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Sinornithomimus dongi

Although I'm personally not so pleased by this painting I decided to upload it anyway (I dislike the color scheme and the concept didn't get quite so through). Sinornithomimus dongi is spooked by a predator and ends up falling on its back.

Colored Pencils and ink
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looks like he ran into something)
EmperorDinobot's avatar
It's funny! And cute.
Rafael77's avatar
hehe parece que alguma coisa assustou ele!!Esta muito bom o desenho!!
Sputatrix's avatar
Obrigado :) apesar de eu n gostar mto dele :P
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I don't know why are not pleased by this painting. It's not so bad. Actually it's good. Sinornithomimus looks very funny in this possition. :lol:
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When it comesto my art i either love it or hate it. This one gets the last type of feeling :P
Fingertier's avatar
So cute! It is juvenile?
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post-sapient's avatar
Based on body ratio, I assume juvenile?
Sputatrix's avatar
Not at all. Sinornithomimus was smallish and rather compact compared to other ornithomimosaurs
post-sapient's avatar
My bad. The legs just look odd to support such a head.
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