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A journal with more than 730 Winners . :O

A journal with more than 7300 :points: Rewards . :O

A journal Just for my members :huggle: .

I want introduce you all the winners of our Rewards .

Know it we see all the works and choose the best works and move them to another folder and Give them Rewards .

Also in future days we start giving our members Randomly Reward .

Green Bullet Point by ZaxinPlease see whole of journal , if you are one of our winners and just comment here : all-world-works.deviantart.com…, then we will give you  your rewards . :)

We Will give your Rewards on This Friday .


Now we go together introducing the winners :

FOLDER : Best Of Photography : all-world-works.deviantart.com…

:icontobbih: lemonlight by TobbiH
:iconspokeninred: Eirigh Suas a Stoirin by SpokeninRed
:icongtsmover: Boy with a Dirty Face by gtsmover
:iconaglover0007: Mylar 2 by aglover0007
:iconklapouch: Valderice by klapouch
:iconlouis-photos: HDR - Saint Bertrand de Comminges by Louis-photos
:iconkhakestani: Kord Home by khakestani
:iconpiroshki-photography: Realm of color by Piroshki-Photography
:iconlaksas: Old man by laksas
:icontrepoint: Urban Recreation by TrePoint
:iconadamcroh: Hungarian Landscape by adamcroh
:iconmandydboss: The Mad Hatter by mandydboss
:iconpiroshki-photography: -Old house and  stormy sky- by Piroshki-Photography
:icontorivarn: Take Me Home by torivarn
:iconklapouch: That's the way by klapouch
:iconkatharinakuebler: Simple. by KatharinaKuebler
:iconparkuera: Citroen 2CV Charleston (spachak) by Parkuera
:iconalexgphoto: A Day In the Life by alexgphoto
:iconpajunen: History by Pajunen
:iconlash-upon-lash: Old Man by Lash-Upon-Lash
:iconivanandreevich: Marvel - Landscape Calendar #1 by IvanAndreevich
:iconivanandreevich: Corner by IvanAndreevich
:iconymntle-aleoni: Shelter by Ymntle-Aleoni
:iconkristinatoxicpanda: 6347 by KristinaToxicpanda
:iconshadows-in-twilight: to the light by Shadows-in-Twilight
:iconfennecc: Parallel Universe by Fennecc
:iconaeroartist: Frost I by aeroartist
:iconaeroartist: Star Trails - Another Dimension by aeroartist
:iconjaysmiles23: Rose Drops by JAYSMILES23
:iconbendarksilver: An odd flower by Bendarksilver
:iconmalaladanila: For you66 by malaladanila
:iconmio-mio: Strawberry Daiquiri by mio-mio
:iconarthur-ramsey: Lady Autumn by Arthur-Ramsey
:iconasia1573: wallpaper - echinacea I by asia1573
:iconyukinokarasu: Butterfly by YukiNoKarasu
:iconyoseominkie: Quietly by Yoseominkie
:iconmohammedj1: Horizon by MohammedJ1
:iconmidnyt-moonlight: Purple by Midnyt-Moonlight
:iconlanzie: Quench by Lanzie


FOLDER : Best Of Digital Art : all-world-works.deviantart.com…

:iconicosaedri: Friendly by Icosaedri
:iconzikwaga: Deep by Zikwaga
:iconsouracid: Summer by SourAcid
:iconsouracid: Taka waiting by SourAcid
:iconpercyarts: cold supernova by percyArts
:iconkeyade: Clear Sky Today by Keyade
:iconagarest-of-war: Japanese girl-digital portrait by agarest-of-war
:iconsari9349: Day 2 strawberry by sari9349
:iconmattiasedstrom: Character design - Samurai by Mattiasedstrom
:iconlevianee: Swing For The Mermaid by Levianee
:iconcandybg: Jellyfish by candybg
:iconliljessy: Mermaid by LilJessy
:iconninthtale: Twilight by NinthTale
:iconninthtale: First Wish by NinthTale
:iconmariamism: Good VS Evil half torso tattoo design by mariamism
:iconextrasythe: Shipwreck by ExtraSythe
:iconextrasythe: Dragon Sketch 2 by ExtraSythe
:icontelmand: Another day at the office by Telmand
:iconstephaniebf: Waiting for your call by StephanieBF
:iconashstraker: Earth in 2614 (speed painting) by AshStraker
:iconradouu: wrath by Radouu
:iconcolleenpecklarson: Fancy dude speedpaint by colleenpecklarson
:iconcolleenpecklarson: Cloud Head- Bloodlust by colleenpecklarson
:icongiantly: Dragonfire by GIANTLY
:iconsari9349: Golem by sari9349
:iconsari9349: God of Forest2 f by sari9349
:icondesignbykatt: Exsanguinate by DesignbyKatt
:iconmanticora-miorro: Fairy by Manticora-Miorro
:iconbarelyberu: The eagle by BarelyBeru
:iconluffie: The Beast by luffie
:iconshahakash: No Light No Light by ShahAkash
:iconanxdesigns: Fairytopia by anxDesigns
:iconsarahjaneart: Still Life by SarahJaneArt
:iconspiritinspace: One Giant Leap... by SpiritInSpace
:iconwhitewolfmystic: The Necromancer's Dragon by WhiteWolfMystic
:iconwhitewolfmystic: T I T A N by WhiteWolfMystic
:iconjuananibalcanto: No hesitation by juananibalcanto
:iconericoscarj: Quiet by Ericoscarj
:iconkmgenius: Eagles at Dusk by kmgenius
:iconkmgenius: Headless Horseman by kmgenius
:icondenislava: Hide The Tears by Denislava
:icondodonius: Enjoy the music by Dodonius
:iconneleilis: Mr. Owl by NelEilis
:iconmiaw-asakura: Fire lovebird by Miaw-Asakura
:iconwilgefortis: Magic forest by Wilgefortis


