Austin, TX on the Map as Truly Devious City!

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This is your captain speaking. :ninja:
(For those who don't know, Angelo Sotira, aka deviantART's CEO.)

I just wanted to report on the truly devious nature of the folks in Austin, Texas, USA for those who weren't aware of this fact.

On March 9th, 2011 we held the most epic of deviantMEETs there, and I promised a site-wide blast about it. In the spirit of bringing deviants closer together all over the world, here I am keeping my word. Now, you realize this gives ALL OF YOU quite a bit of leverage for a side-wide HOT TOPIC'd blast when we hold a deviantMEET in your city, amiright? :faint:

Check out these shots…

Organizing this shot is always a treat, where I get to crowd-control and organize everyone into the frame. I love it! I did it in 10 cities for EPIC deviantART World Tour photos in 2009 with Heidi. She and I were hardcore reminiscing about it after this shot… We need to get out there for another World Tour; we miss you guys!!!!

Deviants came from all over the state to hang out with us…

…and when deviants get together, they do what deviants do… I LOVE walking around watching deviations of all types being made there and then…

A whopping 17 members of staff came out to represent, perhaps the most staffed deviantMEET outside of Los Angeles in the history of deviantART! We all got on stage and introduced ourselves, and then I addressed the topic of… WHY LLAMAS? Haha, you shoulda been there!

So much fun!

phlezk was so cool, man… He hung out and took photos and really made himself available, we really appreciated it!!  From left to right:

:iconheidi: :iconchris: :iconphlezk: :iconmatteo: :iconspyed:
Heidi chris phlezk matteo spyed

The Bolt, aka chris. :hug:

scir filming the Meet with Corey. Thanks so much, man!! scir makes all of our killer videos like the About Us stuff, plus the Version Release videos and the Portfolio, Groups, and other ones if you've seen them! Canon 5DmII on a killer rig!! omg!!

The One... the Only… TheLaurenVerse with her pigtails… haha

It was matteo's birthday! So we got him all kinds of :cake: :cake: :cake: w00t!

At the end of the meet, AstroRobyn and I sat down to sketch. I drew some abstract stuff, she drew me!! :heart: AstroRobyn

Big thanks :clap: to StJoan who is AMAZING for working with the entire deviantART team to organize such an epic deviantMEET!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

And thanks sooooo much to all the deviants who traveled far or came out to support us. You guys are always inspiring and truly delightful to hang out with. We're looking forward to the next one!!!

Meanwhile, Austin, you guys are truly devious! We hope you'll continue your deviantMEETs in Austin! Check Texasdevmeet for updates!



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I just hope everything will be solved,I hate those people wich don't stand at their place.
coolest people in the state caught on camera ;D
When is thear gana be ah meet in ohio? ^W^
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i am currently in Austin Texas visiting my dad and we are going to the big art festival this weekend :D will be super cool, love down town Austin totally different from england and refreshing :3
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mjenisayarizona's avatar
love it
Zenii1993's avatar
wow !! it all looks awsmm !! :)
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Keep Austin Weird I am their almost all day every day I live in hays....I feel stupid just now knowing this....hey what can I say I am a noob to the site[link]
RHP17's avatar
Wow!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

Best wishes
KarinKurosaki913's avatar
wow...that sounds really cool. sounds like y'all had a lot of fun!
TsugumiHatsune's avatar
This had to be fun! :D
JaneEden's avatar
Oh wow the pics are awesome seeing so many of you all and having so much fun. How I wish I lived in the US of A, Thanks for this fabulous report, hugs to you all, Jane xx
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I wish that the staff at deviantART plus some of the best artists on there and also some famous ones outside dA would come and host a deviantMEET or something like that in Denmark someday :(
GriswaldTerrastone's avatar
Looks like folks here had a really enjoyable time!

Will there be any such conventions in upstate New York?

(This is such a dead zone.)
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Damn.... Damndamndamndamn damndamndamn
*big-fat-crybaby-chibi tears*
I wanna go, I just went to the states, why didn't I know about this,why, god is so cruel... T.T
I wanna go I wanna go I really wanna go.
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that must be so awesome *-*

I'd love to go to a DeviantMEET ~~
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canthat be done in the Philippines? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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