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About myself...

I was born in western Kentucky in 1987... but I never really grew up. I always have, and always will LOVE TOYS.

I'm a customizer, which means as a toy collector the majority of my collection will not remain in mint condition! (I've been compared to SID from toy-story...).

I re-work existing action figures, or other toys, into whatever idea I have at the time. Most of the time I'm rebuilding existing figures to add articulation or features to fix Hasbro's mistakes!

I've recently started to branch out into sculpting and casting my own parts, but the majority of my figures use highly modified stock pieces from modern toy lines.

I typically work in the 1:18th scale, which means my figures are on average 4 inches tall. Interestingly, the majority of the work I do revolves around the star wars universe and it's characters. I do branch out into other 'verses though (Including Marvel and Gi-Joe), but this is limited by the availability of 1:18th scale figures and my imagination.

I'm very open about my tricks and techniques, so please ask any questions you'd like about how I made a figure. I have even started doing video tutorials on my facebook page, so look it up, like it, and watch for those.

As always, I enjoy comments of praise... but I'd love to know what it is that you like so much about something. I know not everyone on DA is a toy customizer, but you can still tell me what you think is awesome about a specific piece! I love constructive criticism too, if you have an idea to make something better, TELL ME!

Thanks in advance for all the Favs! and of course, like me on facebook:

Current Residence: Kentucky
Personal Quote: "Envy is Ignorance, Imitation is suicide"... But imitation is also the sincerest form of f

Favourite Movies
Star wars
Tools of the Trade
Exacto knife and Super Glue!
Other Interests
Star wars, sketching, sculpting, spud guns

Devious Journal Entry

Devious Journal Entry

I have several items listed on e-bay this week.  I will be moving soon and changing jobs, starting my career as a teacher.  Unfortunately I won't be getting a pay check for a few months and I'm going to be cutting it close making ends meet... so I'm selling a few things on e-bay, and if anyone is interested in anything from my gallery and offers me the right deal I'm willing to part with other pieces too.... One popular item I hope will sell will be zee captain, snippy and engie figures based on romantically apocalyptic's web comic: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Romantically-Apocalyptic-action-figures-custom-gi-joe-zee-captain-snippy-engie-/1814

everything up for possible sale...

everything up for possible sale...

I have no idea who still follows this page, as I've moved most of my posting to my facebook page as it's easier to update and connect with people.  Especially since most of what I do is through my cell phone now and DA isn't very compatible... anyway.  I have fallen on hard times this month and will be needing some extra cash to get me out of a huge bind... that means I'm offering practically everything in my collection up for sale.  Bear in mind there are a few things I won't, or can't sell, but for most of it, if the offer is good enough, I will consider it. So, if you don't have facebook message me here on DA if you are interested in any



So previous journal talks about how I am now home, and jobless... With that being said, I have a little bit of time on my hands...  Time to take commissions, and try to make a little money off my hobby.  I will be listing some things on e-bay within the next few weeks, but if you have a pay-pal account, you like my work, and would like to work out a commission project shoot me a private message here and let me know what you have in mind.  If I have all the parts I think I need we can work out a cool deal, or if I need to get parts from e-bay we can work that out as well. This is my idea for how this works: If you have an idea, tell me it.

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MarcusStarkillerHobbyist General Artist
Alpha-66 'Muzzle' (custom figure)
Cool stuff! MTFBWYA!
thanks.  If you like my work, and are on facebook, like my page: www.facebook.com/pages/SpudaFe…  Spudafett's custom Toys.

All my newer work gets posted there and I seldom post new material here on DA, and what I do post here isn't near the amount that I put up on FB.  

glad you like my work none-the-less!
DraakeTHobbyist Digital Artist
I have a little hobby....i hope with heart that this will like you!  All Credits about your page here --------->
Thank you very much! :wave: