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Platforms a Plenty

I've been wanting to do something like this for ages and I finally got to it! A little different from my usual, but I played so many colourful platformers lately I couldn't help myself anymore

Tumblr post here [link]
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This looks like something you would see in Minecraft...unless it IS something you would see in Minecraft. :shrug:
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I love the colors on this one, and all of them little details here and there :icondroolplz:
Owletumel's avatar
That's a really interesting concept. I like the colour palette too!
Duckmuffin's avatar
I'm pretty sure everything about this is great. The color on each level and non-perpendicular geometry makes it. Amazing work!
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Ominous-Artist's avatar
Very Nice!!!!! XD!!!
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SupergeekGr33n's avatar
So pretty! :o It's like a magical hill of color. Seems like a world idea that could fit into Banjo-Kazooie! What platformers inspired this, anyway?
Sprits's avatar
Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 mostly, but Banjo is one of my all time favourite games so it may have influenced me a little (I loved Click Clock Wood especially!)
SupergeekGr33n's avatar
Oh, wow! Coincidentally, my sister's favorite level was Click Clock Wood too! I can kinda see that here. My favorites, personally, were Rusty Bucket Bay and Bubblegloop Swamp. But... Click Clock Wood was totally cool!
Owltruism's avatar
So simple looking but very nice ^^
Asmodeus01's avatar
Love the color use, and I kinda want to give this a go now as well... I would've switched the orange and green items though, it makes more sense for "autumn" colors to be closer to the cold.
E07-0145's avatar
This simply reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics all of a sudden... Nice One! :D
backwardsSarah's avatar
does this remind anyone of final fantasy tactics?
NycIX's avatar
Yes, my first thought! xD
Agetian's avatar
Ohhh nice and cute, reminds me so much of classic top-down platformer games with a similar angle of view :heart:
MrPicklesHtf's avatar
Reminds me of a classic Video Game map.
I love it.
kkitty23's avatar
This makes me think of Qbert x3 Awesome!
CYSYS8993's avatar
Kinda like Minecraft, do you know the game?
Sprits's avatar
I know it, but never actually played it!
Raenafyn's avatar
This is cute >w< It reminds me of minecraft :P
Justin-Hoffman's avatar
I'd buy a print of that
renzus's avatar
You're like my vector art hero :iconmabel-plz:
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