1,000,000 deviations!
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Published: February 13, 2003
Haven't updated the journal in quite some time. Thanks for visiting my user page, broke the 30,000 mark since I last posted here!

I have to say I was walking on air today thinking about the fact that we hit the 1,000,000 deviation milestone. ( www.deviantart.com/news/9437/ ) deviantART never ceases to amaze me, even though I work on it endlessly every day. I continue to believe that deviantART is so much greater than it's creators, and one million deviations as of today shows how true this really is.

One million thanks to all of you, and as our gift to the community we promise to do our best with version 3; it really will change the way the world looks at online communities, and spark that glow that some of you senior members and older visitors remember from the golden days.

Cheers :beer: right back atcha jark! You da man.

-- AS
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Do we know which deviation is the 1,000,000th?
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It's certainly NOT the one shown on the timeline.
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Here-for-the-poniesStudent Digital Artist
dude I hope you're not talking about this one which has the PRACTICALLY BRAND NEW DEVIANTART LOGO IN IT: Boldly Facing the Future by TsaoShin
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Indeed, it most certainly ISN'T that one.
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Here-for-the-poniesStudent Digital Artist
Ah, ok, see, when you said it in reply to the top comment here, I thought you were being sarcastic. whoops my bad.
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Ah, the internet; where people can't find a definite way to mark something as non-sarcastic.
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And the news link is dead...
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AgonizingSwordfishHobbyist Photographer
History in the making!
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Jajamola88Hobbyist General Artist
1 million deviations in 2 years.
And 264 million more since then.
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BetakamoHobbyist General Artist
Interesting to look back at this journal when exploring the Da-timeline you've created. So 1.000.000 deviations in 2003 huh? I wonder now, a whole decade later, in 2013, how many deviations have been uploaded to the site x)
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BLPH Digital Artist
Around 264 million ;)
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:) Congratulations go out to you. I am reading your past journals.. so you probably wont see this comment... but anways..

I'd like to thank you for the great job with DA you did. You are amazing. Congrtas! :trophy: :clap: :w00t:

can I ask you one question [if you see this] what codding did u use to create this website? for example, html, php, coldfusion, SQL.... ect.
anyways, hope DA hits the 2,500,000 mark sometime soon!!!

Your amazing.
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