The Unruly Laws

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                                          The Unruly Laws
                                                                        by Shaurya

For those who seek a better world,
for those who live with their own beliefs,
for those who think peace should prevail,
for those who want no arguments,no fights

           LAWS ARE MADE

Since the dawn of mankind,
humans have lived for everything but did nothing,
from those came the conservatives,
who like no other natives,
questioned the human tranquility.
Leaving everyone speechless with their divine knowledge,
oh how I wished I could've stopped it then,
I wasn't alive...neither were you.

They preached what they called 'laws'
Their followers what we call lawyers,
such a simple factoid we missed so easily,
'Lawyers' is synonymous with 'liars'

Thus came the book of laws,
a book so thick,
it would make Bible a shame,
what shocked me more than ever,
they considered the books to be same!

Some rules were interesting,
others purely disgusting,
evil was the damned book,
didn't matter if it were the Bible,
they were mere authorities of a crook.

The basic purpose was to follow code,
follow conduct.
A mere compromise to keep things evenly,
Then tell me the Law above all
isn't it to follow humanity??

Agreed there for a moment a law helped thwart the darn evil,
but to hell with the other laws..to strengthen that knievel.
Ironically the logic is evidence,
for them it equals 'eye'witness,
tell me so, If I'm not wrong
isn't the law blind already??

Laugh is all I can,
to see this stupidity,
But Sad is all I am,
to fight alone for humanity,
and as for you my friends
learn the Universal Law,
as its the law of tomorrow,
heed this as it rhymes with great sorrow,
the only idea to be awakened,
that laws are Always meant to be broken!

PS:Think I'll befired for this ;)
Feel everyone agrees to it at a point of time
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Great stuff!Keep writing :)
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Thank you so much :)