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A Popular 8 Interview with:
<BIG>Jenni Tapanila</BIG>

Arguably one of the most controversial deviants among us, suzi9mm is an unmistakable staple of deviantART. And certainly a leader in one of deviantART's many dimensions; Art Photography. Jenni also provides the community with one of the most popular stock-photography galleries. (thanks DeepChrome) And she happens to be a volunteer staff member, but don't focus on that it's entirely irrelevant to why I decided to interview her.

I just had some questions I wanted to ask this most interesting member of my deviantWATCH, whose extreme success on deviantART has always caught my attention. (By the way, can you say: SOMEONE BRING BACK TWENTY?)

<center> a daydream by suzi9mm :thumb3050431: pretty sight vs not by suzi9mm pride tastes good by suzi9mm</center>

<BIG>The Interview</BIG>

spyed asks:

:1: You are one of the first deviants to ever reach 1+ million page views, what would you say has made you such a highly visited deviant out of 1.1 million others?

suzi9mm responds:

:bulletgreen: It's the sex and violence that sell... i'm lucky to do something that people take interest in. i also try my best at what i do and i think that hasn't gone unnoticed. last but definitely not least, i've been fairly active here, have made friends and i respect my fellow deviants. that's my view anyway, those who clicked the 1M+ pageviews would know better :)

:2: How much time do you spend on deviantART per week?

:bulletgreen: Around 50 to 60 (hours) at the moment (very loose schedule atm), but normally maybe 30 to 40. i...don't really have a life :)

:3: What do you spend most of your on-DA time doing?

:bulletgreen: Definitely reading comments, whether on deviations, journals, polls or whatever, and responding to them. but you won't see me complain about that :P

<center> do you dream of me by suzi9mm

Mature Content

red nude by suzi9mm

Mature Content

decisive moment by suzi9mm
i will - not by suzi9mm</center>

:4: How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop, when you have a syringe sticking through your tongue?

:bulletgreen: Good question...there's challenge in that for sure. after thinking about it for a while i'd say around 3400 licks, because the mechanics of how licking stuff works is that you <BIG>lick it off the candy and move it into the mouth</BIG> where it solves and eventually goes down the throat. now, when you can't take your tongue in your mouth, there's a problem. the mouth produces saliva but as there's no tongue it'll linger in there too and will eventually just come out as drool, running down the chin and tongue. it will help clean the candy from the tongue and help the licking process. the tootsie pop will end up on the floor with drool, but very slowly. 3400 is my final answer :)

<center> concentrating by suzi9mm play with me by suzi9mm i like it Type O - by suzi9mm bw rose by suzi9mm</center>

:5: How many notes do you get per day? On the admin statistics pages I get to watch your page views, and you're hitting like 10,000 a day. My page hits up 500 or so and I get bombarded with notes, I can't imagine what 10,000 is like. Please share!

:bulletgreen: haha, u get that many notes cos you're a superdupercoreadmin :lol: i checked my note count from the past few days and it's around 25 per day.

<center> modern bride by suzi9mm dissolving life by suzi9mm join me by suzi9mm my fists are my gift is me by suzi9mm</center>

:6:  If you could "shout-out" to only 5 deviants, who would they be?

:bulletgreen: I think i should say hi to those whom made most difference on my being here, whether online of offline, consciously or not, so realitysquared, superkev, sininen, lostgirl and natashalyonne :wave:

:iconrealitysquared: :iconsuperkev: :iconsininen: :iconlostgirl: :iconnatashalyonne:

:7: What is your favorite color?

:bulletgreen: PINK

<center> my precious by suzi9mm fragile - bw by suzi9mm i try by suzi9mm time of death: very soon by suzi9mm</center>

:8: Do you like ninjas? :ninja:

:bulletgreen: hmm, yea, ninjas are fairly hot :nod:


Mature Content

grand piano by suzi9mm
birth by suzi9mm

Mature Content

i fuck like a girl by suzi9mm
chain baby yeah -grunge by suzi9mm</center>


I've always thought Jenni would be an awesome set designer and make-up artist for horror films. She really knows how to tug at your stomachs ability to handle what your eyes are seeing. I always find myself wincing and peaking, wincing and peaking at the sight of some of her work. Works which I won't display here because some of them are mature content but if you're over 18 and have your mature filter turned off I'm sure you'll see what I mean.

