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Artist // Student
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Favourite Visual Artist
Francisco Goya, Stephen Gammel, Junji Ito, Dave Sim, David Mazzucchelli, Zdzisław Beksiński
Favourite Movies
Harold and Maude, Das Leben Der Anderen, Blazing Saddles, Borat, 40 Year Old Virgin
Favourite TV Shows
Hoarders, Intervention, Project Runway
Favourite Books
House of Leaves, Anne of Green Gables, Apartment 16
Favourite Writers
Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells
Tools of the Trade
GIMPshop, Wacom tablet, virgin sacrifices
Other Interests
Cartoons, comics, reading, theology, psychology, rogue taxidermy, ancient history, art history
The Otagods didn’t pick me from the lottery this year, so here’s where I start begging! I’M LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO TABLE WITH AT OTAKON 2014’S ARTIST ALLEY. I’m able to pay for half of the table immediately, and may be able to offer you transportation to/from and a place to stay during the con! I’m also a lot of fun to table with, promise. If you have open space at your table or know someone who does, please shoot me an e-mail at sprech4@gmail.com, or message me on Deviantart, Tumblr, or Twitter!
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Hello friends I’m in a bit of a bind! I’m looking for people to split gas with going to FWA from Savannah and not having a whole lot of luck! I have a Chrysler minivan that will seat AT LEAST four people + their luggage, and six people if you travel light. I am willing to drive the ENTIRE WAY to and from FWA, as well as chip in for gas. I CANNOT give you a place to stay, but I CAN drop you off and pick you up from wherever you’re staying. If you’re using your own car and have room for one more, that’s also great! I travel light and am perfectly able to chip in for gas. If you can’t help but know peopl
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IT'S ME AGAIN. I've cleared out most of my commission backlog, so I'm again offering $5 sketch commissions! I've got yet another anatomy class next quarter, which means yet more clay I need to buy! Every 5 bucks you throw at me buys me a whole pound of Jolly King clay. You want me to have clay, don't you Internet? Don't you? If you want examples of what your picture will look like, you can go through the commissions tag on my Tumblr (But please be warned that my Tumblog is generally Not Safe For Work. Tread cautiously!). I only accept money through Paypal. Sorry, Internet! I'll draw about anything you please, given it's not something that
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I just saw that your a fan of both "The Adventures of Tintin" and "Lupin the 3rd", am I right?

If that's ture, could you do a crossover fanart with Tintin and Lupin, maye have Captain Haddock and Jigen in a drinking contest
Okay okay, you're the MAGGOTS guy right? If so: SQUEE!
Thank bogleech for link you, I am now gonna just glomp all over your stuff with my diseased mandibles and cry that I can never equal your awesomes XD
Also seriously maggot-guy-eating-dead-lady has the most pitiful facial expressions that are oddly cute XD He needs a TV show or something XD A corpse cookery show!
And seriously this maggot-virus idea would be a breath of fresh air as a sort of 'zombie apocolypse' movie/comic/somethingu. SInce the idea of a monster infection horde is awesome but nowadays zombies have been done to death and back again. And like if it happened in real life I'd totally be the weird one who's all like 'dude bite me, bite me PLEASE you are so awesome'
yoU LEFT SO MANY COMMENTS I AM SIMULTANEOUSLY AWESTRUCK AND FLATTERED. Aahh thank you, I'm glad you like my work so much! I want a cooking show with a giant maggot host too.

Yeah I'm glad I'm not the only one kind of zombie'd out! Infection scenarios are always pretty scary and I like them a lot, I just want something more interesting than zombies! And aaa, I always pegged the MAGGOTS thing as less infection via biting and more some sort of like...airborne disease, probably. Because that's scary. You need air, but....but maggot disease. Decisions.
Hahaha, well shucks XD You're welcome but its no big deal, I go on gallery-glomping sprees with any good artist XD Also giant maggot cooking shows are just the best XD I'd draw that myself but I'm cursed to forever suck at creepy stuff XD

Ya I sympathized SO MUCH with bogleech's post about zombies being made boring as hell by overuse. I mean even using them in a DIFFERENT way could make em remotely interesting again. Lets get a story where zombies are the magic chosen race of x-men, but for example fairies are evil and possessing folk out on the streets and the zombies have to fight em XD
Aha! I kinda missed the memo on that one til I found that cool fanfic someone did for you (Poor Tom T^T) Pros and cons! Pros of bites is that they make the monster more scary cos you have to not let them touch you. Also there's more strategy involved cos you can keep the monster away by distracting em with one of your crew as a sacrifice, covering yourself in dead meat so you can walk through em and not smell human, so on. Pros of airborne is that anyone can get it and it becomes an uncontrollable enemy.
Cons are that both kinda decide the genre for you. With bites it sorta has to be a 'they're mindless/evil and the enmy' story to stay scary, with airborne it happens to anyone so if they're mindless/evil its a bland downer story where noone is gonna get out alive. But yeah it would work great for something where the transformation is purely body horror and its more of a story of 'surviving while being a maggot' from the perspective of the infected or their friends and family. Could also work good with a perspective flip where whoever's trying to 'exterminate the monsters' is the villain.
But seriously in any case I would be like 'first in line to mag out!' and then continue my life as normal XD It would kinda be awesome fun to go to the store and have everyone run away screaming.
Happy [early] birthday!
May all of your wishes come true - today and always!
Aah, thank you! :heart: