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I co-Founded deviantART in April of 2000 with jark along with a founding team of individuals including matteo most of whom joined around launch in August. Honorary founding team members include: mccann, chris and spot. I retired from my role as CEO in April of 2022, after exactly 22 years.


I've had a passion for building online communities since my addiction to game BBS's (doom, doom 2, heretic, hexen, etc.) when I was 12. I co-sysop'd the Netherworld BBS in Northern Virginia at that time (till I was 15) and fell in love with the possibilities; especially as they applied to a global community. deviantART mirrors many aspects of BBS's and as time progresses you will find even closer comparisons to the quality of community MajorBBS and other platforms were able to support. Of course, most of you have no idea what I'm talking about when I say BBS's. Ugh.

I've now spent more than half my life building online communities. Seeking to deliver a mainstream application that captures the depth and passion that I felt for BBS's in my youth youth, rather than my now youth.

I'm very proud of the success of deviantART. Especially the fact that we took the road less traveled and arrived a little later, but on our own pure and untainted terms. We're doing it our way.

And that ladies and gentlemen ... feels like a milli-millillion dollars.


Before you read about the future, read about the past. And I think with a past like that and a team like this, it is a bright future indeed.

It is our intention to create the most powerful outlet in the world for known and unknown artists alike.

Most importantly we intend to take our time to do it right. For the first time in history there is connection and communication between artists and fans on a massive scale. deviantART represents a breakthrough for the promotion and exposure of otherwise stranded artists in all corners of the globe. Our job is to make sense of the possibility, and craft it in a responsible manner.

** Leaving the above statement for posterity, since I wrote it circa 2005. I do believe we remained as true as possible to this. But please note that my Role has changed. (Read above)

*** Credit goes to @greenie for my cover photo from the 2009 World Tour. <3

Favourite Games
Polytopes, Pikmin 4, all of Zelda
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Switch, Xbox
A human-generated-only art community seems very meaningful now. And more so with time.
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The new # Daily Challenges are really excellent, I love seeing challenges come back. But it's even better that they elegantly promote our hashtags. Well done @HQ !! No one will see this post though, as Posts continue to feel buried. A loose end, something I didn't push on hard enough before leaving. A reasonable solution was to have a default option for a deviants most recent journal to show up on all of their deviation pages. This would create a little "Web-ring" of traffic for the journal, based on interest in deviations. Deviations are always primary at DA, so Posts (which are secondary) need these types of boosts to balance out their exposure. I also think that user avatars should sparkle (like people with Instagram stories) for the first 3 days after a journal is posted. Allowing you to see what a person has to say when you click on the ID card. Little things like that make a big difference. Meanwhile, I hope you've all been well. It's chaotic out there, wear your rain
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How's it going?

1 min read
How's it going around here? At a glance, it appears that the recommendations team is doing a fantastic job with the home environment. The quality of stuff I'm interested in is way up- all fresh and recent. I don't see much AI artwork, which was really over-taking the place for a moment. How's everyone feeling these days? I've had a fun break. Didn't know how much I needed it.
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Are you evan alive? Or interested in what your creation has become?

Look at what Wix is doing to your “community“ that you’ve made. I joined Deviantart in 2015, the community was so welcoming to artists. Now, it’s just being plagiarized by Ai generated images. I wish that you and your co-founders just come up with another brilliant idea for artists. Well, that’s just wishful thinking.

(oh I knew I recognized the guys avatar) do you know how AI is trained? I mean on what data? I think if the work is license it wouldn't be trained on that 🤔 but I guess it doesn't matter as the skill of ai is of the charts, but the ideas ? I would argue

Thanks for all the years of leading DeviantArt!! You did a superb job!!






Excuse me, I have a question.

Do I delete my artwork without protection from potential art theft and reload them again?