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Temple run

I am addicted to an Iphone game called Temple run. This is one of the creatures that chase you at the beginning of the level. Not sure what it is, a monkey? A bird? A skull faced hairy thing?

Just sketched it quick after losing for the hundredth time.
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AWWWWWW!!!!! *hugs head* SOOO CUUUUUUTEEEEE!!!!!
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I just call it a temple guardian.
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how are the demon even able to move with such tiny legs? lol
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I love that game and my eyes kept looking at the screen!
Those Demon Monkeys always scare the shit out of me
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They are known as Evil Demon Monkeys.
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I suck at Temple Run so now I just kill myself to see the cute little deaths and creatures. c:
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My high score is 1,578,453 SUCK IT
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Yeah im determined to make it to 10,000,000 someday XD
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must. stop. playing.

love this though, tis brilliant! :iconfavouriteplz:
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I'm obsessed with it too.
Do you think you could draw out the character cast?
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t-t-t-temple r-r-run... I'M OBSESSED.
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the game says its an evil demon monkey o-0
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