-- A

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darkpi's avatar
great article
Popc0rn's avatar
I would so.......... Love to have sex with Jenni... It mid sound really freaky but.. :o She is so hot! She is wait... The hottest Finish lass ever. To be honest, if she reads this she'll never ever talk to me ever but... Lets just hope she deosnt :heart: Jenni i love you :)
izzabehr's avatar
Good interview, but it is PEEKING. I'm sorry, but that annoys the hell out of me.
TrendyDNA's avatar
:) great interview.
lesserknowncallsign's avatar
What I like about suzi9mm is that you can tell she's not trying to glorify a sort of social trend of self destruction. Her art is art, the same way a horror film make up artist's work is art.
Supernovastudios's avatar
Who cares , not that I am knocking her works, she has some very creative stuff, I like so many here are just su\ick of the over exposure of her and others similar. Its as if everything touched os gold. I really dont think tha she should have the say on the deviations of the day either. I am not a hater , I am just sick of the over exposure.
kalaja's avatar
She’s a liar and selfish she never supports another member of the DA. But then again I have to agree she's a phenomenal artist, she is the one what the audience want.
TiffanyLayden's avatar
Suzi rocks our socks!
tomtom2099's avatar
In my Honestly Opinion, I think this Interview was way too short and some more Interesting Questions would be not bad ;) ...
NoirAngel's avatar
very nice.. good job.. i really like that girl.. she is soooo good!
triggerfinger's avatar
As I've already mentioned to her, I've never been a fan of her art. However, that's not exactly why I'm commenting.

The debate as to what is and what isn't art isn't valid. What I feel is valid is that there are literally thousands of equally talented individuals here at dA that are not getting the same level of exposure. The administration here has it within their power to select deviants that are not as well known. But they have chosen not to. When you feature the same deviants over and over again, you are hiding the incredible diversity that makes dA wonderful to me. Art should never be stale but it seems you are encouraging it.

I also find it slightly disturbing that the page view issue was made into something larger than it actually is. Our pageviews shouldn't be an indicator of anything, ESPECIALLY not as an indicator of whether the person is good at art or not. What is popular isn't always good. I think in general, the page statistics are too focussed on.

My two cents... as usual ;)
jusam's avatar
Very good two cents. Pageviews, for example, are merely an indicator of attention. I've never been wildly enthusiastic about suzi9mm's work either, but I acknowledge her talent.
asteris's avatar
suzi9mm - her work is fantastic,
great article, its helped me learn more about what goes through that unique mind
IDFIsraeliAliCe's avatar
Very cool and interesting, Glad to read it. I love +suzi9mm's work
deathkitty's avatar
amazing article.
i admire suzi9mm so much, her work is absolutly amazing.
Deviant-Interview's avatar
doh! I knew I should've sent her my questions sooner. Hope she isn't all interviewed out by the time I send her mine.
spider2544's avatar
great invterview you should keep this feature going at least one a week
freakychild's avatar
suzi9mm is really the reason i discovered deviantart in the first place.... i found a few of her photos posted on a poetry and art website known as RoseBleed that i was part of and a link to her devart site.... so i followed, instantly became a temendous fan and joined up with this site.......... so yea.... thanx mucho for that you beautiful person you......

peace to you and yours always... i'm out...
kezz's avatar
And the richer get richer.
Target-Doll's avatar
Good questions! Haha.
keiross's avatar
Cool community building idea, fun and interesting for a humble deviant like me to read as well :thumbsup:
quentinwrites's avatar
Lovely article. She's famous around here and she's still lovely. :D
butterfield123's avatar
fun article, i found it a little short though..

suzi really is an example of why the internet is not to be taken lightly in relation to how it can be an entire life for somebody. would anybody say she is an "internet celebrity"? i know i would have alot more respect for an internet celebrity than a regular one.. :P
anyway i have forgotton what i was trying to say.. i think it was " good aticle, great to see etc.."
kiki-doodle's avatar
Hym... her photography has NEVER gone to my tastes, and sometimes I wonder why a simple shot of a large man with the words 'i fuck like a girl' gets a thousand favorites. It's not exactly creative or well done, or awe-inspiring... just countless hordes of fans in love with everything. I never use the camera, not my thing, and I coulda taken that *or other* pictures. Just not my thing though.

However, a million page views is pretty neat, but I would personally rather see interviews with people not as super famous, but kinda famous *100,000 page views or more* This was interesting though, I don't even like her work and I read the interview when I should be doing homework.

so, congradulations on the interview.

for everyone else, follow some people who are less famous as much as you do her and get some new meat into the fray.

as for other interviews... I would love to see luminatii get one, Jennadelle, pu-sama, ahkahna, mistressofspam, bleedman, makani, neondragon, ursulav and Meradragon to name a few... and just kitting on the last one xD

all of them either are at 100K views and above or else, heading quickly in that direction. ahkahna and neondragon don't have that much, but they're well known in the fantasy department so I could see them getting interviewed. and mistressofspam has some of the BEST commentary in her journal, and she continues to create beautiful art when it hurts her to draw. and then there is lumii who is fiveteen years old and making art that rivals professionals. Ursulav can't be forgotten with her obtuse creature art and cute yet strange creations,pu-sama has 1 mil page views herself, bleedman makes a brilliant cartoon network comic in anime manga style... and I don't even like anime and he draws me in! makani can't be forgotten for her beautiful art and her harry potter humor strips. and anyone in the fantasy department knows who jennadelle is.

these are all great people who deserve to be interviewed, and yes, the Meradragon was a joke xD
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