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Recite Your Last Prayer

:icondragonemoteplz: Oh ,Come on !!

Don't feel sorry for the knight . He deserved what he got .

He was trying to kill the dragon . Just like those illegal hunters who kill poor elephants and rhinos for the sake of their ivory and horns . This knight was after the dragon's precious heart ,teeth ,skin and eyes . They are expensive items used in the making of various magical artifacts as you know ;P


:icondragonemoteplz: This is my 3rd assignemnet for the Beyond Boundaries Contest by #CRPhotomanipulation

Our team's coach ,=nikkidoodlesx3 ,had given us an assignment of using at least 3 textures ,some in the image itself and the others on the top of everything . Along with everything we learnt about backgrounds ,composition ,light sources ,and colors .

I had the idea of making this image a long time ago ,so when I saw the assignment ,I decided to seize the chance and finally finish it .

A huge Thanks to my coach =nikkidoodlesx3 ,and my teammates ~Charmed-Ravenclaw and =dreamswoman for their advises and support .

I hope that you'll like it .

See you all soon :aww:

:icondragonemoteplz: Image Info. :

:bulletorange: Program Used :
Adobe Photoshop CS3

:bulletorange: Stocks Used :

:bulletblue: Dragon , Knight , Sword

:bulletblue: Ruins , Volcano Background

:bulletblue: Floor of the cave is made of dirt texture , lava ,and a dirt texture by !Clipzo (Removed from dA) .

:bulletblue: Cave Walls , Cave entrance , Cave roof

:bulletblue: Texture 1 , Texture 2

:bulletorange: Brushes Used :Blood brush by =Falln-Stock
Image details
Image size
2500x2000px 4.08 MB
© 2013 - 2021 spring-sky
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LupaSenzaLuna's avatar
Even dragons deserve love. :heart: have you ever seen the documentary Dragons: a fantasy comes real? It show a lot of interesting hypotesis about the hypotetical existence of dragons, and how they got extinct. Your image remember me a lot that scene :D
spring-sky's avatar
No ,I haven't . But I'd love to see one day ,God willing .

Thank you for the recommendation . 
Haru-Flower's avatar
Aha! If he's that evil, I'm not sorry for him, good you telling us :giggle:
Amazing work as usual ^^
spring-sky's avatar

:aww: Thank you so much for your support :huggle:
akio-stock's avatar
But what if the dragon was killing the village's/town's/country's livestock and kidnapping, or even demanding a sacrifice of young virgins?

Great image, nicely done:)
spring-sky's avatar
Ah..No . The dragons were endangered species . Didn't you ever wonder why we don't see dragons anymore these days ?

Thank you very much for your support :aww: 
mysticmorning's avatar
:wow: Beautiful work and details. I love it :heart: :iconbugplz:
spring-sky's avatar
:bow: Thank you very much :heart: 
RobbyL9's avatar
Oh so it's the teeth, heart and skin he was killing the dragon for? And it had nothing to do with the dragons trying to bring about the end of the world with their legions of darkspawn? ;P
spring-sky's avatar
:giggle: Ah.. Yup !!


The dragon lived peacefully in his cave on top of the mountain .Apparently it wasn't enough to keep it safe from the human greed :shrug:

Thanks for the comment
Steamrider86's avatar
You're doing one hell of a job on photoshop than I can ever do. Kudos! I love this one a Lot :3
spring-sky's avatar
:aww: Aww..Thank you so much . I'm glad that you liked it .
MiSsBeatoChan's avatar
Very well done!! =0 And I value and appreciate your views on the poor dragon and the dead did a very good job, keep it up, Selam C=
spring-sky's avatar
:bow: Thanks for reading it :aww:

I appreciate your comment .:)
MiSsBeatoChan's avatar
Oh I enjoy reading the thoughts of those whom I admire, don't mention it, have a good day ;))
spring-sky's avatar
Thank you honey :huggle:

Have a nice day to you too .
gauveldt's avatar
We need a dragon like that to cull the world of all the corrupt, evil, power-hungry, wealth-hoarding 1%.
spring-sky's avatar
:giggle: I say that we need more than one :D

Thanks for the comment
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