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Under 13 years old girl smile/story isin't finish/ by Spreigo Under 13 years old girl smile/story isin't finish/ by Spreigo
The Cat Killer and her memories...
One they when three years old Emma  whit her family moved the house she felt strange things, but no one believed in her and her father said that is just kid's imaginiation. But it was one person who believed her it was her big  brother Edison. At the night was fire in house and Emma was in that room were's fire started.She was so sceared that she can't move and fire hurted her face. Then Edison ran into room and grab her. At that night parents wasn't in home so Edison called to firefighters.
-Hello what we can help-ssid one of them.
- Please help us !- Edison said allong whit  crying,- in our house is fire!
-Were's your parents little boy?
-I..i don't know-said Edison
-Ok don't worry were coming here.
Edison stopted talking whit firefighters and looked at me.I was crying bicouse my face hurted, hurted very much.Then he sitted and huged me.
- Everything will be fine...- he said.
Then Someone breaked the door and I heard Police sounds...i opend eyes and were was onside i saw how  house burning then Hospital cirens  then...then i was in Hospital.I heart how my parents talked to doctors.I was just laying on white bed and looked around. Then my brother came and said:
- You awake huh? That is good we thinked that you never awake.
- ahh...your face look very scary is it hurts ?
i  shaked my head.
- No? Ok..
And he walked away...
-My face look scary ?- i thinked
ERA-7 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
You are magnificent! Really! =) Keep moving! And have a great day! :la:
Spreigo Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thanks so much !! Hug 
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