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Trinity by Skia Trinity :iconskia:Skia 344 5 Anya by avvart Anya :iconavvart:avvart 421 19 In Yellow Light by yanadhyana In Yellow Light :iconyanadhyana:yanadhyana 394 40
The Twist Fate Book Has Landed!

Challenge ArticleView Entries
"Any hero could become a villain and any villain could be a hero."
The Dark Knight
A DeviantArt & Wattpad Challenge
The Book Has Landed!
We launched the Twist Fate challenge on DeviantArt a year and a half ago challenging deviants to twist the fates of their favorite legendary heroes and villains.
The challenge was full of firsts:
First challenge only for deviants aged 13 to 17.First challenge to end up as a published book.First challenge done in partnership with Wattpad.First collaboration between DeviantArt, libraries, teachers and academics.
Now the Twist
:icongo:GO 255 313
Celebrating Deviousness - September 2017
In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community
Introducing C-91
My name is Silvia and I'm a Foreign Languages student from Italy. I'm better known as C-91, the nickname I chose when I first joined DeviantArt in 2007. Back then, I was hanging out in forums and trying to find my way into art by making customization images; everybody pictured this place as "the home of big artists": since I wasn't really one, I didn't feel entitled to be part of it at all.
Eventually I created my profile because other people I knew were doing the same an
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 39 134
Phasing Out The Today Page

This change has now been rolled out to all deviants and visitors.
Three years ago, we launched the Today page with the intention of creating a daily “newspaper” about art and community activity. While it served its purpose in some ways, it unfortunately didn’t get as much traction as we hoped, and we noticed a lot of deviants switched their default page to the browse pages.
Starting today, we’re beginning to phase out the Today page. Over the past months, we’ve moved some of the Today Page’s features, like Daily Deviations and polls, to the front page of the mobile site. In keeping with the original intention of the Today page, we've also made the default page "What's Hot" to showcase a cross-section of the day's trending deviations.
As we move forward, we plan on focusing on improving the front page of DeviantArt, making it easier to find fresh content, inspirational activities, and deviants th
:icondanlev:danlev 50 217
New Notifications and Reporting Updates
One of our most frequently requested features is to do more with optimizing one's browsing experience, blocking deviants one would rather not interact with, and better catching the types of content that go against DeviantArt policy.
We have been working on five new systems to streamline your DeviantArt experience that will be rolling out to all deviants over the coming days. If you don't see the changes described below, you will very soon.
I just don't want to see this
You may have seen this change already. If you find a deviation that doesn't necessarily go against DeviantArt policy but still isn't quite your style, you will find the option to select "I just don't want to see this" upon hitting the Report button. This will not send a report to our Moderation Desk, but will rather hide that deviation from wherever you might come across it on DeviantArt, including galleries and browse pages! The owner of the deviation will not be notified that you did this. From there,
:iconlaurenkitsune:LaurenKitsune 142 418
NYCC 2017 by Artgerm NYCC 2017 :iconartgerm:Artgerm 268 11 ELEFANTASIA by ekud ELEFANTASIA :iconekud:ekud 119 8 Mark XLVII by PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu Mark XLVII :iconphotoshopismykung-fu:PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu 274 6 Washington Square Philadelphia by makepictures Washington Square Philadelphia :iconmakepictures:makepictures 11 0 Re-animated Elephant mount by sandara Re-animated Elephant mount :iconsandara:sandara 4,161 151 Geisha by SillyJellie Geisha :iconsillyjellie:SillyJellie 311 26 TIGER BY THE TAIL (4$) by RM73 TIGER BY THE TAIL (4$) :iconrm73:RM73 2,486 104 Katarina Cosplay from League of Legends by xAndrastax Katarina Cosplay from League of Legends :iconxandrastax:xAndrastax 289 11 Kacho Fugetsu by yosinori Kacho Fugetsu :iconyosinori:yosinori 7,374 298

