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Robot in disguise

By spybg
Since the big interess about my artwork i decided to make this updates enjoy
Impotent updates:
1.Change car shader to make much more smooth car surface to recreate little more realistic trabant surface on the robot and the car
2.Make the the option to download the full ressolution of the artwork by simply clicking download and it's free for all of you.
3.Render and refine the image in even bigger ressolusion (3280x1700) hope this how you'll be eable to download it and enjoy it if you want to view any little detail on the artwork ;)
and i still can provide you with 3280x1700 with 500 dpi TIF image if you're going to need it for something

Enjoy ;)


The models and the scene is avalible here:



MAKING OF: [link]
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3280x1700px 3.13 MB
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I know it isn't the same car model (basis wise not your render) but I was that car and I just heard a loud about from a British man "Oliver!!!!!!" Really looks a lot like a Opal Kadet. 😋

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Looks like if Bumblebee was a Decepticon.
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_well done_``~...
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Very nice work on the shaders.
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Hi, I sent you an e-mail. Waiting for your approval. Thank you.

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:) i responded to it mate :) if,overal go ahead and use it its ok :) just send me a picture or something where i can get it i'll be happy to :) see it pritned :D
Traby transformer... cool
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Dude, this is one of the best piece of art I ever saw ! Maybe the best 3D artwork I saw til now..or at least my favorite xD
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thanks :) there is making of,read it if you want to :)
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Kind of hoped that you would rig the transformation ><. This is an amazing work D:
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oh yea Trabant 601
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I have one but not 601, I have 1,1
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