My Suicide

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                                          My Suicide
                                                                                        by Shaurya

Its easy to see,
this life beyond me.
This story about me,
is nothing but unsatisfactory.

Imagine it to be wild,
and it'll be just as mild.
I've built my own world,
to escape my demise.

Don't look for that smile,
once wide as the river Nile.
I hate those memories,
they churn up my bile.

I know it seems horrible,
I tried hard,to think of otherwise.
No other way possible,
Suicide is wise.

When I'm gone,you'll see
There was no life in me,
'cause when I was there,
it was unsatisfactory.
And when I pass,its just another story.

So I end it,this misery.

I can do this,
don't know if its my thing,
but whatever it is,
I'm not afraid,
I am willing.

Am I audible?
Or are you deaf again?
Can you hear me?
My voice cries in vain.

You're never there,
neither is he,nor she.
Nor them,nor they,
no wind to shake my barley
No specie to see me bleed.
Loneliness is cruel indeed.

What I'm good at,
is nothing but worse.
What I am,
is an unfortunate curse.
A simple way to tell,
God wants me in hell.

So I plea,and plea again,
I give you my arms,
take me in.
Nothing in the world I saw,
Nothing for me it did,
I was destined to suffer,
ever since I was a kid.

Tonight is the night,
When I waste my last paper,
my lest pen.
Tonight is that night,
when the Lion inside me,
goes back to his den.

No matter what time,
no matter what place,
no matter how imperfect is my case.
I bow before you to read this,
'cause after tonight,
you won't ever see my ugly face.

Stretched too long ain't it?
But heck I'm dying,so shut it.
Let me rant about myself tonight,
as to why I'm ending,
I want to end this plight,
the unsatisfactory life I was pretending.

I need not justify,
Read above,makes you cry.
If not,then you are as serious as me,
Ending my life will be satisfactory.

I ask you because,you're the only one I know,
You're the only one,
who allows my feelings to flow.
But deep in your heart,
I know you don't like me,
deep rooted is your hatred,
to watch it killing me,
I've been struck by your arrow,
now I realize you're just a show.

All in all, I love you,
for reading this,
for your time,
atleast pretend you realize,
Suicide is not just a crime.

My last verse,my last phrase,
After this,I quit the rat race.
So much I learned,So much I taught.
So much happiness I brought,
on your sad face.
For all this,will I be denied??
Oh hell! Make it quick
My Suicide!
This is my longest ever(so far)..and I consider it to be me my most liked one...
Got no tendencies to it..just wanted to write..came easier to me the idea :)
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a black rose molded into words. nice!
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hehe thank you so much :D