The Folktales, Myths ,and Legends Book Review

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By spring-sky

Book title : The Folktales, Myths ,and Legends

Author : Jessica Clarge (not sure of the spelling )

Number of pages :207 mid size pages

Those of you whom had been following me long enough should know by now how fond I am with mythology .:aww:

So this book was a nice little guide to me .

It gives the main outlines of almost every well-known myth or legend ,which is a good way to get an overall idea about it .

It's mainly divided into 3 main sections : Folktales ,Legends and Mythology . But the negative thing about it is that it's poorly arranged within these sections . 

It gives a bunch of myths and then suddenly jumps into the biography of some famous folktale/legend writer like Hans Christian Anderson and Sir Thomas Malorry  just to get back into defining some mythical creatures and into myths again . :confused:

In the  book's introduction : The writer defines each of the 3 categories .

The folktales are mainly verbal tales being transferred from one generation to the other ,which mainly have an ethical value . Like snow white and Cinderella …etc.

While legends were originally started as a registration of some real historic person's achievements  ,but people then tried to glorify that person by adding some imaginary events and monsters and connecting "gods" into the biography ,which results in legends like Heracles ,King Arthur ,and Gilgamesh .

As For Mythology ,they were the humanity trials to give reasons to some of the phenomena they face . Like the creation mythologies and what happens after death .


By reading this book ,I was glad to know about some of the stories that I vaguely heard about ,like Jason and the golden fleece , and Fenrir and Tyr from the Norse mythology . But I was also shocked by some of the details in the well-known myths that were ignored when telling the story .

For example :

Did you know that Heracles had anger problems that he had killed his teacher ,and then again killed his own children ?

And Did you know that Persephone ,Hades's wife ,is actually his niece ? Since her father ,Zeus ,and her mother ,Demeter , were actually Hades's brother and sister ?

Yes ,Zeus actually married his sisters :bleh: .


One of the things that you'd notice ,is that people in the old ages didn't had a clear idea about what a "god" means ,since they picture their "gods" as we picture super heroes in our times ,with limitations to their powers and human flaws . For example the Egyptian "goddess" Isis took a long time to find her husband's Osiris's dead body ! :facepalm:


So ,in conclusion , I liked this book ,and I can use it as a reference when I need to check about a certain myth ,but this will take me a long time to find in the mess of the unorganized subjects ;P     

I'm afraid that this book is not available online . It is a publication of the Iraqi Bait-Al-Hikma in 2008 .I also couldn't find any info. about the book or the writer on the web except for this short article… . :shrug:


And now to some related art features …

See you all soon :wave:


Art Feature


Hades and Persephone by Rgveta  Hades by TaekwondoNJ original: Hades by MathiaArkoniel

Fenrir vs Tyr by marimoreno :thumb104432667: Tyr and Fenrir by Meredyth 

Isis by el-grimlock Gods of Egypt: Isis by Neopatra-Isis Isis by redheaded-step-child 

:thumb62303050:  gilgamesh details..... by arifcekderi  Enkidu wins Gilgamesh by BragliaIgor

King Arthur by kerembeyit King Arthur by CookiemagiK Robin Hood by kerembeyit

MYth character: Persephone by zeldacw MYth character: Hades by zeldacw MYth character: Demeter by zeldacw MYth character: Hermes by zeldacw




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garden-fairy's avatar
I really enjoy reading your reviews; they're fun and really interesting :love:

Ah, it's so funny reading about myths :giggle:
I took a class that talked about ancient Greek "myths"- it's not really called a myth because people believed it at that time- and wow it was like reading a super fictional novel
people back then believed anything they were told :D

Yeah I realized that too, their Gods' powers are always limited

Hahaha, there is something really wrong with those "heros" XD
spring-sky's avatar
Indeed :D

Thanks for the comment ,Glad that you liked it :huggle:
garden-fairy's avatar
no problem dear = )
Steamrider86's avatar
LOL Isis, maybe she took her time...

