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Do not submit to the "Featured" folder.

Do not submit sprites from pre-existing games. This includes traces, bases, edits or recolors of existing sprites. As an example, you would not submit edited RPG Maker sprites.

Do not submit non pixel-art content. Read the PixelJoint Pixel Art Tutorial for clarification.

Submissions to the "Sprite Game Requests" folder must be a well-organized effort to find art for your game. They can be commercial, noncommercial, paid or unpaid.

Enjoy the club! After all, we're all here to have fun!

Group Info

The Spriter's Club is a group dedicated towards the creation and sharing of custom creations of pixel art. Our motto "Pixel by Pixel" reinforces the dedication our members put into their creations.

Our group accepts a wide variety of pixel art, regardless of quality, so long as it's a custom creation by the submitter.

Find our website page here: cynicalpoet.webs.com/the-sprit…
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Until Dec 31, 2021

Founded 11 Years ago
Dec 20, 2009


Group Focus
Art Creation

Media Type
Digital Media

2,199 Members
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120,075 Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Ten Years of Deviance by TheCynicalPoet
Club Entry - Reshiram + Zekrom by xXSapphireGaleXx
Scrooge McDuck (2017 Reboot) by IanMcRacoon2000
Shaymilite by Porygatto
Ride Armor Goliath (MMX3) in Megaman X4-6 style by Thn001
Frosteon by Porygatto
Pixel Art
Stoneforged Icon by MirruTatep
Earnest by MirruTatep
Troublesome Trio by MirruTatep
Skittober - Day 2: Shield by Porygatto

Mature Content

Sexytreegif_2020 by AliceGothic
Thanks for ya gems, sucker! Updated by Ceredre-Drake
Kyhe hehehe! by Ceredre-Drake
Super Mario Bros Z Reanimated Scene 133 by FlamingInfernoX
Sprite Pixel Scenes
Home Sweet Home by MirruTatep
Desolation by MirruTatep
Path of Damnation by MirruTatep
Two Trees by Trick17
Eye study pt 2 by BadFoxLab
Creating animations for mechanisms tutorial by 08--n7R6-7984
Atlantis - Timelapse by jokov
Tutorial - Pixel Diamond by firstfear
Sprite Game Requests
Project Antiquis and Chrono by joey-and-rattata
Tiles and Objects
Neo Sinnoh - Building 01 by MikeJAJ
Neo Sinnoh - Pokemart by MikeJAJ
Neo Sinnoh - Pokemon Center by MikeJAJ
Foret Eternelle - Route 1 by AerunFE
F2U River Pixel Icon by 8-BitBrony
F2U Beach Pixel Icon by 8-BitBrony
Pervy Toon Zelda by LTE-T
New Cylenita icon!! by Love-Link
Sprites Archive 1
[COMMISSION] SummerCucumber by kouenli
M.U.G.E.N Sprite Displays: Ickis by WlanProductions
M.U.G.E.N Sprite Displays: Sly and Carmelita by WlanProductions
Monica sprites archive by Jarquin10

Latest Favourite Artists

This is a bit late, as the true anniversary was on December 20th, but The Spriter's Club has been up and running for a full decade! Thank you to all those who have contributed and taken part of our community - we wouldn't be where we are without each individual member!

Also, have a happy new year everyone! :)
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Ay yo thanks for letting me join
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Hey ppl, I'm in need of members on my forum. You can post your graphics, stories and such, run a shop in the black market place, chat with others, or role-play with others. There is no limit of what you can do but all I ask is for you to read the rules and be active.
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Hi there, :D
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Hello! I have a small question.

I have a spritesheet of my own fursona that I finished last night -not for any sort of project, just for fun- and I was wondering where I can put it here.

This is the sheet.
Eric the Cat 2020 Spritesheet
TheCynicalPoet Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there! You can submit this sheet to the sprites folder. :) 
davidsuperman Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2019
can someone donate points to me. i'm willing to make sprites for people in return for points
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