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Inkorruptible II

By sprat
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The body.
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2848x4288px 8.59 MB
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1/100 second
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20 mm
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Date Taken
Jul 14, 2009, 2:32:52 PM
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Lady-Fayble's avatar
Incredible!!!! >_<
TB8S's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful. Time to step it up a notch me thinks.
panjoelavengerz's avatar
like batik....its beautifull guitar
Mojo-Coyote's avatar
I've seen this several times, and it is FUKKEN amazing!
scarapha's avatar
¿con que la pintaste?
Bracken2001's avatar
Love it soooooo much to look at
saieki's avatar
Absolutely impressive. Love it.
LogantheObliterator's avatar
I think I might have just found the sweetest guitar in the history of all guitars. I know how to do this, but how did you ever manage to do it?? It must have taken days upon days to make! I envy your superhuman determination, resolve, or supernatural drawing prowess, whatever it took to create this beast. If only there was a button one could push to immediately access a hundred thousand dollars from your deity-given emergency stash, I would spend right now, buy that off you, and give it to my guitar fanatic of a cousin, Clay. He would love me forever, though hopefully only in a platonic manner! But, you probably want to hold onto this masterpiece, and rightly so, for it is a thing of mindbending beauty. Continue to sharpen your mad skills, because I bet they will make you famous and rich someday, if that is what you desire. Peace.
Bonadea85's avatar
That's amazing! xx
juhichigatsu's avatar
the guitar has tattoos!!!! awesome! i would love to have a guitar like that.....
MissChievous86's avatar
A truly beautiful symbiosis of drawing and music...
JONdorazio's avatar
MAN that is something! what happens if you mess up ? :s
GabbyNelliePooley's avatar
this is AMAZING. i adore it.
here4theshow's avatar
I <3 translating binary, it says MOON, underneath which you have roman numerals, followed by Luna, the Roman word for moon, hmm... I could look at this picture for hours :)
Gleisting's avatar
Wow! just that!
I can't stop staring at it...it's really...beautiful and staning,
KuroDawn's avatar
amazing details :+fav:
bzdety's avatar
really impressive, i love the details :heart:
Crystal-taiyo's avatar
amazing^^ so... whats with the binary code?? lol just wondering. i hope you did this with the proper ventilation or fresh air, ive made that mistake with sharpies.... ;D
EonOrteaShadowmaster's avatar
!!!!! That must have been quite a bit of work! IMPRESSIVE!!!
dropkicktessa's avatar
this is truly just amazing.
EvanescentLaycrimose's avatar
Okay, WOW. This is amazing. i THOUGHT my work was detailed /: ...you might appreciate this: [link] =D
MBKKR's avatar
Very nice, well done!
So much detail...
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