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Happy Homestuck Day by sprinklestar Happy Homestuck Day :iconsprinklestar:sprinklestar 24 0 Easter art trade by sprinklestar Easter art trade :iconsprinklestar:sprinklestar 25 0 SPACE SHOES by sprinklestar SPACE SHOES :iconsprinklestar:sprinklestar 34 2 3 pm by sprinklestar 3 pm :iconsprinklestar:sprinklestar 39 6 ENGAGE by sprinklestar ENGAGE :iconsprinklestar:sprinklestar 18 3 gloomy majyyks by sprinklestar gloomy majyyks :iconsprinklestar:sprinklestar 17 3 Blowin Kisses at the Moirail by sprinklestar Blowin Kisses at the Moirail :iconsprinklestar:sprinklestar 18 3 Happy Halloween *o* by sprinklestar Happy Halloween *o* :iconsprinklestar:sprinklestar 35 0 Jaaade by sprinklestar Jaaade :iconsprinklestar:sprinklestar 45 4 why yes this is a very original concept by sprinklestar why yes this is a very original concept :iconsprinklestar:sprinklestar 75 3 ART IMPROVEMENT W O W by sprinklestar ART IMPROVEMENT W O W :iconsprinklestar:sprinklestar 24 0 i spent too much time on this by sprinklestar i spent too much time on this :iconsprinklestar:sprinklestar 62 13 The Kiddos by sprinklestar The Kiddos :iconsprinklestar:sprinklestar 49 3 Faye Ruebin by sprinklestar Faye Ruebin :iconsprinklestar:sprinklestar 6 0 Lady Ro-Lal by sprinklestar Lady Ro-Lal :iconsprinklestar:sprinklestar 16 0 In the Trees by sprinklestar In the Trees :iconsprinklestar:sprinklestar 46 4


