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Aleria Round 1 Prologue

A prologue, I guess. :3
Basically Rehn is staying at a local inn until she finds out the results of the race, and Carlos came to deliver the news.

Oh god, the flag design. How uncreative am I xD

Beginning: [link]

Next: [link]
Previous: [link]

~cameos and other ownership things :3~

Carlos (c) :iconchilun:
Leah (c) :iconthelupineone:
Chigi Taj (c) :iconwolf-dominion:
Syradeus (c) :iconkulapti:
Viktor and Kin (c) :icond0ra0g0n:
Sophia (c) :iconkiyao:
Symphony (c) :iconwingedcatdusk:
Hawthorn (c) :iconmonkeym0o:
Iris (c) :iconany204:
Mar-Lynn (c) :iconmergebylie:
Bouje (c) :iconalcalius:
Scimitar (c) :icontheroguez:
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wolf-dominion's avatar
Carlos! xD Can't wait to see more pages ^^
SprayPaintHavoc's avatar
Ohyes! xD

Thank you x3
Alcalius's avatar
Yayyyyy its a mini Bouje XDDDD
Good work on getting started ;P
SprayPaintHavoc's avatar
Alcalius's avatar
:eager: I must get to work as well ^^
DarkTail67's avatar
IT IS AWEEEEN :la: Man, seeing so much stuff uploaded makes me want to get my stuff ready for upload ASAP xD
SprayPaintHavoc's avatar
Lol, ikr?

Will probably take me a while to get my actual round out, though xD
Can't wait to see your entry : D
DarkTail67's avatar
I want to have it up already! But they said no cameos after the portal. And my round starts AFTER the portal. So I'm stuffing ALL of my cameos into the Prologue XD
SprayPaintHavoc's avatar
xD Lol!

I'll probably start directly at the speech; but I'm not sure yet. x3
Ramvling's avatar
Hawthorn! Get off the flagpole. We've discussed this. >:/

lawl thank you. ^^ Been having a crappy day and that cheered me right up. Nice page by the way, I can't wait to see the rest of your entry.

(also you might want to try having your borders on the layer above your lines and coloring, so you don't have any accidental color leaks ^^;)
SprayPaintHavoc's avatar
"Butbutbut.. the flagpole D:"

No problem, I'm glad it cheered you up :3

Thanks for the tip! I was looking for a way to prevent color leaks, so that's a big help^^
WingedCatDusk's avatar
OMG, tiny Symph! : So cute!

Can't wait to see more!
SprayPaintHavoc's avatar
Thanks! I loved drawing the tiny characters, it was my favorite part xD
WingedCatDusk's avatar
I can imagine so., :3 It's easy, but still pretty cool. :D
SprayPaintHavoc's avatar
Thanks, thar! x3
D0ra0g0n's avatar
Eeeee, I see a teeny Vik and Kin x3
DominoEagle's avatar
Awesome job Ky! Good luck on the race~
SprayPaintHavoc's avatar
DominoEagle's avatar
No problem Ky. :3
TheLupineOne's avatar
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