FOLDER : Best Of Digital Fan Art : all-world-works.deviantart.com…

:iconauxeru: 4 by auxeru
:iconakirahikawa: Gohan SSJ5 by AkiraHikawa
:iconwikiio: fennekin by wikiio
:iconprosaiska: Zack by Prosaiska
:iconnofuckyoux3: Hyouka-Chitanda Eru by Nofuckyoux3
:iconsweeetrazzbery: Kat by SweeetRazzbery
:icondarkness1999th: Samurai Ways by Darkness1999th
:iconsouracid: Jessica Rabbit by SourAcid
:iconchaseroflight: iPad finger painting of Hugh Jackman by chaseroflight
:iconbear1037: Malfatto by Bear1037
:iconleenadwish: Anne Hathaway as Catwoman by leenadwish
:iconluffie: Belakor the First Daemon Prince by luffie
:iconkazu-ren: The Elvenking by kazu-ren
:iconbeth-gilbert: Neytiri by Beth-Gilbert
:iconsven-werren: + Kirito - Sword Art Online + by sven-werren
:iconkevin-glint: Sir Artorias @ Kalameet by Kevin-Glint
:iconkazu-ren: Legolas Greenleaf by kazu-ren
:iconkmgenius: Hermione Granger by kmgenius
:iconrocketman28: Knock knock knock doctor who by rocketman28
:iconlepri: Lord Shen by LEPRI
:iconthe-evil-legacy: AVATAR - Ney'tiri by the-evil-legacy
:iconares2401: Iron man by Ares2401
:iconbear1037: Joe by Bear1037


FOLDER : Best Of Traditional Art : all-world-works.deviantart.com…

:iconjessburnett: Little Bird by jessburnett
:iconsujithrk: Nothing is true, everything is permitted by sujithrk
:icon22zitty22: Lucky by 22Zitty22
:iconmcarbon: The Black Rose by mcarbon
:iconanastasiasarts: Horse Oil Painting by AnastasiasArts
:icontitus-studio: Brussels Cathedral by titus-studio
:icondanidocmac: Helena Bonham Carter by DaniDocmac
:iconlazzzyv: Marilyn Monroe by LazzzyV
:iconpetralaai: Red. by PetraLAAI
:iconbengtern: Leopard by Bengtern
:iconyankeestyle94: Casper RIP 2005-2012 by Yankeestyle94
:iconlouise-rabey: Foxes kissing. by louise-rabey
:iconatomiccircus: Spider drawing by AtomiccircuS
:iconjbergas: Collie Dog by Jbergas
:iconcelcha: F r e e d o m by CelCha
:iconmandydboss: Katy Perry 001 by mandydboss
:iconliliotheone: Cabin in the Woods by LilioTheOne
:iconrevolution825: Escher's Sphere by Revolution825
:iconsomeone-else79: Tim RICE-OXLEY (version 2) by Someone-Else79
:iconchizzel: Nelson Mandela by chizzel
:icongough83: Elisha Cuthbert by Gough83
:iconcolormekatie: It's the Ciiiircle of Life by colormekatie
:iconnatapavlovska: Iris by NataPavlovska
:iconphosphorose: Mystic Night by Phosphorose
:iconeli150693: Look at the landscape orange by Eli150693
:iconsomeone-else79: His eye ... by Someone-Else79