with you.
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