Tender Change

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Tender Change

Wake up!
You suicidal imbecile,
Before you close your eyes forever.
The Lord questions your existence,
You answer cowardly.

Throw away,
The poison you concocted,
Miseries don't end in a gulp.
The World where change is a desire,
You welcome disappointment.

Give up,
Your pretentious love,
You fancy everything carnal.
Spifflicate the make-believe world,
You're no artist.

For friends lost, love forgotten,
Identity stolen, families abandoned.
The Universe harbors treachery,
You're no survivor.

Don't run,
From which you cannot hide,
Ignorance is not always bliss.
Bury your head in the sand,
You're in denial.

Be fair,
To those who cared,
Whether you're with them or not.
Humanity has no bias,
You're no monster.

Your strength for the days to come,
You'll need it to thwart the negativity.
Always a reward for the early bird.
You're no opportunist.

Shove it,
The logic that you impugn,
This inhuman trait of yours.
For someone as rational as you,
You don't make sense.

And when you accept what is real,
Don't forget to tender exact change.
For the Fare share of your sins,
You are solely responsible.

Don't go by my words,
It's just me and my thoughts abound.
For I seek the truth and nothing more.
Where The World relies on seers and oracles,
I'm no soothsayer.

© 2013 - 2021 sprouter
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