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Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavrooooooooooooooooooos by KiraDessNyaa Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavrooooooooooooooooooos :iconkiradessnyaa:KiraDessNyaa 148 33 THREE OF WANDS ( Dreamer Dirk ) by dongoverlord THREE OF WANDS ( Dreamer Dirk ) :icondongoverlord:dongoverlord 161 6 terezi [ commission ] by dongoverlord terezi [ commission ] :icondongoverlord:dongoverlord 207 0 neonpeta by dongoverlord neonpeta :icondongoverlord:dongoverlord 219 4 neprezi new year by dongoverlord neprezi new year :icondongoverlord:dongoverlord 177 6 T3R3Z1 by dongoverlord T3R3Z1 :icondongoverlord:dongoverlord 148 4 redglare by dongoverlord redglare :icondongoverlord:dongoverlord 160 0 terezi by dongoverlord terezi :icondongoverlord:dongoverlord 103 0 wwwwwwww by dongoverlord wwwwwwww :icondongoverlord:dongoverlord 131 1 FNAF in: Ultimate Custom Night by fnafmangl FNAF in: Ultimate Custom Night :iconfnafmangl:fnafmangl 2,776 150 CH - How King Dice Stole Christmas [C] by Atlas-White CH - How King Dice Stole Christmas [C] :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 740 130 my little chubbies by pekou my little chubbies :iconpekou:pekou 1,774 147 Wilford Warfstache by ikamberr Wilford Warfstache :iconikamberr:ikamberr 42 4 Pastel/Neon-ish pseudo-gore Warfstache by Hellzelian Pastel/Neon-ish pseudo-gore Warfstache :iconhellzelian:Hellzelian 38 0 Wilford Warfstashe  by phobia1996 Wilford Warfstashe :iconphobia1996:phobia1996 54 19



Gorillaz style test
I just really wanted to see if I could imitate this style, and the results are... Eh? I mean you can definitely tell that I was going for the Gorillaz style, but, parts of my own style bled through. Like the way I draw bodies, that's what I noticed really stood out... Anyways, I hope you like this anyways!
Hosty and Darky
So, if you didn't know, these are two of Markiplier's alter egos, the Host and Darkiplier. I just really wanted to draw them, they're two of my favorites actually, but... anyways, sorry for the laziness, I hope you enjoy this.
I'm up too late
So, this is like, a story I wrote to go along with this, beautiful, gallery worthy, piece I made. So, I hope you enjoy this. 

“Kylee,” a raspy, and tired, voice whispered to her close friend, Kylee. “Kylee,” she whispered once more, this time a little louder, “Huh?” a deep, groggy voice hummed in an annoyed tone, “Dude, get up, today’s the convention, remember?” the girl asked, making Kylee spring up, and making her sleep filled eyes widen with joy. “Cosplay?” Kylee asked the girl, looking over at her, with a grin that would rival that of the Cheshire cat, “Yes, Kylee. Cosplay.” the girl said, letting her amusement show through, “Yes!” Kylee cheered quietly, while pumping her fist in the air. While doing this, Kylee, managed to get her hand caught in the matted up mess she called hair, nearly pulling it out in the process, “Shit.” she mumbled, looking over to her friend, she seemed to get the message, and left off to, hopefully, find her some detangler and a hairbrush. Kylee got up, untangled her hand from her hair, and began stretching as she walked over to her full body mirror, “Man, it looks like a got some shit on my mirror. Oh, wait, that’s just me.” she said chuckling at the end, and taking note of her appearance. “Matted up hair, dark bags under my eyes, witch clearly indicate that I’ve pulled my fair share of all nighters this week, my awesome Prince shirt now looks like a wrinkled up, off the shoulders, stereotypical Hot Topic exclusive tee shirt, and my athletic shorts still look fu*kin’ awesome. So, I look like shit, same as always.”, “Sound like shit too.” Kylee’s friend stated walking back in the room with a hairbrush and some detangler in hand. “Thank you for this, GIFT FROM THE MESSIAHS!” Kylee said, bending down on one knee, and taking the items from her friend’s hands, “Damn, she’s good.” the other girl whispered seeing a single tear roll down Kylee’s face as she said, “And….. scene, bitch.”        * Josslynn’s P.O.V* “Every morning this shit gets weirder, and weirder.”


