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Wet Willies

By spyed
My current gallery represents a previous generation of my art. I have a few hundred thousand photos I've taken that I'm now curating. I draw every day just about.

Anyway I took this last night and it motivated me to turn a new leaf on my profile. It was a matter of time, but this was the catalyst.

I don't know Alexx's deviantART name but I was shooting with his Fuji X100 viewfinder. It has mad focusing problems but the photos come out nice if you muck with it enough.

Cheers to `cweeks who has truly been an inspiration as I progress as a street photographer. A few other photographers have been motivating, but `cweeks really opened my eyes.

(Use the cheap download to get the large file if you want to print it at home.)
Image details
Image size
4288x2848px 3.91 MB
FinePix X100
Shutter Speed
1/15 second
Focal Length
23 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jul 12, 2012, 12:41:03 AM
© 2012 - 2021 spyed
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morningstarskid's avatar
Nice low light capture....😎
drippin99's avatar
love your gallery man keep it up
jules-101's avatar
Huh. A catalyst that won a DD. I just loved the photo- but that's very nice about both- the DD & the photo :) 
ReferenceDesk's avatar
do you know anything about where Angelic-Painter went and why she de-activated her account?
b0ne91's avatar
rancidx's avatar
My first time in San Diego and I happened to walk across Wet Willies... kind of a cool feeling to see the location in person...except it was eerily empty and quiet, as opposed to this picture....
IceXDragon's avatar
Haha, very nice!:giggle:

So many funny things in this picture if you look hard enough.:XD: Congrats on the DD.:meow:
MzAnna's avatar
I opened this up to look closer not because of the title or because of the background. I didn't even notice those things until after I started reading the comments below. What captured my eye was the woman in the picture, she is beautiful. Just because you do not see the art or beauty in this picture does not mean others do not. Beauty like art is in the eye of the beholder. I love it. Seeing the things in the background makes the picture even better. Thanks for sharing this with us.
Kakaroon's avatar
Dude. You really don't deserve a DD. I've seen better street photography on here...
StamatisGR's avatar
will you show me some? :flirty:
StamatisGR's avatar
ohhh thank you :D
bohobella's avatar
Dude founded this website. Pretty sure he deserves the feature he created.
Kakaroon's avatar
No, he doesn't. He founded the website and should be giving such things to other artists. It isn't even a very good picture to begin with.
bohobella's avatar
He didn't give it to himself.
Kakaroon's avatar
never said he did. But he still doesn't deserve it.
bohobella's avatar
As a DD is a feature based on a gallery mod's interests, pretty sure he does deserve it, it's not a trophy or even remotely about quality.
Kakaroon's avatar
Still don't think he deserves it. Seems like ass kissing to me.
bohobella's avatar
I was a little surprised to see it myself, but I don't think it's a very efficient form of ass-kissing.
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AvelosFloof's avatar
some dude getting arrested in the background, a 2010 Camaro convertible, Wet Willie's restaurant, arrow-through-the-head hat, and... is that a hooker on the left-hand side of the image?

Either way pretty neat photo even if it does have a lot of background humour involved |D
Syska129's avatar
...Has anyone noticed the arrow through her head...?
Peter-The-Knotter's avatar
Oh yeah forgot ask: what new leaf, in what way, you can't leave us hangin' like's not nice!... ;) P.
Peter-The-Knotter's avatar
with a name like Wet Willie's I assume it must be famous for something? anyone know? I asssume the purple beads mean a spirit connexxion and I guess its late by the stools in the extreme right-hand window of Willies... so is she waiting on a fare or another event off-camera like the huddle behind her and the cop car... maybe part of the same scenario as there aren't usually 3 cops in one black and white... unlesss the guy hanging back is in training or observing.. he's obviously right-handed anyway... so much happening in this pic...

I note miha9000, (5 comments below this), thinks it's boring... that's very sad.... nice pic Angelo.... depth of field and blurring is fun, adds stimulus...

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