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Galactic Jungle

By spyed
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I produced my first major art project this year for our Burning Man camp, Galactic Jungle. I wanted to share a photo or two and soon tell the story.

Great people came together to achieve this result. It is a project I am very proud of. More soon!
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This is so colourful, it looks wonderful :dance: :heart:
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Se ve espectacular... excelente trabajo amigo...!!! Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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This is a really nice picture! If you don't mind me asking, what is the Burning Man Festival about? I have heard about it, but I still remain rather ignorant of the subject. Whatever it is, it looks rather entertaining!
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Wow.  I love the colors on that pic!  :D
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never been to the festival, but would like to go in the far future (when my kids are old enough to join). so much good art has some connection to it. i'm interested in the story behind your project (looks like glowing tiger cars, can't go wrong with that), i'll follow it up :)
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I just wished we would get a Burning Man here in Europe. There is a nice dessert in the center of Spain for that shit. 
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I would if I could. Such projects are really out of my reach.
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burning man also started small, shouldn't focus too much on scale. it's the opportunities for spiritual transformation that count. so let me know if you want to start a party :)
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It has nothing to do with the scale. I am just not able to.
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no problem, mate. i was just trying to encourage, but realism is also a valid approach. appreciate your reply :)
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boom festival in portugal maybe? there are major obvious differences (the focus on psytrance and the lack of big burnable artworks to name a few), and i haven't even been to burning man yet (way too far out), so i can't really compare, but i guess it's the closest you can get in europe.
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I am your biggest fan, Chief Executive Officer spyed.
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Have wanted to go to Burning Man for a while ^_^ ya know, to see/create awesome things like THIS!! I love seeing these familiar forms illuminated in neon, definitely a galactic jungle :) Can't wait to read your full post!
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babbi badaba!

Lion King theme FAIL
ZazzyCreates's avatar
Wow this is lovely. Love the contrast of the colors. <3
ARTofANT's avatar
I totally saw this prowling the playa this year. Well done, brother!
Suqardaddy's avatar
thats a fuckload of coreys
Saw these out on the playa and met you. Too cool to hear about the emotional lighting - thanks for sharing your art!

Tim & Mallory
BoffinBrain's avatar
We're going to need to play the Lion King theme to this one!
So glad to have met you and learned more about the emotional lighting in these phenomenal cars! Thanks for brining them to the playa - definitely a highlight for us!

Tim & Mallory
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