Old MS paint doodle redraw
So, yeah, it's exactly what it sounds like. I redrew an MS paint doodle from three years ago, just for fun, so I hope you like it.
Mentiz Hallra Redesign
So, yeah, this is my troll OC, Mentiz Hallra. I'm currently working on her BIO, and it'll take a while to get done, because I'm on an OC revamp spree. So, yeah. I hope you like it. 

Okay, this is gonna be fun! For me atleast, so strap in because this ride stops for no one!

Rule 1: The blood can NOT be rainbow, I can hear you right now saying, “Oh, but my fantroll is so KAWAII DESU!” or some bullshit like that. But it’s still a no, because there’s a thing called the hemospectrum in Homestuck that list all the blood colors your troll can have, and nowhere on it does it say you can have rainbow blood.

Rule 2: Don’t give your fantroll two sets of horns unless you can give me a damn good explanation as to why, and yes I know that Sollux has two sets of horns but that’s because he wears the Gemini symbol. If you don’t know the Gemini mascot ,I guess you would call it, is, and I’ve seen two of these, twins or the doppelganger, it’s also kinda the reason he has a split tongue and two sets of ears.

Rule 3: Trolls can’t have siblings. And again I can hear you saying, “But, but, my fantroll has to be related to (insert favorite troll)!” yeah no, no they don’t. It’s like, cannon that trolls can’t have siblings

Rule 4: If your fantroll is not a Maroon blood, Fusha blood, Magenta blood, Rose blood, Coral blood, or a Cerise blood, do NOT give them neon colored clothing, or multi colored clothing! Fef can wear whatever the hell she wants because, guess what? She’s a Fusha blood, and the PRINCESS!  

Rule 5: Do NOT give your fantroll hair that is any other color than black. Just don’t.

Rule 6: There is something called the 6x6 rule in Homestuck, a lot of people don’t use it. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOG, USE IT!

Rule 7: We don’t call it a weapon, we call it a Strife specibus, and for that you have to put (insert weapon)kind.

Rule 8: Don’t give your fantroll a symbol that one of the cannon trolls already wears. Just please don’t it’s kinda overused.

Rule 9: Don’t say that your fantroll was left for dead by their lusus, and then they survive, because that’s complete bullshit. They would have been killed on the spot.

Rule 10: DO NOT MAKE YOUR FANTROLL LOVED BY EVERYONE! I don’t even need to explain that one.

I really hope you enjoy and take some of this into consideration.


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Heyo, I'm just here to share some of my art with you guys and check some other cool art out.... so yeah


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FazeButler Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018  Student General Artist
Yooo, I actually love the way you draw humans! I find it genuinely unique and sharp with the thin pupils, angular faces, and blocky proportions being not quite anime and not quite cartoon at the same time. Your style is perfect for drawing sassy, tired characters who could probably kick your ass, and.....yep, those are your OCs, alright. My personal favorites are So, Yeah...(so edgy and cool! I mean, I'd read that story!), Hisssssss(very expressive with great anatomy), (Actually)Me as a Troll(love the horns, hair, and facial structure), Visova Winesa(actually adore this design- horn piercings? Short fluffy hair? Freckles? Two Vriska eyes? A stylish skirt? Hell yes!), and BFF costume problems(relatable as hell. Otherwise, it's a great scene with effective composition and it gets the hilarious point across!). I look forward to seeing what you'll make next, SStS!
SpunkySparkytheSnake Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, thanks bro! I- I'm actually at a loss for words! No one's ever said that to me, so, thank you! 
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Thanks for the fave!
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No problem, dude. 69
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Deadpool - and his bunny Thanks for favoring my work. I hope you're having a great day Deadpool - and his bunny

Happy Halloween by CaptainEdwardTeague    
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No problem, dude. And, same to you. 69Jacksepticeye Cheer (F2U) Jacksepticeye Cheer (F2U) Jacksepticeye Cheer (F2U) Jacksepticeye Cheer (F2U) Jacksepticeye happy face Jacksepticeye happy face Jacksepticeye happy face Jacksepticeye happy face 
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