Spotty's Harpg Shows List (UPDATED 7/10/2020)
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Many of these shows/events can be found in my Faves tab, but so you and I don't have to go trudging through it to find them, here's what I've got 

I will try to be entering some of these, so I hope to see some of you there! (Some are breed/group specific events, so feel free to skip over those or heck, grab one yourself and join in the fun!)

Format is as follows: Show Name/Link | Pre-Registration | End Date | Info

:new:= Shows that have been added or extended since last update

:bulletred:= Entered and waiting for results (may be closed)

:bulletblue:= Shows that are past deadline but status is unknown


HARPG 100 Theme Challenge

New Breeds/Breed-Themed

Iblis-Warmblood Up-and-coming Egyptian breed!

Mini/RNG Shows


 ~ WBS Weekly Show


AQHR Monthly Show

Temptation Monthly All Breed Show

SVI Monthly Show

The J.C. Monthly Show: 

BI-Monthly Hunter Show

Effort Shows

Rosewood's Competitive Orienteering Adventure | July 15th

Denhal Stakes 2020 | July 15th

Golden Crown's Three Day Eventing 2020 | July 20th

Cloverfield's Shamrock Classic | July 25th

Midsummer Celebration 2020 | July 25th

International Eclipse Show 2020 | July 31st

SlightlyMad's Braiding Championships | July 31st

CT 4th Annual Summer Show | August 2nd

1st Annual Surf Classic Horse Show |August 20th

Winter Candyland ARPG Race | August 26th

Top-Notch Regency Show | August 31st

2020 HC Pony Finals | September 1st

HARPG Olympics 2020 | September 1st | Must Meet Show Requirements to Qualify

PD's Dust off those designs SHOW | September 1st

Willowglen Estate Opening Event! | September 30th

First Annual Osteophagus Fall Show | November 15th

AUSTRALIAN INTERNATIONAL HORSE TRIALS 2020 | June 1st, September 1st, December 1st

Undetermined Deadline

Summertime Splash Event

Other Shows Lists and Ads

Current HIEF-Sanctioned Shows *NEW SHOWS*

2019 HARPG Show List

The Shows List

[VA] Show Advertisements!!

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