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The Wolverine Swine Flu

I was, you know, making some photos on Hollywood blvd. And since the Swine flu is in full effect it's pretty important to go out in public and not get others sick with it... as you, you know, wave your wolverine hand around as you wait for famous people to show up.

Where do I live?????

As for the critique you may opt to provide me, I'm just learning and I really enjoy street photography as a concept, so I'm trying to be respectful and only submit deviations that show signs of progress. I would really enjoy your feedback.

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Image size
4592x3056px 3.65 MB
Shutter Speed
1/1000 second
Focal Length
30 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Apr 28, 2009, 6:12:56 PM
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The image is certainly amusing, but I'd like to see more focus on your primary subject either through more background blur or a different angle that makes him the central focus.

I'm honestly not the greatest behind a camera, most of what I've done has been in front of them. But my husband has tried to teach me about ISO and shutter speed. It seems like your image is a little over-exposed, in particular in the top right corner that's capturing the sky.

If I remember what Mario attempted to teach me accurately the amount of exposure in an image has to do with your ISO. When you have a lot of light then you should have a low ISO so your image doesn't get over-exposed like that.

Aside from those two minor things I think you did a good job. You don't have any crazy blurring going on from instability and it doesn't resemble something from a camera phone, so you're doing alright. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)" />

Good luck with your photography endeavors and be sure to wash your hands good since you were mingling with the swine flu wolverine. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)" />
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I would respectfully say that the exposure is spot on for the subject - the fact that the sky is brighter and overexposed is down to the limitations of the medium. Angelo could try to recover some highlight detail in Photoshop, especially if the file is a RAW. Otherwise, leave it as-is.
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I'm not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination. That top corner is bright and I understand that to be an over-exposure, not to say the entire image is over exposed, just that corner. So based on what little knowledge I have about photography I offered up my thoughts. That's what giving a critique is about, sharing an opinion. :)
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Agreed. ISO 200 is relatively very low. Many cameras only got as low as ISO 100. I'm suprised at the amount of grain in this image for 200, anyway, the exposure is correct.
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It's not just the ISO that affects exposure, it's a combination of three variables.

I don't see any grain, which isn't surprising as 200 is very low.

I don't quite see what you mean, sorry.
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Ok, looking at your gallery, I'm guessing you knew all that already. I must've misinterpreted what you said. :noes:
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Haha, yeah, I know it's not just ISO that affects exposure. I'm agreeing that the lowering the ISO would not make this shot properly exposed, I'm saying it already is. The subject is properly exposed, the sky he can't do much about, unless he metered for it, then he would end up with silhouttes though. =P So I was just trying to clarify to the person who critiqued it, perhaps they think ISO 200 was high, because on most cameras he would only have one option lower at ISO 100, wouldn't make a big difference.

As for grain, well, you don't see it in the view here, on the left click "Download" to see the real full size image, and you will see what I am talking about, it's quite unusual to have that much for ISO 200, even if the subjects are dark where it shows up more. I'm done trying to explain, haha. :lol:
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That actually teaches me a bit of something. Honestly I don't know a lot about the ISO settings, I'd made mention that I spend more time in front of a camera than behind it so I wasn't trying to tell him that was absolutely the problem, I just know the ISO setting effects the exposure based on the light you're working with.

My knowledge on the whole topic isn't extensive by any means, but you don't have to be an expert to share an opinion and that's what a critique ultimately amounts to, just an opinion. :)

Thanks for sharing your knowledge on it though! Always good to learn new things.
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You're welcome. :)
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The only thing I dislike is the negative white space in the upper right corner. May have been sweet if the guy with the Wolverine hands extended over that way, but I like how you are capturing two culture identities of entertainment and medical. It's not often you see the two things mixed like this because usually medical depicts tragedy and the 'bad' things with humanity, while entertainment allows us to forget those things or even invent things to cure. The inclusion of the crowd helps and I like the time of day with the sun beginning to set- adds a nice light and drama to the scene.
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Capturing the guy in the mask is great .. and it does help to give some background to the picture, especially in street photography. And the is certainly street photography. I did find the very white background a little distracting and the glare off the picture is washing some of the subject out. Not that i'm all great at street .. ( okay .. actually i am ) - but i might have gone a little to the left to capture the guy in the mask and also show more of what the crowd is focused on AND a quick tip - you would have had better contrast if you had crouched down slightly ( hence taking care of the light problem ) and made the picture a bit more exciting ( angled upward ) .. just my humble thought .. i think it's great you are taking an interest in art friend .. lol . i mean .. your CEO of deviantART .. go you ..
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omg . you dared to crtique angelo

well yes . he was a big factor in the new professional crtique system he helped implement

so well yes .. silly you
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First and foremost you did a fantastic job with capturing the "moment". This is exactly what street photography is about! The subjects all seem very interesting as they go about their daily routines in the wake of a chaotic sidewalk in down town Hollywood.

While the photograph brings in a lot of attention, I think it can also delude a little bit of your main subject. If you were looking to capture the guy in the mask and awesome wolverine hands, I probably would've focused a little more on him and try to trim out the crowd in the picture only because when I first looked at this photo, I didn't realize you were focusing on the main subject to the left. I thought it was just a street shot. So, I think its important to focus on that one subject rather then the whole, unless you were going for the whole to that case, this is am outstanding piece!

I would also work a little on the lighting too and not direct the shot in the face of the sun because sometimes you can get those annoying little reflections form the lens via sun rays.

All and all, for starting street photography you are definitely in the right direction. Its great to capture random moments in time because someone is always doing something interesting, which makes this piece outstanding. Great start!
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Thanks ;) This is helpful..
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~wolverine swine flu?:rofl::rofl::rofl: oh my
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WOW !!! :wow:

I visited your gallery one year ago, and I saw a lot of progress in your art... I'm a little surprised :D
Hopping to see more and more, keep it up !
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:wave: Hello!

This piece of yours got featured in a special news articles series: [link]

Thought you'd like to know! :flirty:

Thank you for sharing your artwork with everyone here at dA! <3
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Maybe that's what I have right now! :sick: I'm not good enough to critique you, but I enjoyed the shot, and it was nice seeing Hollywood Blvd again. I used to work at Childrens Hosp LA.
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I think Wolverine is probably immune to the swine flu since there's metal on the inside of him;).. Awesome photo, I like the crowd of people around him
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maybe the lighting should be changed a bit? :? it looks a bit too bright
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You should try HDR on Photoshop, adds details and prevents that overexposed washout ;)
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nicely will job it almost looks like the phantom ganon's sword from zelda windwaker very creative.... i may as will get into photo shooting as on taking pictures of stuff as photographs what ever you call it any way nice job
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