An Entry to Win a Plushy from Kiashone~
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Hello there, now i found this through my pal Painted Patience. and i love plushy makers, so i was immediately taken in by the work i saw, particularly the little pip, as a fan of fallout equestria, that was a treat to see.

Any-who Here is a link to the Contest so that you may enter if you so please.

-Closed- kiashone's Christmas GiveawayWinners found here: 2017 Christmas Giveaway Winner
Finally, up the winning plush will be put on the end of my current list. Hope, all you guys are having a great time. ^W^
Date: December 24, 2016- January 7, 2017
The winners will be picked at random on the 7th about 8pm Eastern time.
The winners has 24 hours to claim their prize, before redrawing.

One Simple Mare, Dr. Hooves body type Stallion, Filly, or Colt.
This can be cannon or OC.
~Light gradients of one color is okay but no more.
~No clothing allowed (unless Princess then a crown only this is for filly princesses)
~No 3d printed items.

Rules to Enter Giveaway:

And if i was to by some miracle win this, i would love to see the plush rendition of my OC: Spring Spirit 

He is in essence my mascot, and i use him to help me not only express my emotions, but also as a logo for when i create. his left ear is chipped, because I'm kinda a klutz. hes an alicorn, for i love the magic of creation, and i want to make hearts soar through my works, so an alicorn. 

Also the cutiemark is the flower know as poison joke, there's a long story to that so i wont get into it XD

Spring-Spirit-Logo-New-Clear by Spring-Sp1rit

AutoCAD or ArtoCAD? by Spring-Sp1rit

Many Thanks for Hoasting this Give Away Kiashone. let the luckiest pony win i suppose Pinkie pie (i win) plz 
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