texture 33 by aleeka-stock texture 33 :iconaleeka-stock:aleeka-stock 1,589 352 Texture by umerr2000 Texture :iconumerr2000:umerr2000 1,847 1,953 Pattern 2 by Ransie3 Pattern 2 :iconransie3:Ransie3 2,479 237
Sidequest Short: Happy Ending
The first time you had ever met Adamska, it was due to a prank. He lived, like many lower bloods, in a clustered hive where he was rumored to be very unlike “normal” trolls.
Many of his neighbors would throw trash at his section of the hive, and whispers would echo as he would try to go about his daily business.
You had been given a call for a client who wanted a special bondage package. Your duty and your work was on the line. You were promised a lot of money for the client in question. But when you arrived, you soon discovered that the homely troll was not at all interested in engaging in sexual relations.
You should have been mad, you should have been furious. But there was something
about his life, his story that you saw yourself in…your lives were incredibly similar if all but extremely different as well.
Adamska explained over a glass of tea that he was flattered no doubt to have such a fine looking actress accompany him. This made you blush.
You had always want
:iconsnow22:Snow22 5 1
Gemsona-Citrine by Snow22 Gemsona-Citrine :iconsnow22:Snow22 5 2
Sidequest Short: Royal Revelation
Lupina had been a legend among those who were in the dream bubbles.
And it was no surprise! The lady had been through a lot.
She had washed up on the beach of her teal blooded guardian, who at first attempted to cull her but was unsuccessful. That scarred her and left her mute. She had rode the waves of the ocean on the body of your friend, Lyrice, with the last remaining hope of trolls…the matriorb. And ever since she had grown legs, Lupina kept the egg safe.
She had also never stopped moving.
When she joined her game, she really showed her true potential. She quickly ascended to her god tier as the Heir of Light. She could become the light itself, blinding her foes and moving at speeds far beyond comprehension. With her being the very essence of luck itself, she was able to nearly single-handedly defeat the black king, which had over thirteen troll’s worth of prototyping added to its hideous body.
But it seemed as in life, she could not receive the recognition for her tal
:iconsnow22:Snow22 6 1
Nicole's Easter Gift
On the serene planet of Prospit, a lone dreamer slept. This was the other self of Luke, a future Mage of Mind, who was for once at peace away from prophetic dreams that involved visions both grand and terrifying. He was tucked away under the covers of his royally plush bed, free of tossing and turning. His peaceful sleep however was soon to be interrupted by a young lass, Faye.
Faye was a future Sylph of Blood. Her pink eyes were aglow with mischief. She recently had discovered something that she could not let herself do without the aide of her close friend who slept in the tower across from hers. A happy sigh escaped her lips, and she stood up, removing her hands from her cheeks. Without thinking, she stepped outside the window and began to float. She floated gently across the gap between their rooms. She poked her head along the edge of his open window, smiling at him sleeping. She wasn’t sure exactly what to do.
Even at her young age of thirteen, Faye could feel a certain brew
:iconsnow22:Snow22 5 1
Flower Crown Husky by Topazpearl93 Flower Crown Husky :icontopazpearl93:Topazpearl93 9 1 Cooro palette fill by Topazpearl93 Cooro palette fill :icontopazpearl93:Topazpearl93 13 0 Gravity Animas by Topazpearl93 Gravity Animas :icontopazpearl93:Topazpearl93 11 0 Yue by SailorX2 Yue :iconsailorx2:SailorX2 124 20 Homestuck - DeadGodTier!Vriska Serket by N1ght1ng4L3 Homestuck - DeadGodTier!Vriska Serket :iconn1ght1ng4l3:N1ght1ng4L3 69 6 Johnrose by riamarie33 Johnrose :iconriamarie33:riamarie33 72 13
Full Adamska Info Sheet
Adamska Hamlet
Age: 9 and a half sweeps at death
Blood: yellow
Lusus: Aropawa
Hive type: A normal tiered hive resting in a quiet suburban area
Dreamer: prospit  
Title: Bard of Blood
Abilities: Psiionic abilites, but they are limited. He can only either levitate or use psychic beams. He’s also sensitive to the auras of those around him and tends to absorb tension easily.  
Planet: Land of Thorns and Pollution. The land has been ravaged by a terrible smog. The two rival clans of purple owls have pitted against each other, blame being spread due to differences in practices and ideas. It is up to the Hero of Blood to stop the fighting among the villagers and bring an end to the pollution and war.
Dreamer: Prospit
Weapon: Throwing stars in addition to his eye-beams.
Sylladex: Play script kind
Bio: Usually keeping to himself, Adamska was added to the roster of friends to join SGRUB when Ursamu sent him a friend request. He gladly accepted, not actually sure of what he was ge
:iconsnow22:Snow22 4 6
Full Ursamu Info Sheet
Ursamu Dubhee
Age: 9 and a half sweeps at death
Blood: rust red
Lusus: Honeybeast (bear)
Hive type: A cave-like hive next to the forest
Dreamer: prospit  
Title: Mage of mind
Abilities: Sensitive to dead things like ghosts and zombies.
Planet: Land of Tundra and Thought. A cold, lifeless atmosphere confines this world. Layered in ice and frost, the hero of mind must contact the ingenious denizens and have them use their psychic abilities to melt certain icy caverns and valleys in order to find treasure and clues to the denizens weakness.  
Weapon: Bear claws, shovel, raw strength.
Sylladex: Honeypot kind
Bio: Ursamu would be described by many as absent-minded. He tends to blank out and get caught in thoughtless distractions.
Perhaps that is because he is fighting the constant screaming and begging of the ghosts that haunt him on a daily basis. He finds the bodies of ghosts who have passed and buries them with special emphasis on his religion that he shares with his life-long
:iconsnow22:Snow22 5 0
Memory by SailorX2 Memory :iconsailorx2:SailorX2 31 17




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haha when was my last journal entry?? a year ago??
i guess i feel obligated to give an update on my life or something

Freshmen in college now, I guess? Funny how you spend 4 years trying to get to that coveted senior spot then immediately go back to being a freshmen. Also funny how literally nobody cares how old you are or what year you are in college.
It's really refreshing.

So yeah college is fun. I like my teachers. I like my classes. A&P is hard but I'm studying and somehow doing well. But I can feel that first-month-of-school momentum dissipating and I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to read textbooks over playing sims.

I got a job, too? I'm working at a winery. It's fun. Now that I have something called money I've been thinking about commissioning people. OC art would be really great, ngl  *u*

I've been trying to do a total rehaul on my wardrobe and I'm feeling overall a lot more body positive. I've got some more cosplay plans. I'm planning a lyricstuck too, which I'll probably link to once I'm done. Not really sure if I have anything else to say.....

I'm going to try to be on here a little more than I was a couple months ago.


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United States
A gift ID from my sister Topazpearl93. Go fave the original here.

Oh and go look at this! A contest prize for me done by :iconlionsilverwolf:…

Current Residence: Alternia
Favourite genre of music: I don't even know what my music taste is anymore
Favourite style of art: Realistic
Shell of choice: Lord Snailius's Shell :3
Favourite cartoon character: All my blonde ass shotas
Personal Quote: Just a smeagle


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