Even though I love Norse Mythology, I have to say there is a lot about the Greek gods. They are, in some aspects, more human in terms of their personalities, and flaws. A one big dysfunctional family I should say!
I find it funny how Athena was born. Zues ate her mother (Metis) in fear that she may bear children that might be greater and powerful than he. But it was too late that he suffered terrible headaches that his head was split with an axe, thus, Athena was born from the wound.

Talk about a splitting headache :dummy:
spring-sky's avatar
:giggle: I guess that greek had wild imagination :lol:, I think I've heard about Athena

But the way you put is funny :D

Thanks for the comment Sam :highfive:
Meredyth's avatar
Thank you for featuring my Tyr and Fenrir piece - and a very nice collection of art, too.
I'm sure if you could get your hands on some of the original texts, you'd find it very rewarding.
spring-sky's avatar
I bet they are

Thanks for the comment and you're welcome .
LadyGothique's avatar
"One of the things that you'd notice ,is that people in the old ages didn't had a clear idea about what a "god" means ,since they picture their "gods" as we picture super heroes in our times ,with limitations to their powers and human flaws . For example the Egyptian "goddess" Isis took a long time to find her husband's Osiris's dead body !"

With all due respect,
I believe people of the old ages actually had a very clear idea about gods. Human flaws and limitations to their power are to be expected in deities, for each god and goddess "specialised" in an area, so naturally they won't be perfect at everything. Abrahamic religions are actually one of the only few that view their godhead as "perfect". Every culture and religion has a different view on the divine and just because they differ from that of yours does not necessarily make them wrong or incorrect. I respect your religion and that you believe there is one, perfect god, however you must tolerate others. Paganism is the oldest form of religions to be followed by humans in the world, so their concepts of gods are by no means unclear. I think polytheistic concepts are wonderful and to me personally, far more credible.
Anyhow, with that, I mean no disrespect to your religious beliefs as they are equally as valid as any other. I am not claiming the old pantheons are better than your own, just that they are not "unclear" and that there is no requirement of perfection in the definition of 'god'.
spring-sky's avatar
I can see what you mean ,Thanks for putting it up in a respectful way .

I didn't mean to insult anyone's beliefs .

But I believe ,and that is regardless from my own religion ,in that if someone created something ,he or she should know all the little details about it .

And God ,or gods ,have to be immortal ,otherwise how can their creatures survive without their care and organizing ,and to whom those creature will turn to when they need help if their god were killed by another god .

That's a matter of logic to me :shrug:

But if we looked at it as a "specialty" to every god ,then you are right .
LadyGothique's avatar
You're welcome, nor did I intend to insult yours or anyone's beliefs, either.
True, if one creates something, they should surely know everything about their creation.
I must say though, to many other religions, especially the old ones, their gods and goddesses were depicted human-like because it made more sense to them in general. Personally it makes more sense to me too, and it doesn't necessarily make them any less of a god. Olden cultures particularly used their gods to tell stories and explain things they didn't understand, so to depict them similar to themselves and have stories for them all is just a nice way to convey ethics and morals. As for the immortality side of it, since they're human-like gods, they can 'die' in a sense, but even still there are over 2000 in this pantheon alone, so I suppose the Ancient Egyptians need not worry if one 'died', for another would be there to help them, and even then, they believed their gods would dwell in the afterlife anyway, and therefore, could still provide help for them from there.
Many thanks for your returned respect and may peace be upon you!
spring-sky's avatar
I see your point .:nod:

It's a pleasure to chat with you .
LadyGothique's avatar
But by the way, I just wanted to say; still a good book review!
Conjure-Digital's avatar
I really liked this review. It makes me want to revisit the myths I read as a kid. What I thought was a great insight was your contention that ancient peoples' gods were more like our super heroes. And as with your other review, I really like the Art Feature.
spring-sky's avatar
Thank you very much Dennis ,I really appreciate your kind comments :love:
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