community ideas for deviantART

Orbital Strike by ukitakumuki Orbital Strike :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 4,117 305 dA through the ages by SaTaNiA dA through the ages :iconsatania:SaTaNiA 1,502 1,176 deviantart concept - ARTstream by thespook deviantart concept - ARTstream :iconthespook:thespook 83 90 dAv6 Concept - Front Page by BoffinbraiN dAv6 Concept - Front Page :iconboffinbrain:BoffinbraiN 74 112 Deviant Symbol Replacement by mrrste Deviant Symbol Replacement :iconmrrste:mrrste 34 70 deviantART dictionary by lost-angle deviantART dictionary :iconlost-angle:lost-angle 553 234 dA Portfolio Contest by janvanlysebettens dA Portfolio Contest :iconjanvanlysebettens:janvanlysebettens 43 37 More Smart-links by janvanlysebettens More Smart-links :iconjanvanlysebettens:janvanlysebettens 38 72 news and polls + msg center by janvanlysebettens news and polls + msg center :iconjanvanlysebettens:janvanlysebettens 48 60 Collaborations by janvanlysebettens Collaborations :iconjanvanlysebettens:janvanlysebettens 802 289 Chatroom Clubpage by janvanlysebettens Chatroom Clubpage :iconjanvanlysebettens:janvanlysebettens 47 68 dAmn redesign 0.2 by janvanlysebettens dAmn redesign 0.2 :iconjanvanlysebettens:janvanlysebettens 105 175 deviantART notepad suggestion by nk-chan deviantART notepad suggestion :iconnk-chan:nk-chan 553 311 Daily Deviation idea by mrrste Daily Deviation idea :iconmrrste:mrrste 44 84
Provided by the community for consideration by deviantART; Please comment on this collection or note me if you'd like a particular idea to be added to this collection for review!!


I'm endlessly inspired by my deviant watch, the notes that are sent to me and the feedback that I receive. This is a Journal about my regular experience on DeviantArt.

Reviewing my mentions
  • A post about who has the most llama badges. No, it isn't me. Once you have 10,000 you have a golden llama. But, even if you have 100,000 you still just have a golden llama. I'll find out who has the most and update this journal!
  • sergbel wrote a journal titled, "Learn about the founder of DA!" after finding a video interview that I did for a class at USC in 2012 and another one called 'This Week in Startups'. The first interview was super personal at points, so I never shared it with anyone. But if you want a deep insight into me, I've definitely never given a more personal interview than this one! Eek.
  • There's a slew of mentions where people want to report people and try to 'summon me' to help. We've just updated our Report Deviation system, read the HQ article about it! 

Reviewing 100 deviations

I'm a bit behind, so I'm going through deviations 100 at a time as not to get overwhelmed. Out of these 100, I wanted to share thoughts about a few.
  • At Burning Man I'm a creative director for a camp called Galactic Jungle, so everything is jungle themed and also galactic. This piece made me think of a post-apocalyptic jungle, which would also probably be a good camp theme. This would be an awesome mutant vehicle.Re-animated Elephant mount by sandara
  • I like the work of Robert-Alan so I watched him a while ago. He uses his DA account to publish original works, but then he puts them on a bunch of redbubble products and publishes each one as a deviation. I thought about removing him from my watch because of this, I found it a bit annoying. Then I thought, maybe I should just buy some? So I left the decision for another day.

  • makepictures often publishes very thoughtful descriptions with his photographs. Sometimes the descriptions are more the deviation than the photo. This one was a nice history lesson. Washington Square Philadelphia by makepictures
  • We're so awesome that deviants like PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu share their progress with us. He recently made a series of posters for Spiderman Homecoming. Mark XLVII by PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu
  • Speaking of Galactic Jungle, ekud posted one of the pieces he was inspired to make while on the playa. I love it! ELEFANTASIA by ekud
  • Damn, Artgerm's at New York Comic-Con and I couldn't make it this year. :(  Next year, for sure! NYCC 2017 by Artgerm
I hope you're finding your inspiration for today here at DeviantArt. When all else fails, ask someone to collaborate with you.  As ekud said in our quick interview, collaborating helps you to grow creatively! 

-- Angelo 

Where Art Starts
A journal about my DeviantArt experience. 
Everybody has an imagination. Some of us have learned to use ours better than others. People say they aren't creative, but everybody is creative, because everybody has an imagination.

Imagination needs to be fed, but not necessarily in the form your medium. Because that is akin to cannibalism to me.

Do you know what fires your imagination? 

-- Justin Maller ekud 

spyed: Why do creative people need a community?

ekud: Everybody needs a community, it's a deviation from the norm to have creativity be a defining characteristic of your person. A central tenant of your life. However you want to say it. So to find a group of people that share that, and have that affinity, is a basic human need. To have affinity with others. 

spyed: Does having access to a community of like-minded people help the creative process in your view? 

ekud: Sharing your affinity with others is what's going to feed that basic need that you're not necessarily going to be able to find within arms reach. You will for sure find that on DeviantArt if you're creative. As soon as you have your community reinforced, and you can go down a path together, that's what fostering is. You foster within each other to desire to push further, to stand on other shoulders as they stand on yours to go on a journey together. It sounds contrarian to what I was saying about cannibalism, but being together sets your expectation and to raise your expectations for yourself. You're exploring it together, like unlocking a map, or going farther into the forest without dying. Then you aren't afraid to cross the glacier, that's what community is. To have people to report back to, that's really important. And it creates collaboration, and it's amazing what you can do when you collaborate. 

