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Tooth and Claw Ch1 - Animation

Tooth & Claw
Chapter 1 - "Sir Milo"
by Chris Spry

Introducing Chapter 1 of Tooth & Claw, "Sir Milo".
Trouble is stirring in the muskrat village of "Greenwater" and its up to 'Sir Milo' to help save a family in peril, but not all is at is seems to be. If you like cartoons involving anthropomorphic animals set in a medeival time period with darker and more serious overtones, then this one's for you. The start of hopefully more to come. Chapter 2 is already in progress.
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This is awesome stuff mate! Loving it! :-)
Sprybug's avatar
Thanks for checking it out. I got a DD on chapter 2. Once I figured out that I wanted to tell the whole story I started making it into a graphic novel because it never would of gotten finished otherwise.
fraughtuk's avatar
LOL... i know what you mean. Really good work though. :-)
jsac38's avatar
Nicely done! I'd like to see more too!
pedrozanin's avatar
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Thanks, Milo can sure jog! Just kidding, I know what you mean. ;)
XxPyra-ChanXx's avatar
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Why um, thanks?
The-F0X's avatar
oh my, this is amazing 8D
Sprybug's avatar
Why thanks. Welcome to the show.
DanoGambler's avatar
This animation of yourse, it really swepped me away! Great flow and interesting story! The music and the timing is fantastic!
I really look forward to the next episode!
Sprybug's avatar
Thanks. Chapter 2 is there too if you want to watch it. They take a very long time to make, so that's why I am switching over to the graphic novel format.
MikeSouthmoor's avatar
Interesting animation you've got. I never would've though muskrats would be that entertaining
Sprybug's avatar
Plug in any living creature in that and you may have the same result. Thanks!
DCLeadboot's avatar
Awww, this is looking sweet so far!
Seems Sir Milo arrived just in time to save lives - then that kiss-scene was cute... :aww:
But what then? The whole thing was a dream? :O_o:
Sprybug's avatar
Yes. You feel ripped off? :P
DCLeadboot's avatar
I was just a little confused there. Was it a: ...foreshadowing? ...flashback? ...or Big Lipped Alligator Moment? :XD:
Sprybug's avatar
LOL. You're lucky I know what that means. Straight from All Dogs Go To Heaven, and phrased by the Nostalgia Chick. But yes, it was a dream, and its whole purpose was to not just draw you in, but to give you a feel of the real danger that's really happening outside of his comfy village. It is a bit of foreshadowing because minks and a burned forest are involved. In fact in chapter 2, Flower talks about the trouble since the big forest fire and how dangerous it was out there. Milo's an adolescent and just about an adult, so he's gonna have those kind of dreams, where he's the dude that's gonna come save the day and kiss the hot chick, but then those real life problems stir from his subconscious and plague the end of his dream.
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, yeah... I've really been watching too much Nostalgia Critic... :giggle:
The "OF COURSE!" line is probably my favourite running gag, when talking of world domination!

And yes, I can see where you're going with this! :)
All looks very exciting - and I'll be interested to see how this comes out in the end.
RedVioletPanda's avatar
Good work with this!
Sprybug's avatar
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That's not a hoe, it's a pitchfork! :D
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