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Today is the birthday of one of my best friends here in dA …Samuel Martinez ..That you might know him as Steamrider86

Happy Bithday dear Sam , I hope that all your dreams will come true . :iconcongratssignplz:    

May your way always be enlightened by God's light .

Here's a birthday gift I made for him …

Don't despair .. I'm here by spring-sky

It's a fan art of two of his OCs .

I hope that you'll like it ^^

Allocer's Art Feature

Spring Sky by Steamrider86  

Hasan's Odyssey Hasan Ahmad by Steamrider86   Hasan Ali Ahmad by Steamrider86   Hasan's Portrait by Steamrider86
Misha in Color by Steamrider86 A Mother's love by Steamrider86 Mitra by Steamrider86
Wolfgar sketch 1 by Steamrider86 Nightmare by Steamrider86  
Allocer Concept 2 by Steamrider86   Alex Bloodrend Portrait by Steamrider86  

Birthday = Cake

Talking about birthdays ..You have to think of a birthday cake …right ?

In one of my polls   I discovered that a big percent of my watchers can cook …

And I was surprised to discover that a good number of them are guys . (I think that every girl or woman here would love her man to cook her some thing Hug the cook by Emmeresso )


Any way… I'm going to share you the recipe of my chocolate cake … :thumb169065768:

Here's it's picture ;P .. I took it with my cell phone camera that's why it looks so blurry

Choclate cake by spring-sky

It's not my invention …I found it in a cooking book and tried it. Everybody I know loved it . And my family always like it when I make it.

:iconcaekplz:  So ..Let's start with the ingredients :

3 cups of flour

2 cups of sugar

2 glasses/ cups of water

Half a cup of cocoa powder .

Half a cup of vegetable oil ( corn oil or sun flower seeds oil )

2 big spoon full of vinegar ( Yes …Vinegar !! …Don't worry..It's taste won't  be noticed in the cake )

4 tea spoons full of baking powder ( or one 10 grams pack )

1 tea spoon full of vanilla powder  

And a quarter of tea spoon full of salt .

** no need for eggs nor milk .

:iconcaekplz:   Preparing the cake :

First … mix the sugar and the oil …Add the vinegar .

Then start adding the rest of the ingredients ( cocoa ,salt ,baking powder ,vanilla and flour )  gradually and alternatively with water .

After you've done ..It's time to bake it.

I use a gas oven …That's why I can't give you the exact temperature to bake the cake.

I set my oven for a medium heat and bake it for 3/4 of an hour.

To test if it is done or not … Take the cake out of the oven ..and insert a clean knife or food stick in it Then pull it out .

If there is some of the cake mix stuck on the knife/ food stick then it's not done yet … Put it back in the oven and wait for a longer time.

If  nothing stuck to the knife.. then it's done and you can turn off the oven.

Wait it till it get cold and serve .

Enjoy it .

Art feature

Now ,since we are talking about cakes ..here are some wonderful cakes I've found here in dA ….

Aren't they too beautiful to be eaten ??? :iconcuteflirtplz:

Which one is your favorite ?

See you all soon. :iconcocowaveplz:

© 2010 - 2022 spring-sky
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pinkshoegirl's avatar
thanks for posting my cakes :)
spring-sky's avatar
You're most welcome ^^
Yondita's avatar
I sure I'll like the cake with a cat on a pillow! and thanks for the recipe, maybe will use it!
spring-sky's avatar
I wouldn't like to eat that one.

I'd probably feel that I'm cutting a cat :D

I prefer the white cake with blue butterflies.

You're welcome.

I hope that you'll like it ^^
Mirz123's avatar
Mmmm. Chocolate cake... :drool:

I shall go wish your friend a happy birthday!
spring-sky's avatar
:giggle: Have some :iconcaekplz:
Ooooh...That's so nice of you :iconawwloveplz:
ZazieCurie's avatar
hmm... wonderful cakes... yumyum...
I have some in my gallery if you would like to check them out.
spring-sky's avatar
:aww: They really are !! :nod:

I checked them..Thanks for telling me ^^
ZazieCurie's avatar
Thank you and you're welcome! ^^:heart:
shsn's avatar
Very good job on the cake and the artwork ^_^
spring-sky's avatar
Thanks alot


I knew that you -of all people- will enjoy having the recipe of my chocolate cake. ;)
shsn's avatar
I haven't yet, but I want to try out your recipe next time I want to make a cake.

By the way, I made a Drawing for Allocer too. you can check it out if you want.
spring-sky's avatar

Sure, whenever you like.

[By the way, I made a Drawing for Allocer too. you can check it out if you want. ]


I'm going to check it right away !!!
shsn's avatar
thank you ^_^
NexusKaji's avatar
i loved the black and white cake with the roses(?)! :love:
spring-sky's avatar

I loved the white cake with blue butterflies.
NexusKaji's avatar
spring-sky's avatar
Ok..I'm going to end this converstaion so I can focus on the other :D
NexusKaji's avatar
spring-sky's avatar
Aaaaaaah ...My hand ....It disobey me...

It refuses to click on the red X in the corner.
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