spyed: What happens when you collaborate?

ekud: My goal when I collaborate with someone else... there's two ways you can do it. One person has to start. You're going to make something and it's an offer that you're making to them. You either make it to someone who you trust (which is where your community comes in) and then seeing what they come back with. Because, they're taking your map, or guide, and they're going to go on a journey and see what they do. When someone makes that offer to me, someone I trust, I set out to enhance what they gave me. I want to see what they've given me, and accept their offering, and then bring myself to that. I would usually end up with something really different than what I would make myself.  It's very exciting because you retain that difference in the future, it broadens your perspective. That's how you grow as a person and as an artist. 

Mark Twain said, "travel is the cure of ignorance and hatred" - This is like that. This broadens your perspective by seeing the beginning of a creative process through someone else's eyes. That's what's really great about collaboration.

TO RIDE A MARE AT NIGHT by ekud AGENT J by ekud PROWL by ekudMY BLACK PONY by ekud
RAJA by ekud IN MOTION by ekud MUSICA VIVA by ekud

Do you know what fires your imagination?


5D MII 50MM 1.4
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

I have the privilege of making the ultimate day-to-day decisions on deviantART in my acting position as Chief Executive Officer. I Co-Founded deviantART in April of 2000 with jark along with a founding team of individuals including matteo most of whom joined around launch in August. Honorary founding team members include: mccann, chris and spot.


I've had a passion for building online communities since my addiction to game BBS's (doom, doom 2, heretic, hexen, etc.) when I was 12. I co-sysop'd the Netherworld BBS in Northern Virginia at that time (till I was 15) and fell in love with the possibilities; especially as they applied to a global community. deviantART mirrors many aspects of BBS's and as time progresses you will find even closer comparisons to the quality of community MajorBBS and other platforms were able to support. Of course, most of you have no idea what I'm talking about when I say BBS's. Ugh.

I've now spent more than half my life building online communities. Seeking to deliver a mainstream application that captures the depth and passion that I felt for BBS's in my youth youth, rather than my now youth. :D

I'm very proud of the success of deviantART. Especially the fact that we took the road less traveled and arrived a little later, but on our own pure and untainted terms. We're doing it our way.

And that ladies and gentlemen ... feels like a milli-millillion dollars.


Before you read about the future, read about the past. And I think with a past like that and a team like this, it is a bright future indeed.

It is our intention to create the most powerful outlet in the world for known and unknown artists alike.

Most importantly we intend to take our time to do it right. For the first time in history there is connection and communication between artists and fans on a massive scale. deviantART represents a breakthrough for the promotion and exposure of otherwise stranded artists in all corners of the globe. Our job is to make sense of the possibility, and craft it in a responsible manner.

And that's what I'm here to do along with the strong team we've assembled here at deviantART; until the job is done.

(If you have something real and tangible to propose that may help deviantART in one way or another; Feel free to send me a note. I read every note even if I don't respond. Forgive me on the responses, there are thousands of notes!)

Current Residence: Hollywood, CA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M
Print preference: Fine Art
Favourite photographer: coxi
Favourite style of art: street
Operating System: OSX
MP3 player of choice: there are no choices
Shell of choice: Sea.
Wallpaper of choice: (changed often)
Favourite cartoon character: Stewie
Personal Quote: y0.


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Comika-Chan Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DeviantArt is bugging.
It just puts mature content filters on all deviations I upload and many of my friends have got the same problem.
Mxxgic Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Um...I think ya'll have an issue with the mature content filters..
The most random of art pieces are getting the filter put over them
Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 11.07.38 AM by Mxxgic  
Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 11.07.44 AM by Mxxgic  
ThatWasLeftHanded Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Strange, I haven't encountered anything like this yet...

Most likely a bug, try contacting the help desk.
Mxxgic Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, apparently I'm not the only one. It's happening to alot of people.
Redjet00 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
same for me!
I don't know if there are people that just report everything or what, but I found contents much explicit than mine without any mature filter on!
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sp1r1tan1mals Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Love your art!! also, what is the icon next to your name?
Ceraisian-Alchemist Featured By Owner Edited Sep 7, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good evening. I'm having trouble with another user and I would like to report him to a site moderator. He's recently sent a threatening message to me after I told him repeatedly that I wouldn't take his commission. How do I go about doing that?

Update: Nevermind. I have found the help desk. Thank you for your time.
Username-91 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2018  Professional Filmographer
Can we get Information about false flagging and banning people Angelo?
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