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Back again! And this time on schedule!

Unfortunately, no new friends yet (though on the next page there will be), however, I suppose Acacia has officially joined the team, albeit to study rocks. 

Author Notes:

- Ramona is back! Whilst temporary, I used her to heal August much like how Shauna will heal your Pokemon around Santalune, in game. Since Ramona is her equivalent, I decided she should show up again. 
- Antidotes, like in game, heal poisoning. Whilst the clothe method of application much seem hard to do in a heated battle, that's not the case at all. During battles, one will often just splash some of the antidote on the wound (this isn't the best way to apply it though, as it only stops the poison from hurt you more, but does not clean up the rashes or take the poison out of your bloodstream). Applying with clothe allows it to seep into your bloodstream and remove it, whilst clearing up the rashes. 
- Escorts were also mentioned! Escorts are volunteers at nearby Pokemon centres who will protect a weaker or worried person to a certain destination. It's all payed by the person needing one. Anyone can be an escort, but if you fail your job as one, you'll likely get sued or put on the record as a failed escort. 
- Additionally, there are bodyguards, who are professionally trained to escort people across cities (and usually will allow you to take them to places further away). Often people will get a temporary bodyguard, but if they are in constant need of protection, they can get a permanent one, who is signed under a contract. This means they'll protect you until their contract runs out. 
- Route three is here, and likely, as August says, only a few more hours of walking to get there!
- Two Battlers? Nah, just a Caterpie and Azurill wanting to fight. They'll easily be taken down!

Criticism and comments will be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for reading!
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Ramona is so nice, she's my favorite character! I hope August learns to be more sociable or he might have issues with his future teammates 😥