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only people from french are gonna get this

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i love her ok
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im american not french can u plz explain i dont get it

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let me explain, it's c'est vraiment quelque chose que seuls les français comprendront, je ne comprends pas parce que je ne suis pas français, mais je suis mexicain! j'ai essayé de faire des recherches pour savoir ce que cela signifie, mais c'est impossible, ils ont raison. seuls les français l'obtiennent, et je suis désolé de ne pas pouvoir l'expliquer, j'espère que vous me pardonnerez.

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"it's really something that only French people will understand, I don't understand because I'm not French, but I'm Mexican! i tried to do some research to find out what it means but it is impossible they are right. only the french get it, and i'm sorry i can't explain it, hope you forgive me."

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Ideas forming out of thin air These indulgences none can compare So many flavors that one would abhor Even though I've had enough... I still demand: Give me more I need a whole personality Something inordinately sweet Order anything you'd like Nothing's changing my mind I don't care how unhealty it is 'Cus there isn' t anything I'd rather be Call me obsequious I guess I'm a bit dramatic Sometimes my appetite is Eerily erratic Give me your dire expectations And I'll consume Perfection You are what you eat, after all... Everything Combines into one So many flavors that one would abhor And I know I've had enough I've gone too far Now that I've become A Full-course identity Take a bite of me I hope that I've become A favorable delicacy That I'm worth something I'll eat 'em all The thoughts of anyone I'll ever meet Just to make them happy Wondering why I'm a burden Or so it seems Aren't I everything? Maybe if I try a little harder, it will be okay One day Keep on eating more and more Divide my life away Into servings And go beyond the point of no return I know I'm subservient but... All of this is necessary Sometimes my appetite is Violently contrary Irreconcillable perceptions Appeal to my obsessions The nausea is overwhelming Whether I've been caramelized Or rotten to the core Which one should I be? 'Cuz i dunno who I'm Supposed to be anymore And it's sickening I'll overeat The implications Of your thoughts Just to make you happy Nonetheless, I feel my insides Are tied to knots Aren't I more than everything? I'm a recipe for entropy I'm too overwhelming Give me your validation I can taste your apprehension These flavors of personality Are hindering my likeability My impulsive desire My appetite has Spoiled my urge to satisfy Everyone will like me more without it 2x Now that I've become the Perfect identity Take a bite of me I hope that I've become a Flavorless delicacy That I'm good enough And now that I've become the Perfect identity What else do you need? 'Cus I dunno who i'm Supposed to be anymore And I'm starving I'll purge 'em all The thoughts of anyone I'll ever meet Why aren't you happy?! Nonetheless, I know my insides Are empty Aren't I more than everything?

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is that a motherfucking GHOST AND PALS reference

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I smell improvement

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improvement my ass this shit sucks
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Don't like it? Then leave.

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french person here

and... Quoi?

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Your artstyle is just !!!!!<3334444!4!4!4!4!4!&4&3$4$4 and I vibe with that.
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Lol quick question too lol. How do you feel about Starlight Glimmer? I feel the Writers did her dirty

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i hate her

but i liked her when she was evil

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Same here. Along with most of the mlp community. People say it ruined the show for her when she was reformed. I never watched the show really but e en then it ruined it. G1-G3 is always better
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No prob I’m glad I’m not the only one either. I grew up with Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, and G1-G3 mlp anyways and I was much older when I found out about Friendship is magic and immediately got some nono vibes from the writing. Pinkie Pie has been my favorite since she first appeared.
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toola roola has always been my favorite G3 pony!!!!!!! ive had a doll of her since i was a tiny child

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I’ve had So many Care Bears and barbie dolls it’s crazy. I still have a lot of them, including two Hannah Montana ones. Idk why, i was around the right age when Hannah Montana was a thing but never got too into it like my friends or whatever. I had a crush on Ash Ketchum and Yugi Moto because I watch so much Pokémon and Yugioh with my older brother so I mean there’s that lol.
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Your art is so cute! I love your art style sooo much, keep up the great work! <3
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js I heard there’s a raid on all ur accs happening June 1st
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fuck im from american i dont understand :|

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