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Loukanik's - A Hero of Anarchy

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Published: March 19, 2017
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Hero of the anarchist movement, this graffiti in Athens documents the love of Loukaniko (trans. hot dog, or sausage). The dog who is loved for participating in protests, the signage (not pictured) to the right reads, "you ate tear gas along side us"

The Art and Graffiti in Athens has reached other wordly levels..
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Mar 19, 2017, 3:01:55 PM
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yellowroseartHobbyist Digital Artist
I am reminded of the films made about George Orwells book Animal farm. the 1990's version specifically.
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SolarSpinShipHobbyist General Artist
LOOK I dont know how to tell you this in a polite way but ... I was playing videogames like Duke Nukem while you were still in diepers.

As far as Rap music I still dont like it. I dont like tehno music eather. I can stand and tolerate Rap music if its mixed with a tiny bit of Hip Hop. Then its Ok.
There is nothing more irritating then go to club with PURE rap or tehno music on. MAY I ( if I am not asking too much ) Create my own Play List on
My own Cell Phone according to my own preferencies ? MAY I enjoy my own chose of Music ? CAN I ? MAY I ? or I need ritten permission from govt of Nepal ?

As well I DO not know how to tell you this eather but 50 cent is a nice dud but not really my type.
I prefer type of men who do their own thing in more profound classy and stylish way. Like prince Harry for example ...

NOW IF I WAS A MEMBER OF GOVT OF NEPAL I would arrest any men who in public declare himself as a P.I.M.P or a drug dealer but ...
( remeber Theory of the CROCKS )

Can you understand now why we can never be ?
We are too different in opinions.
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spyedHobbyist General Artist

wow, you're a bot. :)

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SolarSpinShipHobbyist General Artist
Can You Crack www.jokaroo.com Code for me please ?
Remember that Website Back In Time?
And the Streets Of Glory?

You should post more things like you did there back then.
The world will be a better place.
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SolarSpinShipHobbyist General Artist
LOOK ! I busted all of your Secret Codes in a movie Triple X with Vin Diesel long Time ago but I didnt have Time to adress it. I KNOW that Life is a B***h and then you go Russian.
I KNOW that punishment for having strong Dislike and Distaste for Rap music is ANARCHY 99 and having something against type of video games for kidz with 50cent shooting around
and making women walk the Streets Of Glory means punishment in a shape of ANARCHY 99 but let me tell you one thing ...

I DO PLAY VIDEO GAMES let me name you few : DarkOrbit, EU, Utopia Alive, Castle Clash etc.
and just before I go to sleep I turn on Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake MUSIC ON 
( I know I have commited a sin with last one but MAY I ? )

Have no worries because although PIGS and ELEPHANTS are Different Type of Animals they still Love each other and are Best Friends.
Just pls whatever you do, do not go Russian Grl .
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PokemonFan159Hobbyist Artist
spyed do more photos
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spyedHobbyist General Artist

I will :) Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve got a lot to post!

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PokemonFan159Hobbyist Artist
Looking forward to your photos
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blackknight144Hobbyist General Artist
dang if i was there i should take a photo with my new king dog doggy Giggle Love 
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SolarSpinShipHobbyist General Artist
Pig OR Elephant ?
Who is Stronger ?

LOOK its not I who gives you Hard Times
Its You, You are doing it by Yourself ...
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stilbieHobbyist Digital Artist
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Heyenne9Hobbyist General Artist
:) (Smile)
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DrAgOnOfFoReStHobbyist General Artist
This beautiful friend looks so dignified and outstanding in that graffiti... :iconiloveitmoreplz:
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LouWolf666Hobbyist General Artist
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DXVelvetHobbyist Digital Artist
Thats cool! ...

this reminds me my dog (Caesar)
when I was a child I played with him a lot
and I really loved him...

Now he is in heaven... and... I really miss him... :-(
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hannahelizabethhStudent General Artist
cool art and the description moved me. :)
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JoylovepuffHobbyist Digital Artist
that is the impossible becoming possible
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ReadMeLikeAPoemProfessional Writer
Love this! +favlove :happybounce: 
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EmilyahedrickHobbyist Digital Artist
that is so cool! :D
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Rorimitan-HGProfessional Digital Artist
Very cool!

I am very grateful to the CEO.
I am a Japanese living in Japan,
Deviantart is the best!

In Japan there is no net environment to become a soil to enjoy Art.
There is Pixiv, but that is far from Art.

Thank you very much in the future!

Thumbnail of RorimitanHG by RorimitanHG 三三三⊂´⌒つ´w`)つ

Sincerely, RorimitanHG (☆ろりみたん☆).

【My Homepage】 → www.roribitanc.com/

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RoseKiissStudent Digital Artist
Simply amazing!
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jamesvendraHobbyist Photographer
Incredible Capture !!! :) (Smile) 
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ScryTimeStudent Digital Artist
I love hotdogs.
No I don't.
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