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Since so many deviants have watched me after I got my first Daily Deviation…I thought I should clarify some things to you. Please ,have a seat and take your time reading it.

I'm a deviant of so many talents and interests. So if you decided to watch me…You'll never know what I'll make next.

Read this then decide if you have the courage to watch me ^______^

:deviation: Deviations:

Here's a brief explanation of my deviations' themes… I may update it if I found new interests :

:bulletpurple: FanArt:

I like making Naruto Fanart. My favorite characters are Iruka :love: and Tenten. I support Nejiten and Naruhina pairings.

Here are some of my art:
Going to Mosque by spring-sky   Happy Halloween:Iruka + Naruto by spring-sky   Warm Love by spring-sky

More …

:bulletgreen: Photomanipulations:

I really like fantasy photomanipulations… and I like participating in contests.
I have A LOT of ideas ..Don't know if I'll find time to make them all.

Some of my photomanipulations:
I'm NOT for sale by spring-sky   Sands of Time by spring-sky   Flight of Dreams by spring-sky

More …

:bulletgreen: Islamic Anime drawing:

Being both a Muslim girl and an anime lover..I sometimes draw Islamic anime-styled drawings…

Mostly as contests entries for Muslim-Manga. Trying to show the world the real image of mercyful Islam.

Some of my Islamic art:
One Body ..Same Blood by spring-sky   Love and Care by spring-sky   Muslim Artist-MM male OC by spring-sky

More …

:bulletyellow: Emotes:

That's what makes you watch me in the first place..Right?=D .I have a lot of ideas for emotes.. And I like participating in contests and projects.

Some of my most popular emotes:
Music-vs-Reading by spring-sky   :la: choir by spring-sky   Magic chalk by spring-sky

More …

:bulletorange: Anime Icons:

Icons for desktops representing some anime heroes.. I'm not planning to make any more soon..But I still have some projects in my mind ^^

Chibi Maruko Chan Icon set by spring-sky   Card-Captor Sakura IconSet I by spring-sky   Card-Captor Sakura IconSet II by spring-sky

:bulletred: Others:

Different contest entries …and more.

Ash Ketchum's Birthday Party. by spring-sky Lilo:Pirate of the flying ship by spring-sky   Baby dolphin by spring-sky

More …

:bulletpink: I'm also thinking of making some stamps and photography as well (God willing) ..I have some good ideas :aww:

What you won't see in my gallery:

You'll never get any mature labeled nor gay deviations….I hate Strongly Disapprove nudity and homosexuality. So you should not expect to find any KakaIru works in my gallery :bleh:

:devart: Journals:

I’m not so fond of making journal…You probably won't receive any journals from me in less than two weeks apart .Did I say that right?

I'll make a journal only if something really good or really bad happened to me and I wanted to share it with you…Or if I wanted to feature some people's art.

So don't worry…You won't get any journals like (I'm feeling bored), (I have no inspiration),(blah blah about the recent movie I watched or my trip to the zoo) ,(hard time at work)…etc.

:earth: My relationship with my watchers:

Everyone of you will get a llama when you add me ;P ..And I'll feature some of your art every once in a while.

I like to do that to show my watchers my gratitude.

And sorry to say that but ..I might not watch you in return. I'm too busy and my message box already has more than 1500 deviations I need to check :faint:

I reply on every comment I receive… I really appreciate when someone takes time to write something on one of my journals ,deviations ,or profile. :hug:

I do like chatting with you guys..So don't hesitate if you have any question you want to ask me or any thing you want to say.

However , don't expect me to pop in your pages just to say : -Hi..Thanks for the :+fav:

:rose:But If you faved many of my deviations at the same time or gave me a llama or a gift of any kind .. Then be sure that you'll see me in your page with my wide smile and a bouquet of flowers. :iconrose-plz:

Ummmm :iconcutethinkerplz: ….I guess that's all I had to say…

Thank you so much for watching me …Every watch make me extra happy :iconpinkballoonplz:

See you all soon and :iconhave-anicedayplz:


© 2010 - 2024 spring-sky
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You really have an awesome big talent for drawing! I like the emotes too!
You maybe did saw me on DeviantART on my other deactivated account, It's AquaSunset1234 I think. :confused: 
And also you seem to be so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so Nice!!!I love u request Hug Hug Hug Huggle! Huggle! Huggle! 5 seconds hug 5 seconds hug Tackling hug Tackling hug Tackling hug :hug: :hug Hug hug :hugs: Too Much Hugging :backhug: :backhug: :backhug: Earth Needs Some Love Earth Needs Some Love Earth Needs Some Love Lily: Art Feature Happy Bouncing Lily Emote-Spring