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Batman vs Superman

By spunkbrat
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"The Queen of the Amazons is a servant to her people. Nothing is beneath her." - WW from the Flashpoint Paradox

Anyone else excited about the BvS movie? I'd have wanted to see the DC trinity trash it out on the big screen, with WW getting the drop on the boys but don't think its gonna happen.

Working on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and Procreate was amazing! Test driving and trying to push it a little with a 11"x17" canvas @ 300 dpi to see how the new equipment will perform, occasional freeze but overall am pretty please with it as a light weight portable canvas that can handle rather heavy work load. Palm rejection is great, pencil is a joy to use.

*All characters belong to ... you know who.

iPad Pro
Apple Pencil
Procreate 3
+ a little Photoshop
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Finish him!
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kerrj74Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome!  How long does something like that take you to create?  How do you get the texture of superman's sleeves?
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The whole thing took over a month, spanning several canvases, hard to estimate the hours but I was pushing myself and the equipment to see how far it and I can go, plus there was a lot of learning and experimentation on the software, brushes and textures.

You got me at supe's costume, that was the Photoshop part I warped and mapped. Tried but figured I'm no purist ... :p
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kerrj74Hobbyist Digital Artist
It came out awesome. I wish I had the imagination to come up with things like that on my own. Unfortunately all I am good at is copying what I see. :(
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Don't sell yourself short, you're off to a good start. I started copying other artists' style, and still trying to find my own and likes. I may not get there anytime soon but its a heck of a process and journey :)
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renz5070Hobbyist Artist
What is the only real difference between Batman and Superman? 

Batman is a internassionalt rich man who considers himself always better than all accredited in the world. Batman 
He was born as a millionaire heiress - who aspires to become a god.

Superman's only capacity not inhuman is his humility and mutual respect for all other species around them. Superman 
He was born as a god - only struggling to become more human.

Wonder Woman and Superman are bouth so misunderstood :(  CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU!  Sigh
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MagicalDragon8Hobbyist General Artist
I looooooove this pose :D When he is on the ground and she is the winner :D
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I could support the movie ending like this :)
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O yeah, aren't we all sick and tired of watching heroes beat the hell out of the Doomsdays, the Bizarros and even Lex Luthor. How about the heroes smack each other around... Devilish 
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I thought she was on their side?
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Its more like a 'What if...' or an alternate universe thing... 
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That outta stop those boys err men from fighting each other.
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cellebgProfessional Interface Designer
"The Queen of the Amazons is a servant to her people. Nothing is beneath her" -  Wonder Woman in "The Flashpoint Paradox" animated film.

Great art!
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Hey thanks, I like that quote, I'm gonna put it up there.
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cellebgProfessional Interface Designer
You're welcome!
That quote was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw your illustration! XD 
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priamonsterHobbyist General Artist
extremely good sir !
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DahriAlGhulHobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent! Terrific pose, lighting, color, drawing!
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cgartisteProfessional Digital Artist
WOOOOOOW I LOVE THIS! Working on my own Wonder Woman right now and this rocks!
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jackcrowderProfessional Digital Artist
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