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Its my new oc it's will be hard to do facts XD
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people; post their avatars & write their oc’s names next to them.
                                         VELVET BUTTERFLY
1. Velvet has twin sister Larissa and Velvet older than her 15 sec so Vel will have a wand XD
2. Velvet has a pet deer ( who design i don't know XD)
3. Well Vel is quiet and she loves to think before acting or doing something
4. When Vel was little she was very sick and she could die
5. When Vel was kid she had long hair
6. Velvet's wand is redesigning because im STUPID
7.Velvet loves to play on violin
8. Well Vel is not really strong in magic so most of the battles she uses crystal  sword
                                        MIRACLE SHEIDELL
1. Mira's full name is Miracle
2. I created Mira because my cat named Miracle ( Mira) died and i fell into depression because most of my life my cat was near meh ( From the birth)
3. Mira is killer, but most of times she tries to find people and help them ( She makes killers from bullied people) 
4. Mira is 19 years old ^^
5. Miracle was 6 child in family 
6. Mira gets victims eyes ^^
7. Mira and Bart couple XD
8. Cheshire cat is student killer of Mira

:iconmlplove4ever: Emma
:iconkatrenstone: Trap
:iconxxpaintdashspytxx: Party Cupcake
:iconTazyaGrafity: Enigma Sentry
:iconyaycheerileeyt: Comet Spark
:iconsuncat238: Lena ^^
:iconredflowerpetals: Prysm (mlp)
:iconilli95: Illi (Human)
If you burn all school i bet that all math classes whit math teachers will be alive XD
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So i wanted to tell to ya
Friday and Saturday i have been in LTU championship
So I won 1 place and for now I'm champion in my category but in next season I will not because i will travel away but my dad said that i will be always champion because no one will beat meh
So I and my friends had so much fun XDD
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oshiete oshiete yo sono shikumi wo boku no naka ni dare ga iru no? 
kowareta kowareta yo kono sekai de kimi ga warau nanimo miezu ni
I found Spreigo (Toy) and i saw that her design isn't similar to the toy version so do i need to change ?
Spreigo by Spreigo   Spreigo by Spreigo  Spreigo by Spreigo
Human commission 10 Points 
Gift - Beuttiful by SpreigoSuper Fussion by Spreigo 

Group of humans ( 2 and more humans) 15 Points 
Hug by SpreigoSame girls diffrent soul by Spreigo Demon and Her Knight by SpreigoDarks by Spreigo

Pony 5 Points 
Winter by Spreigo Sandy Flower by Spreigo

Group 10 Points 

Windy and dark by SpreigoI Ship Them by Spreigo

Untitled by Spreigo

Who have Facebook ?
Dark Garmadon (Yandere Kun voice)/ Spreigo (Yandere chan voice)

Windy Belle
Some of my amigos wanted darkindy so..i thought in very good for thinking place witch starting in t that i should better do darkindy 
FIREWORKS !!!!!!!!
1. I talking in Russian, Lithuanuian, English and a little bit japanese and i will study norvegian 
2. My country is lithuania and im lithuanian (half russian) and im bad at talking or wrintig in lithuanian xDDD
3.Biacouse  im half russian i got bullied in school...and every one joking at me and shouting SSRS they stupidos xD
4. Im blue belt in taekwondo and i know tornado kick so some of my classmates are afraid when i got angry.
5. I hate all classmates and im happy that i will live in another country i guess and I WILL WATCH THEN MLP AND NO STUPID CLASSMATE CANT JOKE BIACOUSE I WILL NOT HEAR AND I WONT CARE ABOUT IT !!
6. I idin't wrote my name and country biacouse i don't want to my classmates to faind meh but..they to stupid to do that.
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday my dear Oc Happy Birthday to you
Remember first time we met.It was Chrismas morning I was happy to get you and i named you Spreigo. Then i went outside and grab you togeher and then you met my friend who created fanfic of darkindy. We was very happy we played all day and then you was my favourite toy and started to draw you. I alaways played whit you and then you met Dark .You was best friend of him i never forget you..26062903 1595772230516038 1176941238 O by Spreigo
Why im so shy to make new friends ?! Ugh i hate my strange personality -.-