Bleed With Me

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                                                    Bleed With Me

                                                                                                         by shaurya

Together We Rise,
Together We Fall,
Together We Fight,
till the end of it all.
Together we stand,
Our Future We Planned,
The tree which bore our seed,
the hapless fruits to breed.
Our work isn't over,
Now you and I must bleed.

Alone We went,
The time which we spent,
We've seen all what we could,
Nothing to like in this world we would,
So we fight the devil,
We do as we please,
The Devil will try,
and parry with ease,
You and I must not part,
or hide out of sight,
to keep him at bay,I will try.
He might get hold,he might release,
That wicked little sly,
And If he kills me tonight,
I'll be ready to die.

Across the ocean,
the seven seas,
moor over the Arctic,
We swim with ease.
Hand in Hand,Soul with Soul,
across the oceanic blowhole,
We are Together,
We are happy,
There is none better,
Than You and Me,
You and I must vow,
never to flee,
Together we shall bow,
to the Heavens above thee
and thank the Lord,Oh how
he has set us free.

But this relation,
couldn't stay too long,
our mystical bond,
wasn't that strong.
We were destined to stay,together forever,
but destiny itself,too,was wrong.

Worlds trembled,stars shuddered
our so called plans and dreams now murdered.
The separation between us,rose to an alarming height,
The tree for which we bled,
was nowhere in sight.

Somewhere in this world,
there's always a hapless tree,
the fruits of which,
are dying in endless plea.
They long for the blood,
of togetherness and unity,
but as I see it now,
that'll be the death of me.
I harbor the sad truth of life,
there's no one left to plant their seed,
Sigh,how else will they prosper?
If there's no one left to Bleed
I thought of a song at first..but then writing the poem was my thirst ;)
© 2010 - 2021 sprouter
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Epic as always :D Obviously, it would be :P
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thank you so much :)
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It’s beautiful
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