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Agilisaurus louderbacki

Another hypsil-type animal. Agilisaurus and Hexinlusaurus appear to have lacked ossified tendons on the tail, an absence which would have made their tails much more flexible than most other ornithischians (as restored on both drawings).

Colored pencils and ink
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Is interesting the long and flexible tail , perhaps they use it to communicate as dogs or cats ..perhaps...
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Didn't think so. They just provide balance and steering, just as a cheetah tail does
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Already that were using it to change direction better, only it was a theory that had just happened ;) .
The tails in birds are very important in comunications by colour and movement, as in paradise bird.
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Yes, in deed, in many bird species, the tail is avery significant communication medium. However, usual currents vbeleive that smalissh herbivores such as hypsilophodontids would most likely live in packs, such as zebras do, so dominance would most likely to be asserted trough fighting or by body threatening/displaying and therefore the dominant alfa male (or female for that matter) would most likely breed freely and wouldnt need additional displaying features such as a male's bird of paradise tail.
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I agree with you
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Outstanding colors! :)
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Very nicely rendered! Great colors as well.
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This is great, I love the way you did the legs.
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