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Make Me Real

By SpyderGenie
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This is my manipulation for the "Velveteen Rabbit" contest at


I wanted to capture the moment when the Toy Rabbit was turned into a real rabbit. I wanted to also capture the rabbit in mid transformation, but sadly as a newbie to manipulation, my skills arent up to that sort of thing yet!

I did plan to include many more rabbits, but I had enough layers as it was, and was getting kinda lost! But overall, Im quite pleased with the outcome. Hope you like it.

Tools: Photoshop CS5


3rd Place Beginner! Yay!

Credits: My thanks to all the below, I hope I havent missed anyone! :hug:

Mushrooms [link] by iquitcountingstock [link]

'Twin White Rabbits' [link] by schnarfle-stock [link]

'Lucky Buck' rabbit [link] by cacecil-stock [link]

'Rabbit' [link] by dbumblebee [link]

'BG_22' Background [link] by TimeWizardStock [link]

Girl 'The Frog Prince 28' [link] by MarjoleinART_stock [link]

Lanterns [link] by Wicasa_Stock [link]

Toy Bunny 'Toy Bunny Stock' 7[link] by Tefee_stock [link]

Magic Trail Brushes [link] by ElizavetBrushes [link]

Elven Magic Brushes [link] by rl-brushes [link]

Sky by CG Textures [link]

THANK YOU ALL for your great stock.
I couldnt do it without you. :hug:
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Jun 11, 2007, 10:54:32 AM
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I really, really like this. I like the effect coming from the hands, it's very, very pretty. I also like the whole transformation aspect, it really appeals to me. It's a lovely piece of work, with lovely editing, and a lovely background. At any glance, first or last, this definitely does NOT look like it's manipulated in any way. It is done very beautifully, and also very professionally it seems, like, seriously, this looks like the kind of thing that I'd see out of a professional Disney movie poster, from a professional photo-manipulator paid to do that. It's lovely, Darlin'!
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Thank you so much. I find all these nice comments a little overwhelming to be honest, as Im only 2 weeks into manipulation. But your comments are very encouraging!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :heart:

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! you have won third place beginner in :iconmanip-contest: for the Velveteen Rabbit contest. you are awarded this icon :iconmanip-contest-award: that you can place in the description area with what place you have won. you are also welcome to place this wonderful piece at :iconmanip-contest-award: and exclusive group for winners of :iconmanip-contest: in the feature folder. :clap:
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Good composition and stock choice and nice work on shadows. I would only suggest making the light a bit brighter - both the lanterns and the moon.
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Thanks! Yes, you always notice these things in hindsight. But Im learning all the time and having fun! :hug:
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Thank you my friend. :hug:
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The trees and the sky are pure magic. :heart:
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wonderful work my best wish for the contest
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Thank you. Great grass tip too! :)
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Great work :heart:. It's nice to see how you paid much attention to the shadow so the whole scene looks real to me. Just one little suggestion - I would love to have some more glow at the lanterns and some grass added to make the bunnies more like standing there.
Great job again, and good luck in the contest :D
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Wonderful job! I love how the woman is bending down to hold the bunny. The placement and stock choice make it look like the woman really cares about the bunny and is happy to give a wish!

Only a couple things I can think of suggesting.. The moonlight that comes down has a very harsh line on the left hand side. Maybe you could blend it or blur it a little to make it more subtle. Also, the placement of the light beam on the bunny's face could be moved up so that it touches the bunny's head instead of it's face so we can see the details in the face. It would still have the same effect just be a bit less distracting.

Overall I think you did a great job and brought magic into it!
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So many wonderful little details to take in and the whole scene is so magical! :love: The little bunny doesn't quite look like he's sitting in her hands, and I'd like to see his face, but you have done a really stellar job, here! :clap:
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Thanks. Great comments and super tips! :heart:
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Not much that I can add that others haven't already touched on I am sure. My only comment would be is this is a very complete scene that could use some blending techniques implemented to make it all be a more cohesive entry. I love all the different elements you have added you just need to work a bit more on softening things a bit more. Good luck to you on the well thought out entry!!
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Thank you!! Im working on it..... :hug:
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And excellent tips as usual. The sky does actually have clouds but I stretched it just so the moonlight could be seen. :( The opacity comment is spot on, as is the lanterns missing some backlight. I wasnt sure if the rabbit shadows needed a little blurring either to be honest. Light is such a wonderful thing, but it can drive ya crazy! :frustrated:

But thanks so much for the advice!

( Can you help me with my Frog/Trex Mix for my dragon!! hehe Boy its fun!)

Really enjoyed the contest as usual. :hug:
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wow Chris this is wonderful. you are getting better and better with every try. you have done an outstanding job on the shadows and the moonlight. fabulous, fabulous. thank you for allowing me to download this so i can see your technique better. your cut out is perfect dear. i love the magic you have chosen. the only thing is if you could have used a gaussian blur to soften the magic and maybe lowered the opacity just a tad to match the magic that is falling to the ground well maybe not to match but to blend in a little more. you don't want the white to be the only thing people see. i love the lanterns in the trees. if you put a little glow behind them to reflect on the trees it would make them more realistic. to make it less like a fairytale and more a photo it would have been nice to see some clouds in the sky. all in all dear you did a wonderful job. this is for you :clap:
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I really like the whole atmosphere in this picture. It's so magical! Great work with shadows :clap:
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Thank you for your kind words. :heart:
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Great job!!!! The shadows look perfect!
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Nice job!! Oh! Its mine! ONLY KIDDING!! LOL.....Excuse me, warped sense of humour, Im sorry.... :)
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nicely done hon! :heart: :cuddle:
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