Face Thief

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                                             Face Thief

                                                                                      By Shaurya

Rain,a tear trickles down,
down on your face of frown,
like you've never been hurt before.
How,could you let this go on,
the smile on your face has gone,
lost in the darkness forever,
forever seems so long.

Clouds,shrouding your sad face,
hardened in those darkest days,
of all the things you have lost,
deprived off is your grace.

Sad,hurt is all I feel,
like those wounds which never heal,
wounds which scarred your face,
the face ever so unreal,
how tortured and battered it could be,
if it weren't for me,
to steal away your ordeal.

As I fix it,
I let it part the disease,
I wait for the pain to subside,
and the hideousness to cease.
After which your smile will be back
with your good grace still intact.

Rainbow,oh how beautiful you look,
your face reflects all colours,
colours which I earlier took,
have now returned to you.
See how easily you got me mistook!
But you already know that, don't you??
You're only wondering if you've ever seen such a crook!!
accept the change....
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