Please, Push me Away

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By Spuffy12
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I'm starting to n-e-e-d you,
I'm starting to depend on you.
& I'm starting to want you way more then I already do.

From my past, I know that this feeling is

& All that's going to come out of this is b/r-ok/e-n hearts and salty tears,
                     I'm going to hurt you,
                                   & You're going to kill me.
                                            This "love" could never last,
                                        'Cause I'm so scarred from my past.

Please, push me away before I get any closer,
                I don't wanna hurt anymore.
                      Darling, don't hurt me,
& Make sure I'm out of love when you leave me.

I won't get attached,
I know better now.
   {I no longer trust boys with bright, but tender eyes}

I wanna run away,
    But I'm not strong enough to leave you,
            I'm too weak to be on my own,
                       & I don't wanna be alone.

So, darling, even though this wont work,
              & I'm probably going to get hurt,
                          Hold me tight,
           & Promise me, it'll be alright.
Written: 5/27/11

This basically explains me and relationships. :|

-Is this poem too short?
-What do you think of this poem and how did it make you feel?
-Anything I can improve on?

Feedback makes my day! Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to read my poem (:


© 2011 - 2021 Spuffy12
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This poem... is perfection.
It made me burst in to tears, because it describes my situation and my relationships to the very deepest letter you've written, and the true depth of how much I could relate to what you wrote took me by shock... I couldn't hold it in.
Most beautiful, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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So beautifully done.
Spuffy12's avatar
Thank you. :3
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your poems...are deep and tell my exact feelings..please don't stop wrinting poetry
Spuffy12's avatar
Thank you, hun. :heart:
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I think it's awesome. I wish I could like this.
Can you please tell me how to make italic and bold letters? And underline?
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Thank you. <3

You need to use html. For italic letters, you need to put < i >text here!< / i > without any spaces. For boldface you place b in place of the i, and for underline, you place u in place of the i.

I hope this helped! (:
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Mhm-mm, just like that :D
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I love poems like this :) They are so realistic and people can relate to them a lot. Thank you for writing such a wonderful piece!
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Thank you for taking the time to comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :3
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This poem is so me ^^
good job! Beautiful words!
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Thank you so much! (:
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I can relate myself on some part of your verse.

well written
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It's just the perfect length.
Ah, well, that's pretty much how relationships are... Ironic and beautiful, nice work n.~
Spuffy12's avatar
Thank you so much, love <3
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its not a poem...its a song! i think jojo should sing this! come up with a good chorus and ur set.
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srsly tho... make it a song! :3
Th3Chos3nOn3's avatar
THIS, tells my life story. You write so beautifully. :heart:
Spuffy12's avatar
Sadly, it tells mine too.
Thank you :heart:
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